Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review: One Month Later!

Publicado el 11 sep 2021
Finally time to review the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. I've head this phone for over a month, so let's talk about how it is to actually use it. Can flip phones make a real comeback in 2021?

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  • Maybe you should start working out if closing a phone is giving you problems 😂

  • You not a flipologist my g lol

  • Making it 1 to 2mm thicker unfolded to give it a bigger battery (like 4000mAh) and better cameras (like the main camera of the regular S21) would've make it a great phone.

  • im might be getting one of the flip phones the z flip but for christams but worth the wait

  • Hmmm i need the thing to flip when i flip it over. Maybe flip 4 🤷‍♂️

  • they should put the bixby button up there so we stop pressing it by mistake

  • Beautiful FF pictures!

  • Loved the review. The highlighted points were spot-on! Thank you.

  • People have gotten so snobby about the battery like smh. My galaxy s8 has a capacity of 3000 mAh that lasts me a day and a half vs the flip 3 that has an extra 300 mAh so I ain't complaining it's a upgrade still ordered mine matte black.

  • A71,S9,S20,S21. I love Samsung. Ordering flip next week.

  • 10:55 - that looked and sounded like he had it in a cover and unleashing a katana attack at the same time

  • I'm definitely buying this... In 3 years

  • That Final Fantasy art is awesome.

  • I bought this phone. It featured a battery that drained quickly and spotty reception. Returned to Verizon in 3 days. Went back to my Note 9. The z flip 3 looks cool but is flawed.

  • I had a Z Flip 3 in Phantom Black, only had it for a day because the battery life is GOD AWFUL! It screams, "You didn't leave your charger at home, did ya? Cuz I'm thirsty already. Get me some juice!"

  • Omg I want one im new to Samsung galaxy and I love it but I got a crappy phone 📱😫Samsung galaxy a02 shitty phone every I agree wish they can be a little more cheaper not everyone had money like me . But I love the flip phone I keep talking about them they were the bomb back than I agree but kinda boring not much with them this is awesome flip z phone im wanting it im going to see if I can trade my phone for this flip

  • Bought this phone...WORST BATTERY EVER

  • Does anyone know if I would be able to see Ring notifications/images through the little screen when the phone is closed?

  • I wonder if they would add a pro version With expandable memory High quality cam And super processor

  • I had a flip phone in the old days. That was a few years ago. We were in Baton Rouge then. Buster my brother-in-law came over and tried to "steal" my flip phone, he didn't have a "chest", so it didn't work. He liked that little silver phone. I could close it by putting it over my blouse or waistband.

  • I was suggesting switching to Samsung from apple because I’m just looking for something different and a little more compact. I definitely and gonna get one of these as my next phone.

  • What fast charging? 15W?

  • did it leave a line in the middle of the screen during the month of usage?? I've heard it does but im not sure. The only reason I haven't bought it yet. pls answer if you can 👍🏻

  • I just don't understand the point of this. The z fold has some practicality, but this, no.

  • In my opinion, if the volume buttons are at the bottom, you might press them all the time. Could get annoying

  • Guessing you don't have to close it all the time correct?

  • 4 hrs battery life?? XD

  • Ok but why you got so much lint and dust in yo pockets?

  • Whats the point of flipping it closed, just for storage? If you leave it open its just like every other smart phone

  • Should change the name of the channel to "UrAppleConsumer", Why not have the same energy for innovation? I watched your iPhone 12( oops I meant 13) unboxing yesterday and the energy was through the roof for that product. I'm not a fanboy, I appreciate all tech, but Apple's iPhone 12 recycle is lot less noteworthy, compared to the flip and fold series from Samsung.

  • Shoutout to Soo far at 4.33 (Sooxfar on YT). Great Apex Legends content creator

  • I wish i was rich 😔

  • The camera with the timer is awsome. Sits up by its self. Nice!

