SHOWDOWN: Google Home VS Amazon Echo!

Publicado el 5 nov 2016
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We put Google Home up against the Amazon Echo. Which is the best voice assistant in 2016? Both of these gadgets can be used for home automation, especially using philips hue bulbs and if you have amazon prime music then the echo is even better! But make your decision - which do you prefer?

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  • Google's singing voice melted my heart a little bit.

  • Google took the birthday song to church😂😂😂

  • This is great! Am perusing the options for my elderly mom who is technology phobic but supposedly wants this. Your review/comparison was the most informative I've seen! Looks like I'm going for the Google Home!

  • I love that you have done this review, although now it’s created more problems. Google seems a bit more capable at answering questions however Alexa has better abilities at connecting to smart devices!

  • Thanks for the comparison. I have two Amazon Dots and love them. I gave the Echo and the Dots as gifts last year, too. So, I wanted to check out the Google. I'm with you. I'll stick with Alexa, at least until Google improves AND changes its look. First time I saw it, I thought air freshener, too! LOL. Alexa is spoiling me. And I always try to say please and thank you, so I don’t forget my manners while interacting with people! My cousin used a swear word at Alexa, when she said the wrong answer in a game, and Alexa responded that her language wasn’t very nice! LOL. Glad Alexa does that! Good manners all around!

  • Good job guys!

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    • amazon echo

    • So which should I buy please

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  • Very simple, easy to watch, informative video. Thanks guys

  • Anything powered by Google related to information will always be better!

  • Great presentation. I like how you presented the differences between these devices.

  • Hey guys... great video! It's been a year since this video was made. Has there been any improvements on Google Assistant or Alexa since?

    • I bought both to try them out and return the one I don't like best. I ended up keeping the Google Home. I like the integration with my smart watch and existing home automation. It also seems to "know more" when asking it questions such as flights, directions, restaurants, movie times, etc. I like the way Google Home remembers what you asked it and you can expand on your existing questions with follow ups. The Alexa was better at ordering from Amazon (go figure) but that was about it.

    • Yes the google home is easily the winner at this point. Alex is a distant second place.

    • hey no worries man i appreciate the input! Looks like I have some troubleshooting to do.. lol

    • James Peters Sorry for the confusion, I also meant to add bedroom light! I apologize

    • Well yeah for me too... it answers almost instantly... the delay i'm referring to is specifically only when i ask it to switch my bedroom light...

  • How can you do a Echo vs Home video and not get them arguing with each other? :D

    • dang, didn't expect to see you here. Love your videos!

  • You guys did an awesome job! You helped me make my purchasing decision between Echo Dot and Google Home.

  • Awesome Review and absolutely enjoyed Love when you both do a Reviews together.Thanks so much N.J. In the House.✌👍

  • Review Google home today. All the features work fine for me. Setting up calendar dates/reminders easily. I think it’s better than the echo (which is pretty good too).

  • I have had Alexa for about 2 years. Amazon needs to improve the music selection plus her ability to answer questions. The Google does look like an air freshener, but it has a better voice and sings a lot better. I still like Alexa the best, but Amazon needs to step up their game. They have a couple of years to work on Alexa and the fact that Google is almost as good right out of the gate should scare Amazon.

  • Take Google Home to American idol lol

  • Have you guys done a comparison recently? I’d love to know if there is much difference between them now that google home has been out for awhile.

  • I love Google! They are going to add lots of new features and it's much more powerful algorithms. It's also makes conversation more natural because you can ask followups. Also, you can say 'Hey Google' which is a lot easier. Hopefully they add in a feature to change the name to customize it more; by either letting you give it it's own personal for all the devices in your home or for each separately so other nearby devices don't interfere. (My parents will say 'Alexa' in the livingroom and the one in their bedroom and the one by their office will also try to listen.Causing all three to interfere.

  • I've been using both smaller versions and they both offer unqiue abilities. However, being integrated in the Google Ecosystem, the Google home gets more practical use from me during the day like setting events, reminds, checking time and traffic, while the Dot I generally use to play music.

