PlayStation 5 MUST HAVE Accessories 2020!

Publicado el 30 dic 2020
Time to take a look at the must have accessories for the Playstation 5! If you just picked one up for the holidays, you might want to check these out.
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VIZIO Elevate 5.1.4 Sound Bar -
Western Digital Black 8TB -
Latorice USB Hub Powered - (says unavailable but I'll put something similar below)
SmartDelux Powered USB Hub -
PS5 Media Remote -
PS5 HD Camera -
PULSE 3D Wireless Headset -
Astro A50 Wireless Headset -
PS5 Controller Grip:

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  • Yooo this channel has change a lot since last time I saw it couple of years, this guy went from average consumer stuff to expensive stuff like that tv smh 🤦‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  • Can't believe I wasn't already subscribed. I've watch tons of your videos. Well that changes now! Great video! Definitely put me onto the Latorice USB hub! Thank you!!

  • I got 250.00, where can I get all of that!

  • UrAvgConsumer with Ultrawides and thousand dollar tv's.

  • I got a 82 inch tv from samsung

  • Can we be friends?

  • You are not the Average consumer.

  • I have a question about Dualsense controller charger cable. Would usb-c to usb-c work on controller to console?

  • Am I mistaken or do you need to buy the HDMI adapter for the PS5 with the Astro A50’s?

  • How do you connect your astros on your ps5 I need help!!!!

  • Just got a ps5 and came straight back to this video

  • Umm I am not planning to buy a tv for a $1000

  • Can you drop a link for the hoodie you’re wearing in this video please?

  • They don't gave a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger... Thank you, from: ROHAN RAHMAN.

  • What a shill for Vizio. Sell out.

  • Before getting ps5 accessories you should have a ps5

  • Xbox fanboy settling ps5 🤔

  • Had a Vizio tv.Image was great but ..for about 7-9 months ! Save yourself the money,look for a better option ! You welcome

  • Sponsor by Vizio......

  • I got mine 2 days ago

  • Imagine making a commercial 3 minutes into he video about a tv and the super screen, but only filming with focus on the moderator so the picture of the tv seems flimsy, washy and straight bad quality. Good videos but these tv commercial, nah...

  • i remember watching ur astro a50 review

  • I got so many Astros but the audio would always just cut out so I switch to Turtle Beach. I haven't been disappointed however it wear and tears so eventually the headset starts to break slowly.

  • Are you using the hdmi adapter for the Astro A50? Is it necessary?

  • "must have accessories" who tf needs 8 terabytes of storage or a $3000 TV?

    • @Dazza that's not a "must have accessory" 90% of people don't need that much, or at least the fucking tank he had. There are much cheaper options than what he showed

    • Alot of people....people who plan to constantly buy new games until the ps6 gen. I have 4tb that filled up within a year. 8tb is needed.

  • So the Astro A50s in the video don't require the adapter Astro came out with for the lack of optical audio port on the PS5?

  • I want that sound bar!!!!! It’s $999.99 through Vizio,

  • Okay I bought all of these, where do I get the playstation 5?

    • Why would you buy the remote? The TV has the same apps.

  • I have all of the must have accessories minus the PS5!.

  • Do game hard drives affect FPS or graphics on ps5?

  • Sony x900h vs vizio m series quantum vs vizio p series quantum

  • I nearly died to buy a ps5 but this video is making me to clean my father bank account 😒

  • What is better the WD black p10 2tb or the Seagate 2tb official license? I want one for my ps5 btw, mean while the internal ssd gets activated. One more question is the WD drive loud because it has more Terabytes

  • I want that kunai under the monitor

  • Definitely need that a50 for my ps5

  • PS5 accessories video and first 30% is dedicated to product placement for a TV. ESmain influencers are not even making it subtle anymore.

  • My man literally has Mighty Number 9 on his Home Screen... bruh that game sucks

  • I own a series x and still watch ps5 stuff

  • Do you have a video about a chairs? If not can you make one the best chair for long hours of sitting

  • 2:55 as soon as he said lets turn it on a pokemon advert played with a GAMEBOY so i thought the tv turned into a flipping gameboy lol

  • So you open the video with that tasteless plug? Really?

  • An HDD for a ps5 Is this for ps3?

  • I gotta say; that black glass ikea Sonos lamp really looks horrendous with that RGB bulb(way to bright for the black glass), or any lightbulb imo. The white one wich I got in stereo is a way better pick.

  • The channel name isn’t accurate the average consumer does not have a ps5

  • I’ve been working for my dad and been saving for my ps5 only two weeks and I’ll have enough

  • Smooth on an external 350 meg per second? Stop it. Samsung 980. Enough said.

  • Would love to see an Xbox version of this video! Plus, a more affordable version of both.

  • Just got my ps5 today hyped !