  • Whoever is curious about the one handed close, you're is from someone who has owned the z flip 3 as soon as it came out. I can flip it closed one handed no problem. I have pretty big hands, but here's how I do it. I have the phone kind of resting on my right pinkie finger and when I close it, I take my index finger at tge top of the phone and push it forward and supporting the bottom by my pinkie/palm of my hand. Then as soon as it gets low enough, my lumb and go up and pull it down and snap it shut. If you try doing it slow, it becomes harder. But when you get used to snapping it closed on the fly, it's a piece of cake and it's really satisfying. It probably won't work for everyone since I have large hands, but that's the technique I use to close the flip 3 with 1 hand. This also works for flipping it open, the hinge wears in and it gets easier to flip open as you use it, but I wouldn't suggest you do it all the time because it is easier to drop it that way, and it puts more stress on the hinges and the screen if you do it wrong

  • i want that phone just for funz but with that price i dont think so 😂

  • Great video and very informative but the hard cuts to the tech demo of the dude with the white hands was absolutely hilarious to me for some reason

  • I love Apple but man this phone looks amazing. Might go back to Samsung soon 👀

  • the battery is great. I love it

  • Funny, as a woman with small hands and small pockets I was aiming for this flip only because it's compact. I've read and watched several reviews about this device, and this is the first one which shows that it's actually a BIG phone and the controls would be impossible for me to use in a single hand. What about the sector of humanity that doesn't have big hands??

    • It’s literally not big but ok Ive held it in person it’s pretty regular just tall

    • You have 2 of them right?

    • You could also go to a store and test it yourself. You never know unless you try!

  • Forever loyal Samsung fan here!!!!😃😁❤✌

  • No case link

  • Can you put on it the Gcam so as to make better photos? Greetings from Mexico City Mexico

  • Very disappointed in this phone. The phone burns up constantly. Even with 5g on Verizon network it's slow to load pages. Out of the blue it searches for voice find. Battery life is below average. Android Auto is also very weak compared to CarPlay.

  • You inspired me to get Gundam Wing action figures instead.

  • It looks like gadget straight from Star Trek.

  • The Samsung cases are awesome btw. Got the read and the blue ones..

  • This is the phone I had most fun with, bar none.. so happy I went with the Flip.,,. this thing is dope

  • I have this phone and it is great. It is fast and responsive. The hinge seams solid. I love this phone

  • Is the Z Flip3 a good choice for heavy calling user?

  • Just feedback here but the buttons a little further up makes sense for some people to avoid accidental touching

  • I mean I guess it's a cool idea but what's the point of making a flip phone I have a galaxy S21 ultra and it's pretty much what that is just with a flip So I guess I just dont understand the point of the phone

  • I love this style more than fold but I'm going to wait till its upgraded. Great video 👍👍

  • Basically it's a crap phone and crap style. You should said just that because no one cares for that phone.

  • What happened to the budget school edition

  • At no point did you flip it open

  • Closing a phone is not difficult if you are not a complete m+rom. Clearly, you sir, are an idi*t!!

  • The average consumer wouldn't buy one of these lol.. I can't buy one until they get bigger batteries being a heavy user. My fold 2 I sold due to the issue. Looks very nice the Flip3

  • With new features iPhone 13 just came out. Samsung already had few years ago felt like apple just step behind Samsung. Im going to buy this flip 3 instead iPhone

  • Phone looks astounding but idk if I should wait for for the z flip 4 because Samsung is on the right right track with folding smartphones and I would truly love to see what they do in the future! If anyone could help me and out and decide if I should bite in this or wait till next year?

  • awesome review!

  • 2

  • Good video

  • Mad respect for the tidus/squall pictures!

  • I'm getting into this flip phone thing. When the phone is folded, it looks really sleek. And in terms of pocketability, it looks pretty cool. Phones are getting pretty big, so this seems like a cool step

    • @Taras Shevchenko yep, been thinking the same thing about the phone case. Although good point on answering calls. It is a far more deliberate act as well, much harder to accidentally brush over the answer button. I think the flip phone could make a big comeback.

    • There are a few interesting thoughts that folding the phone brings to mind: -if you can fold the phone while stowing it, is the screen protector as necessary as has been for typical smart phones. -answering calls is a bit faster and easier being able answer by opening the phone instead of touching and dragging on the screen.

