Surface Laptop Studio Hands-On! - Craziest Laptop This Year?

Publicado el 22 sep 2021
Microsoft just announced a ton of new Surface gear so today, we're checking out the Surface Duo 2, Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 3, Surface Slim Pen 2, Surface Laptop Studio, and more! Here are my thoughts and first impressions.

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  • So, there's no kickstand on the laptop that enables you to both draw on it without it falling down while having access to the keyboard?

  • Actually look for Lenovo yoga slim pro 7 16, best spec than this

  • Being a huge surface range fan, I hate to say it but the surface laptop studio is really an ugly design. I wish they had either updated the studio book with a detachable surface that lasted more than an hour when detached from the keyboard or gone done down the 360 hinge route in a slim body. Way more excited about the Surface Pro 8 with the improved screen, updated pen and thunderbolt 4.

  • The new surface studio laptop looks sweet. Love the fold out monitor. I don’t need one, but I’ll get one when the time’s right.

  • What is the price

  • Hmmm i wish they have hinge, looks like it goes flimsy when you start adjusting the screen?

  • Not like anything we've seen before with Microsoft. Sony Vaio did it first ages ago!

  • Actually...

  • Feels like a downgrade from surface book 3...

  • Where can I buy that facemask?

  • I just pre-ordered this laptop! So excited!!!

  • Bro no offence but didn't wanna see about surface duo 2. Keep it professional!

  • Acer concept d7 ezel are way better

  • From an engineering perspective, the current laptop studio design is way less complex: most components no longer need to be in the screen making tasks like cooling and and connection between cpu and gpu much easier. Also, this means that tbe screen can be much much lighter, eliminating the need for a complex surface enlarging and extra heavy hinge design. Let's admit it, the book had some quirks to live with, like gpu cooling vents heating up the tablet in any mode under load, sometimes not recognizing the gpu right away, short tablet battery life, and the gap between tablet and keyboard. So this step forward is logical in all perspectives, but as an engineer and book 2 user I am silently dissapointed that the actually unique and impressive form factor of the book is not coming back..

  • Hey bro, haven't you read the verge review. This thing is not new at all.

  • What about the sony vaio multiflip ?

  • I have the surface pro 7

  • Does the slim pen work on a Surface Pro 6??

  • Why is this dude wearing a Nike hat with a Under Armour shirt?!!!!

  • Hopefully the screen detach and GPU detach issues that plagued surface book a 1-3 are now gone with the new surface laptop studio!

  • I love Microsoft hardware. But I'm torn between Microsoft and Google hardware. That Surface Duo 2 looks very sexy. But the new pixel 6 caught my attention and eye. Which one would you suggest ? Also Jud ! I see you been working out bro. You're looking kind of brolic in you're latest

  • 3050 ti ain't enough, 3060 for that price

  • Old School tech, glad Microsoft is bringing back That Form Factor

  • can you game with this duo phone

  • It’s exactly the kind of laptop I was looking for!

  • Now I don’t need a gaming pc for art or gaming

  • nice

  • I wish it had a full size keyboard but I do want that thing.

  • The Surface Laptop Studio isn’t even crazy. This design was done with the Sony Vaio Flip 15 almost a decade ago.

    • @taurussho86 judging by the comments and reviewers, no, everybody did not know that. But I guess you couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a condescending jerk. Congrats 👏

    • @Yashua Dy everyone knows that but I guess you needed to be heard 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿

    • @taurussho86 cool story. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s not a new or radical design and certainly not crazy. It’s been done before.

    • Sorry, Acer debut their first. And so what? It's refined alot more, better materials and looks great. Always one of you people in the comments

  • If it had a ryzen 7 and a 6800m then i would've bought it

  • maybe I'm not a power user but I was ... surprised when you said you were excited for the new surface duo

  • I was looking forward to the M1X Macbooks to replace my late 2016 Macbook Pro 13", but the Surface Studio just made the M1X Macbook irrelevant to me before they even revealed it. I mean, there is no way Apple is going to offer anything like this, the flexibility is just crazy. Back to Windows I suppose. 😂 (I always hated MacOS anyways, it's so clunky to use)

  • I cannot believe I have converted from Apple innovation to Microsoft innovation.

  • Thank you for showing the Surface Adaptive Kit...