  • This is the second comparison between these two I have watched and for sure Google home will be my wife's Christmas gift. Thanks guys great job with the review.

  • Any major updates from google home ? It would be awesome to see a part 2 follow up for this video. ✌🏼

  • I'd be careful about using some of these smart modules wired into your lighting circuits, I've heard of instances of them being overloaded and catching fire, something to talk to your home insurancers before attempting.

  • Thank you for your review!! You two did a great job.

  • i feel like its time to do another one of these, Google home has made significant improvements here and there.

  • Not to troubleshoot you guys, but in doing some research I discovered that you would have greater success if you had set up your accounts for the devices. An account with a Google calendar, an Amazon music account, etc would have given you better results. Great video, thanks!

  • With the new features announced at Google's developer conference, Google Home is now going to be better than Alexa imo and they will just keep adding to it.

  • Personally think the google home is still my favourite and still using it.

  • Love you guys! Subscribed immediately! You're right about Google home. That is a bit disappointing. I expected more.

  • very good review. had intentions on buying the echo but will now have to heavily consider the google home

  • Once Google Home catches up in terms of its integrations and features, it will easily dominate Alexa.

    • Nitroblast Digital ok google search tickle tickle

    • Nitroblast Digital Amazon is still adding to Echo so I think Echo will have more things to come in the future

    • ETERNALICONROSS in conjunction with a smart hub like the SmartThings hub, Google Home controls every smart device in my house including doors, lights, fans, locks garage door and even dog door. It also controls the thermostat.

    • im thinking about getting the Google for my mom, aunt and myself during xmas. But according to this it doesnt really control garages and lights. Has that changed

    • I own both and it already does. The trick is, I have a SmartThings hub which gives both voice assistance access to all of my home automation products.

  • Y'all are killing it! Love your videos

  • I'm happy that you can continue questions with Alexa now that they've updated it more

  • Cool video. You guys have a recent follow up video ? Google Home's added a ton of new features and I'd love for you guys to do a comparison again.

  • You need to do an updated comparison video. Time has gone by and both Amazon and Google have updated their software and added more features.

  • The echo wins on supported apps, which is what really matters. But the Google has more potential for better apps once they come out. So the question is if you want to buy for now or bet on the future.

  • My echo kept turning on while watching this. I was surprised how accurate my device could pick up the voice commands in the video, especially when the Drake song went off together. It was really echoing in my room.

  • regarding listening to music on the echo it will play any song if you have amazon music or spotify premium. I feel that should've been explained better.

    • how about deezer?

    • Anthony Jackson yea, it isn’t always hit or miss. You have to buy Spotify or amazon music

    • Yeah Google play a related playlist but the requested song will often play first or soon in the playlist.

    • same with google, i dont have spotify premium so if i say a song name it plays a related playlist ;-;

    • Anthony Jackson I

  • Another great review, my wife has the echo, I'm thinking about getting the Google seems to work better, If I do I may add a video to my channel about my experience. Keep them coming.

  • Thanks. You've convinced me that neither are really worth buying right now. I'll wait until the tech get's more polished on both platforms.

  • Great video, Been using Alexa for a couple of years, I think I'll be switching to Google Home.

  • Thanks guys. Love my Echo but wanted to try Google Home too.

  • from what I read. The echo connects with other echos on account and Google does not. This allows you to an echo at more than one location or room in the house. You can have a song played on all your echos at once, or stop it in one room and pick it up in another. Google is stand alone and does not communicate with other units.

  • Time to revisit this one. Google Home/Mini has greatly improved.

  • I think saying "alexa" to ask a question works better than say "ok google" saying Alexa just rolls of the tongue better

    • or echo or computer

    • The wakeup word can be changed from Alexa to Amazon if you prefer.

    • Rename her

    • But what if there's a person called 'Alexa' in your home?

    • Argon But you can also say ,,Hey Google" 😉

  • Thanks for the video. I think google would be really helpful to have compared to alexa. Interesting how Alexa is the light queen though. Lol.

