Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 - REAL Day in the Life Review!

Publicado el 24 ago 2021
Time to spend a real day in the life with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold! This is the third iteration of the phone but my first time spending proper time with it for testing. Let’s see how a folding phone works in the real world!

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  • Was watching this for fold 3 information. Austin and cookie stole the show though 😄

  • Why does the fold not have the same or even better cameras than the S or Note series it don’t make sense

  • 1800 Dollar for a plastic screen that can be scratched by fingernails. A phone where removing the screen protector can void your warranty. A mobile where rooting disables the cameras. All of this for merely 1800 dollars 🤦🏻

  • i use gboard on my fold no split keyboard which is weird , takes a while to get used to but it is perfect if you watch media alot on a phone

  • If you're going to review a phone you need to stick with the phone and stop adding on the all the personal stuff with the child and the dog and talking to other people and so on like that that would have made a better video if you had just kept to the original content that we tuned in for

  • Just an FYI, you can change the split keyboard to full keyboard on the big screen.. It doesn't have to be split like you had it.

  • My note 8 was like that lol. Use to make it mad. Note 20 is okayish

  • 16:25 🤗☺️

  • I'm sure you have been told I'm not all the way through yet but you can connect your keyboard

  • Your son is so cute!

  • Lmao nah man keep being an amazing dad even on camera, it brings a smile to my face

  • Thanks! Very helpful video. Just subscribed. I just upgraded from an LG V60 with a dual screen case. My new Z Fold is supposed to come today. Most people's concerns about size doesn't bother me because the V60 was a brick with that case on so I'm used to it. Really my only concern is what people have been saying about battery life with the Zfold.

  • Mate, this was the first video of yours that I have watched and I was blown away by your down to earth persona and i loved that you included your son and pet in the video. Thank you for putting a smile on my face from what seems like just being you! Cheers.

  • I like your shirt.

  • I can’t believe how FAR you’ve come bro, awesome, just awesome

  • I just got mine yesterday. I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular phone 🔥🔥🔥🤯

  • I'm looking to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S9+ to this phone! I have to wait until next Wednesday to see what devices they'll be getting in at my local Best Buy. They get shipments once a week. It's probably due to COVID-19 unfortunately. You're son is absolutely adorable

  • Man I like your house

  • 17:50I wonder if one can use the S-Pen to take a picture remotely? (like the Galaxy Note 9)

  • The moment I knew this video was the real deal was when we saw dad, being dad. Honest and straight forward; thank you for the non-scripted video.

  • Cameras look the same to me. Phone is fucking great! Can't wait to see what comes next. As for the hidden camera I have not once noticed it unless I'm really looking hard for it.

  • Good one

  • First of all great content love the real world test and review it's very different so great but I'm curious will you be reviewing the surface duo 2

  • That Intro video was amazing. Super clear and well focused. I thought he was using his usual camera at first. Once they fix the inside camera the phone will be almost perfect minus the crease

  • battery life is worst

  • The fold three in flex mode reminds me of the Nintendo DS, DSi, 3DS and 3DS XL

  • Love the house def wouldn't mind a house like that lol

  • I like the future of foldable smartphones. I'm almost ready to spend the asking price. The battery, and Cameras are the things holding me back. For the price I need better battery life, and Cameras. I also want faster charging the 25 watt charging is a joke at this stage in smartphones. I spend that type of money I want 2 days off the charger. I could do that easily with my iphone 12 pro but the charging speed was horrible and I eventually traded it in. Slow charging no fast refresh rate. I had to get rid of it. I am looking forward to what the 2022 foldables bring.

  • Ur house looks like an off brand keeping up with the kardashians set. It’s nice 👍

  • The bump in the middle is so damn noticeable lol

  • Hey I just ordered the Spigen Thin Fit P for the Z Fold 3... Much better than the Samsung cause the holders on the outside of the screen not at the spine and without that flap....

  • Awesome video!

  • So this is what Mayweather is doing in his retirement

  • Tip when taking group shots: You can throw up a five with your hand and it’ll put on a 5 second timer for you

  • Dropping the phone accidentally and not having a channel sponsor has won me over. Great video review!

  • Man this is one stupid phone imo. I don't see what Samsung was thinking for almost 2 grand. But nonetheless your video was really good and enjoyable.

  • I bet Fold 4 will have better everything.. better camera, better stylus storage option, lesser crease.. it’s like they purposefully made it bad for you to be excited on the next one. marketing all over again. Hehe

  • My daughter loves Pikachu can u please tell me where I can find that shirt for her thanks! & Ur son is so cute!

  • Don't worry 😉 bro dbrand will sponsor you soon

  • The best part of the video is the smile on the kiddo's face and that's priceless...