  • Astros suck. Artics are better

  • I already have the a50 and stuff but man this video is not helpful for other people at all you offering $299 headset, $2000 tv even more, stupid $100 remote, and i think that WD SSD is like $120 when you can suggest to wait for official don’t Obed and cheaper?? another not must have camera, bruh you good?

  • My man don’t even care about the price

  • With the external storage thing, there's been an issue with the console crashing when a hard drive is plugged in. I've experienced this myself so be aware.

  • So I could hook up the Latorice USB to my PS5 and hookup my A50s, expandable storage, and PS5 camera to the Latorice USB without overheating the Latorice USB or my PS5? Will it also affect the sound quality of the A50s? I was wondering because it would be a shame to somehow fry my PS5 by doing this lol

  • Just bought a ps5 from a good friend. Came with few games and a 3D headset. Yeah

  • 10:03 - You ALSO need a $39 adapter that will split the audio from an HDMI in to an Optical out. The PS5 won’t work with the ASTO A50 without that adapter, which you need to buy SEPARATELY.

  • You don’t need the remote, you can use the regular tv remote

    • Why use the ps remote in the first place? TV has same apps. I hardly doubt people are going to turn on ps5 to watch Netflix when it's already on the TV and faster to get to

  • The Astro A50 and Sennheiser GSP 670 are among the best headsets on the market. I have been recommended to use the Sennheisers. What do you guys think?

  • The ps5 looks like a regular size console next to that TV. Man my 55” is gonna look small next to my ps5 coming next week.

  • why do u need 8 tb external 🤣

    • Why would you not need 8tb? My 4tb on ps4 filled up within a year. Think about it.... Ps5 will be getting games until next gen in 6 years or so. 8tb will be needed

  • Not everyone needs an 85 inch TV for your PS5. A 75 inch will do.

  • I just got the notification for this video almost a week later wtf lmao

  • Can't you connect TV remote to PS5? Why would you need PlayStation Remote

    • @Dazza Some Non Smart TV can also connect tv remote to PlayStation via HDMI Device Link

    • Why bother in the first place when same apps are on the TV itself? I mean it's a smart TV....

  • I Come here from JerryRigEverything old video!, your voice is so theraupetic and calming sir!

  • Have you ever thought about putting up content about buying accessories that people can actually afford? You’re the average consumer... not the multi thousand dollar accessory guy

  • LOL @ getting A50s or Pulse over Steelseries 7Ps.

  • You can control your PS5 with your Vizio V series remote control. 🥱

  • 1:15 ayo what game is that, looks lit

  • Damn foo, I’m here for accessories, not tv’s.

  • What do u think i am rich omg

  • I like how every Tech youtubers assume we all have PS5, Xbox Series X, the latest Mac & iPhone

  • Am I the only one with a ps5?

  • My mom sucks at using the ps4 control so the remote thing it cool

  • ..first thing you must have is a ps5 in a first place....sherlock!

  • Wanted to see PS5 accessories got a Vizio commercial. :/

  • Can you add me in apex 😖

  • Quick question - Can you use your ps4 camera on the ps5?

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  • Where is PS5 tho?

  • Well I got a ps5 buy I am currently broke after getting one

  • My guy with the Apex Legends😊

  • “Must have” is the ultimate stretch.

  • APEX!!! love ya bruh

  • Is he the AVG consumer because he helps the AVG person make purchase decisions or because he doesn’t dive too deep into specifics? Just wondering cause he has seemed to recommended items in crazy price ranges!!

  • Arstro are we still playing with those . There way more headphone out in the field .

  • I recently found out about something called homy you control all your devices in one app and their software is really expanded you can do loads of things like when u watch a movie your curtains close and light go off or lower light that kinda stuf

  • you should collab with linus tech tips

  • What game is he playing in the first preview?

  • Pulse 3D is harder to find than a damn ps5 console.

  • Link to the sweater?

  • all i need is that usb.

  • Dude said 5 things you should have...if you can pull money outta your fuckin ass

  • Pretty much all of these aren’t MUST HAVE accessories.

  • When are you making accessories for Xbox series x

  • I don’t want a PS5 give me the TV & soundbar from the video 😂

  • But I'm stuck on step 1: getting a ps5

  • I wonder, do you actually recommend stuff that is worth the money? That media remote is dog shit and a waste of money

  • “Must have accessories if you want to go broke for the PS5”

  • I already broke the original controller the PS5 came with. I hate the new cod. Whats even crazier is that I bought a second one and cracked it already like 4 days after I bought it. Probably just gonna delete cod.

    • @Alexx I feel that way honestly because I only get online to speak to my friends, games don't feel the same no more.

    • @Ranaldy Galla honestly I regret not selling my PS5. I don’t even like playing videos games anymore lol.

    • Sounds like you shouldn't be gaming if you can't take care of your controllers

  • Only thing I cared about was the storage but since it ain’t future proof ima pass on these accessories