  • WTF u don't get a satisfying flip?? dude stop using the phone like a little girl and and flip that shit. i can imagine you opening/closing the phone so delicate like it would break go watch flossy videos you definitely get satisfying flip and i own the phone so i can 100% confirm you get those old moment feels.

  • TBH the crease is not bothering me on bit. I am not even noticing it to begin with.

  • I think dude has small hands. I have no issue with button placement.

  • Watching this on my moto Razr

  • Battery life is a deal breaker

  • 8:18 mark I'm at so maybe I'll miss the big selling point writing now but I'm still not seeing why a smart flip phone has appeal. Technically it looks great, I can't knock the achievement as far as bending screens and all of that, I'm just not getting the need for the flip. It doesn't seem a smaller device as far as putting it in a pocket (as far as thickness it's obviously double a normal phone when folded), the notifications peek I can't help but think of normal lock screens and wonder what the difference is... Again, I'll carry on watching and see if there is a big thing left but as someone who clicked on here just to see what the fuss is about these phones, I can't say I really get it still.

  • just bought this today. why? because it flips! thats it for me, dont care about the battery and mediocre camera. im really happy!

  • Should I trade in my S20 plus to get this?

  • If you put your phone in your back pocket. You are weird.

  • Nobody wants to go back to flip phone . Next

  • Guys where can i use the cods that he is giving in the video

  • The upside down excuse is the most bullshit thing to hear from him

  • Dcmm

  • Cost aside do you prefer the flip 3 or fold 3 phone

  • Like the idea of the fold 3 (phone and tablet) but i would prefer a regular phone over the flip 3 👍

  • This is more of a Day 1 review than a month later. I was looking for what you've discovered, bad and good over the last month of using it.

    • @Axel Jaxel What are you talking about, I was criticized!?

    • @1mic y'all are so weird it's good to see people criticize a phone. If i get a gimmicky phone i want to hear if it's worth it or not. You don't need to insult people sharing what they find

    • @bzwaqah I did at home. All good, it’s been returned for a 13 Pro.

    • @1mic keep it open if you're so fed up with flipping a FLIP phone

    • @bzwaqah Not to be worried with it as much as I was, dummy.

  • The boi flossy carter is goated with that flip

  • I just realised this wasn’t a day in the life. Still a great video tho!!

  • Someone helpppp me...I got my s21 ultra 13 days ago and looking at zflip3, I want it sooo bad. I just feel bored about how smartphones look like rn. I want something new....what yall think

  • Ima save for one of these and buy it after my current phone breaks because why waste having 2 phones or if the next version releases I'll just get that one depending on when my phone breaks

  • Bullshit long advertising for your sponsor! What I didn't signed up to watch it here!

  • I feel so bad for Motorolaaaaa

  • i think they put the volume button up top Because many ppl land up shutting off The Ringer when they grab their ph

  • Don't forget you can do Samsung Pay without having to open the phone, swipe up on the front screen😊

  • Wouldn't buy that thing.

  • The big problem is its battery, Samsung should put much higher capacity of battery !!!

  • Cannot wait for the galaxy A versions of these phones.

  • 10:33 what's the video I can't find it

  • My first phone I got when I first got on t-mobile (switched from Metro at the time) was a Nokia flip phone. It ended up getting water damage somehow and then I got a Moto Razr.

  • That is a nice GShock watch! I have several GShock watches but not that one on the wrist!

  • I own the Flip 3 since the release day (Aug 27) and I cannot put that phone down!

  • what camera do you record these videos?

  • Did anyone else think the phone broke when he sat on it at 6:08. Then realized his chain was rubbing on the mic. Scared me Jud! Lol. Keep up the good work. Love the videos.

  • why don't they make it a bit shorter 16:9 factor?

  • SAMSUNG FLIP HACKS #01 ash and vacuum your pants before usage. #02 Add a small "THIS SIDE UP" decal. Btw don't forget this is a miracle of technology that shouldn't really exist until the 23rd century. This wasnt a review, just a list of pet hates. Good luck trying to figure out the physics of flexible OLED polymers. Just sayin

  • Haha wonderful