Smartphone Cameras are Evolving!

Publicado el 2 jul 2021
Camera on smartphones are better than ever and a lot of that is thanks to what the Snapdragon 888 brings to the table. The question is, did you know everything these cameras are capable of, with this chip?

Learn more about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 here:

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  • Noti gang how’s your day going bro

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  • Away from the content... your bracelet is very awesome 👌

  • I think is good to have sponsored videos, but having that small banner indicating that for less than 2 seconds seems like cheating

    • I'm with you, if you can spare this lengthy a video then the sponsorship can be said outlook and clearly stated too. Especially near the beginning of the vid

  • As someone who's been watching phone reviews since 08 this title is a bit late

  • LOL another video ad. This entire ESmain channel is now just a bunch of ads for company’s who sponsor him

  • 6:10 or your average consumer

  • Dude that UI is a straight ripoff iPhone 🤦‍♂️

  • smartphone cameras are evolving but not opne plus

  • What's going on guys it's uravgconsumer So satisfying

  • 5:16 never seen an out of focus effect like this, looks amazing

  • I’m saying if you got 8 megapixel your pretty much good, anything higher is for other reason, we’re pretty much good on the phone end cameras it’s all about the software. Phones have had the same build for years the slab design. The difference is Samsung phones bringing back flip with a new touch screen and the foldable phones. But we’re pretty much there, the new tech is cars and moving from fossil fuels and carbon emissions, cars haven’t changed in years and home tech, an try different energy sources

  • Ahhhh I should have watched this video yesterday! Lol. My phone also has burst mode and i know it's a struggle on movement but I ALWAYS forget to use it 😅

  • Bro is this is an ad for Qualcomm? If so, you should point that at least on the video description

    • I like his work, but that 3 second splash at the bottom right of the screen showing the Qualcomm sponsorship is simply not enough. Hopefully he sees and has better means to incorporate and show the truth

  • is anyone else kinda missing that overexposed look/editing to actually get that back? I feel like sometimes it makes the image nicer depending on how much it is, but it is definitely better to have the option to bump the highlights or keep them exposed, I just usually would use a raw file for that reason anyways

  • All that evolving on mobile cameras, imagine the normal cameras how evolving is going to be

  • Apple is limited on phones and features

  • Good content

  • Sponsored cringe

  • The 895 is truly next gen. Trust me, you'll be blown away.

  • On iphone which camera format is better for pictures-HEIF or MOST COMPATIBLE ??

  • this sponsored... Cus Jud is not himself in this

    • Didn't say, but instead wrote on the vid for 3 seconds or so. Frankly, not enough + description of the video doesn't state it neither

    • He literally said at the beginning of the video that it's sponsored

  • Great demonstration!

  • The chips in the phones be like : hay buddy its been a while 🤣

  • Keep up the good work man 💻

  • i mean i don't have any relation with this topic as i use and iphone. lol'😅

  • You know what I would love with a new phone...NO CAMERA, WHAT SO EVER! I don’t take pictures and it is the least used feature on my phone.

  • I wonder if he has used a daily phone something other than an iphone or a samsung phone ....besides using phones for reviews

  • Your Contant is 💯💯💯💯💯💯always..

  • Do a video on the OnePlus Nord n200

  • Slick phone!

  • Pull up the Samsung phones for these kinds of comparisons

  • @UrAvgConsumer i want to do a youtube video with you please comment on this comment

  • HDR video is not the same as photos. Misinformation, be careful.

  • You should The one with a screen in the back , i think it was xiomi

  • Dude you should have used Sony Xperia 1iii for much better brust photo than OnePlus

  • A UFO went past when you were outside?? Three times and you have it on film 👍. I'd love to see your power bill lol 😂

  • you've been in the ESmain game since 1/1/2012!! I can tell too😎

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  • I love my new phones camera, i upgraded from an iPhone 7 to a 12 and portrait mode is my favorite

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  • following you for years and never got heart :|

  • What would we do without Carl’s dreads lol 😂

  • my 21 ultra is sooo good at catching close up of wild animals

  • love your videos ;) as usual good job!

  • Smartphone camera perform the best when there is a lot of natural light , not so much in indoor setting . Most people won’t be able to tell if a video was shot on a camera or an iPhone if it was outdoor . But an indoor videos , most people will or at least I will . Great video !

  • Xperia 1III records in 4K 10bit HLG @120fps with eye auto focus, variable focal length and 20fps burst mode. It would have been perfect for this video but you'd have to grade the footage tho cz Xperia 1III processes images like the Sony Alpha cameras

  • Nowadays, even if we don’t use this benchmark that much, Dxomark camera scores always going over 100 😂😂

  • Love your videos, man!

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  • Yes! Can't wait for 69 cameras on my phone. Funny number = Funny

  • Where is the iphone 12 pro max

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  • Oh man I can’t wait to get 56 cameras on the back of my phone!

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