Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO - Unboxing & Review!

Publicado el 15 ene 2021
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are here! How do they sound though? Worth the $200? Let's unbox them, and talk about it in this review.
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  • Does the buds pro work on samsung a71 ??

  • Does galaxy earbuds pro supports other phone like realme or xiaomi?

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 512GB comes with free Samsung Buds Pro and Smart Tag plus Gaming Unleashed bundle. Free Razer Kishi For Android controller and 12 month subscription to XBOX game pass ultimate on EE. £97 per month all unlimited.

  • 0:36 bro that transition was the cleanest I've ever seen

  • Is it worth upgrading from the PLUS?

  • imagine buds today gets their wireless charger too, or maybe phone wireless charger shares to earphone thats 🔥

  • I heard the beans don't seal well so they aren't good for noise cancelling

  • For people who've used these - do they stay in the ears or fall off easily? Can they be used while running/working out?

  • were do you store your tech that you don't use

  • Great video, i just wish you whent more in depth on the sound quality, bass etc

  • Free with the S21 Ultra.......Best ear buds on the market!!! Take not Apple.....this is how you treat your customers.

  • Ok, my buds don't go that deep in my ear omg. Now i look like an idiot wearing them

  • Airpods r ugly

  • is it just me or I just heared fart sound at 8:13.

  • The noise cancellation is great... it blocks out my v6 4L roaring ute engine when I smash it around. Noise cancellation works better with lower sound frequencies. Basic knowledge

  • I'll hold off. I have some Jabra Elite 75T. I'll see if Buds Pro improve with the second generation of it.

  • Talks too much crap.

  • I would never pay $350 AUD for these but because they came free with my pre-order s21 I do love them. They are very good. Just glad I didn't have to pay extra for them

  • They made the pro because the original has pairing issues.

  • Just ordered them from Amazon today for $177. Hope they fit perfectly. Turn it blue

  • Your average apple consumer

  • I have the first gen galaxy buds. I think it's time to upgrade. But it's 200$

  • They don't gave a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger... Thank you, from: ROHAN RAHMAN.

  • I was so excited to these, but after a sweaty hard-core workout they began falling out of my ears. I wish they had the fins on them like the buds and buds +. That would make these perfect. I'm thinking of exchanging these for the sony wf800n.

  • Mate I’m not gonna lie but you kinda scared me at 0:55.😂😂

  • Are they compatible with the apple ?

  • 💚

  • You can boost the base in your phone settings

  • What app is dat

  • They are "almost" near the Sony Wf-1000XM3. Kidding

  • I have the buds pro 3 days ago and i really like the noise cancellation

  • I bought mine for $100 when I picked up my S21

  • You missed about the mic. Mic is available on both buds or just single mono bud??

  • The buds plus had that slat design too 🤔 apple???

  • Got them free with the pre order bargain

  • As usual always hating on Samsung!!! Never fails!! If it was Apple and it cost 400.00 dollars he would not care about the price point!!

  • Aye yo, our boy ain’t so much of an average consumer anymore, he got everything any average person would want but can’t get😂

  • got mine free with my s21 ultra

  • Funny thing is that Sony has a pair of truly wireless that looked like beans and they actually officially nicknamed it music bean but knowing how bad Sony is with advertising, nobody even knew these existed

  • I didn't get eartips in mine. Can't find replacements online either. Rip

  • Whats the maximum decibel of this prduct?

  • What watch is that?

  • The flat part was on the original buds...🤨

  • this man is judging Samsung for using the flat design but doesn't say anything about how iPhone copies android/Samsung... even the damn iPhone screen is made by Samsung...

  • Came free with my s21 ultra! Excited to use them

  • Do one of the buds require the other to work? Or do they work individually?

  • Ok an update on this, he says "I wish they got a little bit louder". I don't think that's true. I feel they get louder than my airpods pro. Plus keeping it at that volume is definitely not good 😂 Overall, these are my favourite pair and I use them way more than airpods pro on all my devices

  • Airpods are 100 bucks more. Lmao not worth it

  • They sound okay. Tbh the airpods sound a little better. The case is horrible because you need 2 hands to open it.. Wtf. I got them because i use the fold but just get the airpods

  • I have a Samsung with airpods pro. I'm thinking of selling the airpods and buying these. or should I wait. because I love the airpods and if the anc is okay on the buds pro, the anc on airpods might be better but idk.

  • Samsung needs a Buds Live Pro, pre-ordered these and they are too big for my ears.. Buying another pair of Buds Live.

