Samsung Galaxy Buds2 - Unboxing & Review!

Publicado el 11 ago 2021
We just got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 2! Here's a quick unboxing and review going overall the features and what I think of the new earbuds!

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  • Moto ad is very irritating 😖

  • Black or olive i cant choose

  • Green Lima bean

  • Olive 🫒 beans

  • Can you use transparent noise during phone calls? If so, can you still hear the person on the other line clearly?

  • I love these, but they keep falling out of my ear. I've tried changing the ear tips and everything. I'm very disappointed. Any suggestions for wing tips that I can buy to help them stay in?

  • Why is everyone choosing the grose oliver coler

  • I think the galaxy buds plus are actually discontinued? I'm not entirely sure how true this is but I cant find them anywhere and I read an article about it. Can someone confirm or deny this for me please!

  • How does it pair with an iphone?

  • i’m a slave

  • I think Samsung makes the best buds sound amazing and in ear fully I hate the air pods that have fhe stem and million of fakes that look the same but im also an android user

  • It's a chickpea

  • hi

  • Me hearing this on buds 2

  • it looks like a tick in your ear not a bean

  • Hey, can you pls compare galaxy buds 2 with pixel buds A. I own pixel 4a, and in India we are getting them on a similar price range.

  • It looks like having a tumor on your ear

  • Buds pro still better....

  • It kind of looks like you have actual olives in your ear lol

  • Ain't shit green but that Lima bean -yung nudy

  • My Dude!!! Thank you for making such an awesome review.. Short, Simple, Superb,, I got these free with my Galaxy Z fold 5G phone and figured maybe as a "throw in" they'd be cheap.. But everything you said was legit and on point.. they are not as good as my Bose earbuds, but they are definitely getting used,, They sound great..and I only popped them in after I saw your review.. good stuff my dude,, liking and subscribing.. Peace..

  • hey havent watched uravg consumer in a while what's up everybody? whos all watching the 16th?

  • I lost my galaxy buds plus case so might get these unless anyone knows any way to charge it without case

  • These are ok, i honesty dont like it cause i experience them falling out a lot. Its a lot smaller which is nice but... could be better. The old shape would have been good.

  • Good things about galaxy buds in general is there is always one that will fit perfectly. For me it's the pros, but for my girlfriend it's the lives.

  • why did i not know who u were until now, i shoulda been subscribed a long time ago

  • I'll stick to my galaxy buds+

  • I do not like how it’s just one color

  • If ur phone is iphone, you don’t need to buy galaxy buds 2 because there is no app supporting it in ios app store.

  • Should I upgrade from my galaxy buds plus to the galaxy buds 2? Is there a big difference when it comes to the sound quality?

  • Ik they're old but I love my bud +

  • Anc does nothing

  • Tbh ur underated af

  • The channel kinda died 💀

  • How can you not have a galaxy tab s7/+? You're the tech guy.

  • That glossy earbud finish is just 🤢

  • Best earbuds ever

  • I just got my

  • Is it good for excersize like skipping, running, situps push-ups etc...

  • Getting the olive green

  • Bose

  • I got yesterday but they are falling out from ear . I tried different tips but all similar . How can I solve ? Today morning I was making breakfast and it literally fall out and went to pan :(

  • Man listening to sonic remix? Respect

  • Are these sweatproof? Can i go run with these?

  • Galaxy Butts

  • Basically hearing aides until you actually need them.

  • Great review man 😎👍

  • Chapters man. Don't be lazy.

  • What should I buy buds2 or airpods

  • Ive never had wireless buds, do they sound better than wired earphones you get when you buy a phone?

  • 7:05 Then you need to check out the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus! Straight iPad killer

  • I will pass on these. Once they got rid of the wing they lost my money. The Pros were very aggravating because they sound fantastic. Just don't talk, work out, or move! Gues do yourself a favor and get the 1more comfobuds pro and save $75. They are better in every way!

  • Green is my favorite color. My ipad air is green, my pixel 5 is green and so is my iphone 12 mini. But that shade of green on the buds 2 is horrrible. Its like puke green.

  • I really enjoyed your review! Well done.

  • Garbanzo bean

  • why are people comparing buds2 with pro? pro was $200 when it came out and the price came down after 6 months. If you wait 6 months buds2 price will come down and it will be the best ear buds with anc you can get for $110 or so.

  • Who and what are they for?