  • Cool. Now wait until they insert Intel Alder lake inside and I’m ready to buy

  • I hope Microsoft keeps that display that the Laptop Studio has and put on the rest of their product line.

  • Seems to be a copy of my iPad + Logitech keyboard 🥸

  • Surface Duo needs the hinges to be more narrow, so there are smaller bezels , even though they are smaller on this version It still looks crap, and dated also there should be no bezel at all were the phone folds so that the screen looks continuous, and it should for the size have at least a 6000mah battery in the device.

  • Do you know the Sony vaio flip is the first laptop has been designed like that. Not surface studio

  • I love how Microsoft is continually pushing the envelope towards innovation instead of Apple just releasing minor updates as new innovation. Looking forward to switching my iPhone 12 Pro to the Surface Duo 2 when the reviews come out.

    • No, last years really Apple innovates with their new shiny M1 ARM chips. But with ARM they are moving in the wrong direction - to a more closed an mobile device-like ecosystem with very limited software compatibility. Microsoft feels that and has released their new shiny products just in time.

  • I like it but still, I belive that M2 in Mac is gonna crash it...

  • If you came for the video title go to 4:30 :)

  • It’s more of a folding tablet than a phone as using it as a phone will look quite silly

  • Surface studio laptop out here making me consider selling my iPad and MacBook Pro - two in one concept is so sick


  • Well that's great, but having a lot of moving parts on a laptop that compromises lifespan of it. For those who works outdoor (fields/construction sites,dusty dirty work places) none of the product is for you.

    • Both Surface Pro X and Surface Go are fanless with no vents so at least they have some choices.

  • I'm not going to lie, I wish this would have been around when the surface laptop 3 came out, I definitely wouldn't taken this hands down. Ended up going gaming laptop though, Razer blade 14...

  • 2:35 The MrMobile Cameo caught me off guard 😂

  • They should add small screen at the front and the ability to take call without opening the dual screen. Than it will sell..

  • I pre-ordered the Studio Laptop. Was looking for something with battery life that could compete with the new M series of MacBook Pro. For it to have a 3050ti, 120hz, 14.4inch, nice speakers, touchscreen with enhanced pen support, and adjustable positions while still giving 18hr battery life(pending on use)...its exactly what I was looking for. I'm glad this came out before the new M1X otherwise I would have made a mistake.

  • The Duo 2 and Surface Laptop Studio looks to be major useful designs for me. Gaming and creating (drawing). Am seriously considering the Surface Laptop Studio over a new MacBook Pro. MacBook pro does not have drawing screen capability (nearly a deal breaker for me). Looks great for drawing. Need to find out about audio latency issues for music producton (where MacBook excels).

    • I just checked the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio prices. Look pretty similar. Maybe, for me, art (sketching) and music producton, the Surface Laptop Studio may be better.

  • Guess your comments on Duo 2 was hugely sponsored 🤣

  • shill much?

  • Razer is way better than alienware and microsoft only because they use ryzen, if they start using ryzen in high end laptop then razer is not a competetion

    • I mean if Intel 12th gen is as good as they're hyping it up to be, Razer also won't be a competition. Also, the low/high energy cores Intel described will likely improve battery life on small loads.

  • The screen is nothing new , acer did it years ago

  • the new mouse has 20% recycled materials! not "completely made of them"

  • I think they should have gone for octa core processors rather than quad cores.

  • I like it but wish i didn't have the grills at the bottom / was thinner

  • I will just run linux on surface

  • The studio is too thick.

  • For me surface book is beter this one looks like it have a laptop under it and on the back the logo on bottem and that line on the midle it is just ugly

  • As someone who uses a surface and its pen every day in presenting and annotating math lessons, and creating educational videos - the studio laptop looks like the Ferrari of laptops. I have the Surface Book now and it's great but a little top-heavy at times and can be cumbersome attaching and detaching the 'tablet.' Haptic feedback and a drawing angle that allows access to the trackpad without the keyboard (which is in the way on the surface book) is game-changing. Very excited - though I'm sure it will be $$$$$

  • lg did the exact same thing

  • How is this hands-on when he doesn't even have the laptop?

  • Awesome 🔥

  • It's not a hands on :/

  • 5:31 [face palm] really?