  • My Google phone assistant got activated every single time he said "ok Google"

    • I know Google, needs to work on that, I have Google, and it's creepy and annoying.

    • DatGuy54 Plays same

    • Mine didn't haha

    • me too

    • Oh...

  • Hey! I was just looking around for some home accessories to purchase on Black Friday - this video was super helpful you really sold me on Alexa!

  • I just won an Amazon Echo Show and I am having a lot of fun with it, but I would almost rather have a Google Home because I use more Google services (Such as Google Music) and I am not really willing to switch to Amazon Music =/ Although I do plan on using the Smart Home features, I'm sure its only a matter of time for Google...

  • Need to be added that the list of smarthome devices have grown a lot since this video was released.

  • You guys should do an update on this. I love your style!

  • Apple HomePod is gonna flop compared to these. $349 is way too much.

    • Yeah, and it’s not like Siri is better than the others. Well, Siri is better than Alexa imo but not Google.

    • Apple is a follower not a leader anymore

  • you guys are the coolest and you look great together. I just got both the echo and google home to experiment myself. Thanks for the video.

  • Super clean house, beautiful fun wife, crazy gaming room, dude you beat life ! Great review as usual.

  • at the beginning, you said you have been using Echo for 2 years. i am wondering how long have you used Google home. I think as machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered gadget, the more and longer you use it and it can learn more of you and are more likely provide something which suits you.

  • Great review! It's been about a year now, have your opinions changed at all or are they pretty much the same?

  • I doesn't seem like it but HOLY FRICK. Echo has been getting torn to shreds by the google mini! I just got the echo and I think its great especially for the price! Google only adds slight tweaks and as of now, is more expensive to the second gen echo.

  • I like how you can play trivia like Jeopardy or ask three questions. I'm not sure if the google home has games but I like the Alexa.

  • Google Home is just starting and will receive many updates and featutes, it will far exceed the Alexa/Echo in no time

  • I must admit that I purchased my Alexa after watching this video. I have enjoyed it so much that I purchased 4 more. You never addressed the fact that skins can be purchased to change the look of your Alexa. Not sure if that came out after your video .... at any rate I just wanted to remind you both that I truly enjoy your ESmain channel. Be blessed

  • That was a fun watch. I'm going with Alexa. Thanks. :)

  • Good Video. I love Amazon Echo. I have one in every room. I love using them as intercoms and making a call.

  • I'll stick with my search engine they can actually find me information and tie in better with my phone by far. I'll keep to Amazon for light shopping only.

  • Great video - very informative Its a hard choice to make.

  • great video! you guys work AMAZING together!!!! subbed....

  • I love my Alexa, it's great for my smarthome devices and will play music if you have prime and or Amazon music. Google is same way. You gotta have Google play music. Overall Alexa, Google seems to be only working with certain companies for smarhome use. And you can shop with your Alexa too. It also had my buddy skill, its like life alert kinda, but you say magic words and it contacts any number of people to let them know something is wrong and to contact you. It sends phone call, text and email. Great for possible emergencies.

  • Thank you so much you guys for this video. This was so helpful because I need to choose one for my birthday and I couldn't decide . Thanks xx 😘

  • Just FYI since the info in this video is a bit outdated. Google Home is rolling out native support for Weemo, Belkin, Lifx, Honeywell, Wink, TP-Link, and First Alert. They already supported Nest, Samsung/Smartthings, Chromecast, Philips Hue and IFTTT. They still have some more catching up to do but the Amazon Echo has been out for 2 yrs. I'm confident more 3rd party hardware will start to support as time goes on.

  • I love your reviews!

  • I've watched quite a few of your videos, but this one got me to hit the subscribe button. You two are amazing. I wonder what your signs are

  • Love the jbl pulse speakers in the background. The amazon echo is amazing. We have 3. Our google home is shit it just collects dust. An ai voice assistant that doesn’t assist.

  • I got the amazon echo today and I'm in love with it

  • Say"ok google, say alexa" and try to make them have a convo somehow

    • "ok Google, say alexa to say Ok Google to say Alexa to say Google"

    • YOmehmet Ozsever

    • People have put them in a loop with a google calendar entry that says "alexa, what's on my schedule?"