  • Nice Apple watch. Let me get this straight you set up your desk showing Android phone on it with Samsung buds but you caring Apple watch whole time on your wrist and is obvious that you using Apple product day to day basis. Now you giving me tip about Samsung products? Is this a joke? At least switch that watch when you set up desk to look like that you use Android. No much to say except 2 cents for your review

  • This is the most nothing review I've ever heard. Not sure if it is because all these samsung headphone barley very or just a meh review

  • Okay, I liked the Buds Live, but noticed when running ang getting sweat in my ears they sliped around so needed to correct them all the time. And I was a bit afraid they would get damaged by the sweat and there fore water damaged. So I have been thinking of getting the Pro instead of the Buds 2, but other reviews have also said these Buds 2 have a better fit. But will they withstand sweating aka sweatproof?

    • Thats what I've found about this - "Like last year's Galaxy Buds+, the Galaxy Buds 2 feature an IPX2 splash-resistant rating. This means the earbuds will be just fine for working out and a short stint in the rain. "

  • I really want to see a Nothing ear (1) review from you

  • Dude adjusted the fit after reviewing them and they told him to adjust the fit

  • 😫

  • If they were gonna release the 2, they should eliminate the pros atleast, and maybe even the plus

  • Are you switching from Beats Studio Buds to these? Seems like more feature in a similar package

  • I really don't understand why they got rid of the wings. I upgraded from the Galaxy Buds to the Galaxy Pros and within a week returned them for the Galaxy Buds+ because the Pros kept falling out. Especially for someone who works out for hours at a time the Pros were almost useless and I'm assuming the Buds 2 will be as well.

    • @Arturo Perea Did the buds+ fall out if you had the wings removed?

    • For me the buds 2 stay in just as well as the regular buds

  • Should I order them rn?

  • call the style the HYBRID BEAN look Cool

  • Lintel beans

  • I still love the Live’s the most

  • Waiting for buds live 2, i’ve the best fit with them, hopefully they will release next year or something. I will go and try these buds 2 on in the store though

  • I would imagine this side by side with my white Galaxy buds live and I would be confused which one is which. I love the 'not protuding' type of tws that's why I bought the Galaxy bud live and they don't fall out or got hooked off with your shirt when you're changing clothes. I just wonder if the buds 2 is bigger than the buds live, if not, probably I'll consider buying these to be able to change between iem and open buds on whatever mood I'm in.

  • Mr. UrAvgConsumer, Nice Review. I'm currently using the G Buds+, would like a Comparison of the Older G buds to the New G Buds. Thanks A LOT.

  • I am one of HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of people who had a horrible allergic reaction to the galaxy buds pro. I'm hopeful that these buds 2 can solve this issue.

  • Where did u get that 3 device wireless charger

  • It's a Lima bean. 🤣

  • Is that a zoid in that window or the BuCUE?

  • how do you think these will compare with the sony WF-1000xm4

  • You should get a Galaxy Tab!

  • These look way better than the beans I’m honestly disappointed in the beans because it hurts after a few hours. I wish they would be water resistant so I dont have to worry about the gym

  • I just wish ESmainrs will include the Mic Quality Everytime you review a TWS or any Bluetooth Headphones...

  • Nothing ear 1 vs samsung buds 2? Which shall i opt for?

  • Still prefer the original galaxy buds. Got them for free with my phone, they have the little rubber wings to help keep them in place while working out (never had one fall out in the years I've been using them) and the sound quality if perfect for my needs. They have a wireless charging case which has a nice feel, and the look is great. They don't look like a ball of wax in your ear.

  • Bruh I just bought the buds + wtf

    • Lol same ordered them just yesterday over this 😆 they said it has the best fit because of the rubber wing plus i read somewhere some users still prefer them lol we'll see

  • samsung wireless earbuds are so confusing,which one should i buy???lol

  • What’s a galaxy tablet 😆

  • This are senso beans bro ❤️

  • Senzu bean

  • so can you give me about your experience between galaxy buds+ vs buds 2, which one is better ?

  • Man you should get a galaxy tab s7+ or FE would love to hear your thoughts.

  • I'll stick with the pixel buds a

  • The Lima Beans look good 👍🏾… lol

  • Bruh these are senzu beans 😅🤣 nice

  • This is perfect. I loved the Buds + but they died on me so now we are gonna wait for these to drop

  • Which ones would you recommend the 2 or the pros??

  • They look very cool.. i wish tech came in more of a colour range... like their versions of the main colours; those olive are their green. They could do other cool looking versions of colors

  • Is the fold and flip review coming

  • What's the most comfortable Samsung buds that will stay in your ears the best?

  • Nice review keep up the good work

  • Best buy is selling the buds live at $140, but I find it interesting that for $10 more you can get these new buds 😂 btw... I was really excited for these when they announced them but the colors and shape just killed the whole vibe for me. I think I'll stick to my buds pro