  • my £24 wireless earbuds lasts easily 5 hrs between charges in the case , of course they have no special features that would drain them faster ,but they sound comprable to the wired AKG earphones ud get from samsung phones

  • I feel like Samsung is slowly just losing its ways, there's been a lot of negative with them. First with their phones, now even their earbuds, but maybe just me. Also I think phone brands are just doing a terrible job lately. The likes of OnePlus, it's all just going wrong, COVID must have really hurt then. But then again, that's what I think.

  • PSA: There's an update for the Buds Pro that improves ANC and voice detect features.

  • the flat design was before airpods pro. they were seen on the galaxy buds

  • Think I'm gonna hold onto my Buds Plus for a while longer honestly. They have really good wingtips and I think those are all that are really holding them in my ear (I tried all the tip and wing configurations). I'm afraid the Pros are just going to fall out. That and I don't really need noice cancellation, but I love the ambient passthrough, and the Buds Plus do have that.

  • I am already using buds live. Should I buy buds pro? I just want good sound only. plz reply

  • Does the case charge with USB Type-C?

  • 0:56

  • I dont like them Cause some Features are only for 3.1 UI and kinda my Z Flip has 3.0 UI, MEANS u need the NEWEST Phones to have EVERY Feature e.e

  • Apple bias as always.

  • Mine was free so it's worth it

  • Where do you get your floor lamps behind you from?

  • WTF no mic test

  • How do these sound against the technics?

  • subscribed because of the gundams at your back

  • 2:00 the flat design existed way before the pros, look at the original galaxy buds for example. I haven't checked the ones before it, but they might have that flat design too...

  • So I had the bud+ and I loved it but I really only use them for podcasts and audiobooks but recently lost them.... so for the price point what would you recommend?

  • I bought the buds plus and two days later the pros were released. I took back the buds plus for the pros and I'm fighting regret. I loved the buds plus. The pros don't stay in my ears well and after 30 mins, my ears hurt. Sadly, I wish I had kept the buds plus, better fit, significantly less expensive and the sound was good enough for me!

  • Itchy uncomfortable ear buds. Got them 2 days ago. Not impressed with how they fit.

  • 2021 is gonna be a horrible year. We've already got a corpse in the white house

  • Dude you need some energy 😂

  • Looking fly in that outfit love your reviews man

  • 10:47 I see miraie

  • I'm surprised you didnt talk more about the fit and comfortbility. I agree I wish they got louder.. I'm constantly trying to turn them up.. but when it comes to the fit I really cant wear them too long. They get very uncomfortable

  • My friend got thease and says they are really good but he felt like they didn't fit his ears at first since he was used to the normal galaxy buds.

  • I am getting these in 7 months!

  • Hi, is the Galaxy Buds Pro any better than Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro ?

  • 3:52 Thats one sneaky hand swap

  • 2:20 Fan of buds line 🤣

  • I think they were poorly designed. The Buds Live were way more comfortable and had great sound but they let in too much outside noise. They should've just improved the Buds Live and gave them silicone tips and made them just a bit longer to go deeper into your ears to give them actual "ANC". The Buds Pro feel a bit heavy so they will tend to slip out over time and the Buds Live were super light as if nothing was in your ears. The Buds Pro definitely made the sound better than the Airpods Pro but failed big time with the ANC.

  • Received mine yesterday and gotta say, the sound quality is really is really nice, but its really hard to get these into my ears so they dont hurt. I dont think the design is as good as the OG galaxy buds which I upgraded from. Well hope I just get used to these bc right now these are not very comfortable...

  • $200 . Put these in different bracket that might not be competitive to handle . Are they over priced? Hope it's add on or discount if buying the 21

  • My buds plus broke few months ago still torn ifi should get a new pair of plus or grab these

  • Wouldn't pay £200 but in the UK Samsung are throwing these in with the phone along with the Smart Tag when you pre order the phone.

  • 2:17 thats not true. Galaxy buds has the flat end too

  • I've heard the complete opposite on voice detect, that it's too sensitive. Also I've heard the volume gets really loud, so idk why you'd think it's not loud enough 😅

  • Is this worth upgrading from the normal galaxy buds

  • The beans made the cartilage in my ear sore

  • Cant wait to have them

  • Benos: they stole my design! Galaxy buds live: meh

  • There cheaper than AirPods Pro and their better😊 classic samsung their always making better value electronics

  • Samsung beans: benos

  • Wireless charging??

  • still rocking my galaxy buds + lol

  • I hope these won’t fall out of my ears like the AirPods Pro :/

  • i already lost the left earbud

  • The Airpods Max Pro are way better! Really convenient and havent had any issues so far!

  • How the fack do they look like air pods?? Your blind??

    • Cuz he's a fan boi

  • Beans are great. I am using these fotmy teams and zoom meetings, for my phone calls, and the sound is amazing. I dont like in ears things. Beans are amazing :)