  • Cutest cameo ever 😍

  • What I like about this phone is you can connect it to a keyboard and mouse and turn it into a mini PC.

  • Aye a real review, following for more, tired of the "but it's not a note, but it's not an iPhone" reviews.

  • Watching this on my new Z fold 3 😁

  • I see UrAvgDropper is learning from Linus Drop Tips

  • Real Z day fold 3

  • I love the wallpaper. WHere do you get that?

  • I had to return the ZF3. The daily ergonomics of a foldable are poor. I ended up not wanting to take my phone out of my pocket. The fun and quick factor were gone. Front screen is too small and has a weird aspect ratio. The inner screen is too large for daily routine apps. The inner screen is wasted on media, with the square-ish aspect ratio. Even side by side app use wasn't great, since the aspect ratio of each half is too narrow. But to each his own. I was super excited waiting to get it, and was hella impressed with the engineering. I've been a Note user for many years. But no on this. Back to the Note 20 Ultra.

  • Too long a video. You need to shorten them

  • Man, I get only up to 5 hours sot on the S21 with 4000 mah battery, so I'm actually kinda impressed it gets 5 hours on this bigger screen with 4400mah

  • U can make a full keyboard, just need to go to da settings….

  • I have a z fold 2 and I'm not going back to a regular candy bar phone. I'll skip the fold 3 and wait for the fold 4.

  • Great review since I've been looking at the Fold 3 but just know that this specific time, I liked your video because of your son! He's just like my son, a real mama's boy.

  • I can tell a minute in that you don't love this phone

  • Watching this on my Z Fold 2 5G

  • You have some shallow pockets

  • When the fold can house an Spen , match the camera of the S series and stop the dust. then I'll pick it up 🙂

  • Where can I get your wallpapers?

  • If you buy from Samsung directly, with the trade-in, their promotional rebate, and specials like free case and pen, and ear plugs, it turns out to be a really good value. Also, veterans get an additional 20 % off.

  • Does your setup have the Kanto speakers ive been looking at the matte black Kanto tuk but their 899 and than another 89.99 for the stands craxy

  • I think the outside screen is too narrow and open I can't stop looking at the crease

  • Hands down the most comprehensive review I have seen on this so far.

  • Most honest review I have seen!

  • im playing gbm too, does it looks fine playing on outside screen?

  • I'm not even sure how you *would* put a case on a device like that. I suppose you could make a case similar to a Kindle case, but you'd end up with a much thicker phone.

  • Great video but the shade at dbrand made me like instantly

  • Such a nice child ,and really smart

  • Can you do a review on the z flip 3??

  • that crease is nasty lol

  • Idc about the best camera I just want a new phone…that being said these cameras are SOOO much better than my iphone xr so idc! Its an upgrade and ive been wanting the phone sense the first one even if the first was terrible lol cant wait to finally get this when its back in stock!!

  • 12:26 freaks out about his search history lmao

  • The notch or the fold crease has never bothered me.

  • Notch vs Crease? Umm… Yep! Crease good! 😬👍🏾🤷🏾‍♂️

  • That phone is gorgeous!

  • Do u like naruto?

  • can't believe i m just seeing this. I was waiting for it.

  • Lmao, thanks to our channel sponsor @dbrand.

  • Great video!!!! thanks for letting us into your world, I enjoy your real day videos, especially now with your young man! Cheers to you!!

  • Love the review format, super useful info. Subbed

  • Do a day in the life with Pixel 5a

  • I ordered today

  • I dig the info overlays of the phone metrics. Nice touch.

  • Meh fold

  • Awesome device 🔥

  • Omg Austin is soo cute. Your in trouble when he gets older. I want a foldable phone but I’m like……

  • What about talking on the phone? How do you hold it? Is it supposed to be open while you're talking? Where's the speaker and etc?

  • I use zfold2 I have using it as my daily driver since it came out I absolutely love it and I can't go back to regular phones now. So I imagine you loved this phone.

  • The pickachushirt its lit 🔥

  • These are phones ppl... the inside camera is fine! Smh

  • Literally the cutest kid on ESmain

  • Reppin the Pikachu shirt! Respect.

  • You can change the keyboard layout

  • I’m interested to see how XBOXGAMEPASS looks/performs on it.

  • You can merge the keyboard back as one

  • I can see how glass gives you friction... 🙈

  • The joke about channel sponsor got me to subscribe to you. Great vid my dude.

  • So nobody going to talk about Naruto and Sasuke on Instagram

  • What is that chair

  • Did you advise me to buy the device because iam afraid from the battery it doesn't complete one day

  • Austin is such a cutie for the camera! Great camera subject!!!