  • What's the size comparison of the surface duo against the Samsung Galaxy S20+?

  • Ayeee @UrAvgConsumer I got that same ring band the one with carbon fiber on it from David yurman

  • Which would be better for gaming out of the surface laptop studio and the surface pro 8?

  • Would the surface laptop studio be good for writing notes with the pen ?

  • It's hardly crazy. They've copied an existing computer, the Acer ConceptD Ezel.

  • Why are they still quad core though. Would think microsoft would throw in 6 or 8 cores like some of the other laptops out there.

  • 1.) The black thing you conjured up on your face in your video is not a mask but a muzzle. !!! 2.) You successfully let yourself be persuaded that it is for your "protection" but in truth it is a communication blocker that prevents all gestures and facial expressions and turns us into robots. !!!

  • Surface Pro 4 (Windows 11) + Surface Duo + Surface Laptop Studio? Yes Please.

  • I am digging that surface phone I might get it

  • I kinda wish to upgrade my Dell G13 to this new Surface Laptop Studio. The specs you gave out seem pretty good. Can't wait for your full hands-on review and price release!

  • Laptops and smartphones are all just the same with just new gimmicks and higher specs, but no disruptive tech or designs have been seen since 2014. just new redesigns every year. Steve Jobs died and the rest of the tech world has no imagination. The multi form factor laptop is a mess. neither a laptop, not a tablet, not anything except a foldable gimmick that nobody will use much.. silly thing. Also could probably buy a Harley Davidson or a Speedboat for the same price. You could put yourself in 5 years debt so you can show off in college with it if you are a student.. but everyone will laugh at you for the weirdness

  • The studio laptop has the same exact form factor as a sony vaio flip laptop I had in 2013… definitely not a novel design. Having owned that and a surface book. The detachable screen of the book far exceeded the updated direction the studio is going towards imho.

  • Where is the 2021 back to school budget edition vid?

  • Can the screen of Surface Studio laptop be folded 360 deg. as in 2-in-1 laptop? .. if not to which deg. it can be folded ? … Will appreciate to demonstrate unboxing for the said laptop with prompt reply, .. Best Regards

  • When I saw the laptop studio I immediately thought of the Acer ConceptD Ezel

  • Hopefully more game support surface duo

  • this is how HP a long time ago already invent this kind of Surface Studio

  • I wish companies would actually think about how many ports a person would need, a lot of companies make great laptops but the biggest downside is always the limited ports and I hate it. A laptop should be able to have everything you need so making us buy a USB hub is ridiculous.

  • Awesome vid man. I’m really looking forward to the new studio now. I especially like the recycling aspect. Pretty nice touch

  • Is it really hands-on if you don't have it on-hand?

  • It's a perfect 3ds emulator machine

  • Imagine if they didn't have an Intel processor, it could have be soo much thiner

  • No statement has been made that surface book will be replaced. The surface book has a whole different market segment and does something that the studio cannot do. 2022 will be the update for the Surface book. Surface book 3 was released in 2020. Microsoft has a 2 year cycle for updates. I don't understand why people make statements that are absolutely inaccurate and not fact checked.

  • This year, yea. But HP came out with the surface studio design a good few years ago. Nothing new

  • Hello. I liked your video, but the Laptop Studio has limited ports. It's a deal breaker for me.

  • Hi, I like your video. I found out the Surface Laptop Studio does not have many ports. Especially it does not have a SD slot. That is a big deal breaker for me. I am going with the 14" or 16" MacBook Pro that will be coming out (shortly).

  • My man's looking jacked! Keep up the good work.

  • "Surface Laptop Studio is unlike anything we have seen before!" Sony VAIO Flip: " Am I a joke to you?"

    • Was thinking the same. They were also quite well built. However, the keyboard was not the greatest. I guess the Surface will be significantly better in that regard.

    • I'm replying you with my Vaio Flip15. They've made a very high standard.

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  • Great review Judner.

  • It feels premium, and is yes A GAME CHANGER. It changed the way that I used to visualize laptop!

  • It’s crazy to me that Microsoft duo uses android software y not make a mobile version of widows 11? I love the surface pro 8 planing in getting one.

  • The duo 2 is a good device just wish they would have put a small screen on the front