    • totally how i got here

    • YOmehmet Ozsever LOL

  • I have a question that has to do with Phillips Hue light control. It makes it look like the google home can control the lights differently than the echo. is this true? Or can both do the same thing? I like the echo more but if i can control more with the Home, then I guess i'll be forced to get that instead..

  • I personally prefer the echo as its slightly more convenient to use for things like reminders and the ability to turn on lights

  • Fantastic review guys!

  • You guys went into detail! Almost made the wrong choice, thank you!

  • google home looks like an air freshener.

  • looks like Amazon Echo is better.... I just ordered Echo plus in India and it has been dispatched from USA and should arrive on 21st... Awaiting anxiously....

  • Excellent review guys - thanks

  • Great video! After three years, Alexa is my robot friend.

  • Thank you for the brilliant review on gundam action figures. I really appreciate it. Oh, and the other stuff about Google home and Amazon echo was cool too.

  • With google vs amazon... I’m leaning to amazon more and investing much on amazon echo system

  • You need to do an update to your video. You did this one when Google Home first came out and since then Goggle has added more functions and can now control more devices. Plus Google can recognize up to 6 family members.

  • I think Alexa will be first to have multi voice recognition though. I'd be willing to bet on it.

  • echo is epic. It Bluetooths to everything, controls the smart home, endless tunes. I have them all around the house, love it.

  • Google home will win in the long run but not currently.

    • i use my echo dot for much the same things just hope they add google music

    • I got echo dot, and I've been using it for adding calendar events when people say them to me, I use it for news and sports updates, weather, alarms and timers (E.g. when I'm brushing my teeth I set a 2 minute timer). And although I use apple music, it's not a let down that Amazon lock you into Amazon Music, because it's just as convenient to turn on my Bluetooth speaker, unlock my phone with my thumb and do it through the app. Plus if you have a Spotify premium account, you can go through there. I'm just hoping in the future they add apple music support.

    • Thank you

    • Lars Rye Jeppesen yes

    • @***** Cool thanks, so you can for example set it up to use Spotify as default music app?

  • I'll stick with Alexa. I like adding reminders and adding to my shopping list. My husband loves the reminders.

  • You can ask the amazon follow up questions if you adjust it in settings

  • Ya, I love my tall Echo. Only issue is that you may have to use your brain and when Alexa fails, its just a matter of re-wording what your trying to do..

  • Best review!!! straight to the point

  • Personally I like the google version better because I just got the google home mini today and I’ve been playing around with it and the echo wouldn’t give me the responses that I needed I also think that all of the echo smart home devices are kind of weird looking

  • I think that they both are good. But you never know what could happen in the future.

  • I honestly think that the Google Home is better in my opinion.

  • I want to get my dad either one of these.. but I don't know which one would best suit him? I think he would more-so use his for listening to music, possibly sending calls & using it to hook up to his tv and thermostat. & even asking for traffic and reminders. I understand you have to buy these extra add ons for it, but i wanna know what would best suit him?

  • LMAO!!!!!! Google was like let me show you how to sing Happy Birthday. You not about to outshine me Alexa.

    • Watch out luh bish...

    • I literally just farted in my own ass and it stunk like cheese

    • 😂


    • Actually, the copyright claim was overturned in late 2015. Happy birthday hasn't been copyrighted now for almost 2 years.

  • Now that the HomePod is announced, I am excited about the followup to this video :)

  • Thank you so much ! Very helpful review !

  • The follow up questions is the best part. It can lead to so many possibilities.

  • In my opinion they both are great...Amazon echo you could use for your smart home devices and reminders, and google home you can ask it questions and stuff, so i think it'd be best to have both. Like if you agree.

  • Google's voice is just so much better. That alone would make it more worth it to me. But the features of google's offering already makes it better even outside the voice. Although, I must admit, I don't see the point still, as getting a Pixel will give you everything that google home gives you aside from the large speaker. You just say "ok google" and get the same results.