Tech…for your eyes?! Trying NEW Soundcore Gear!

Publicado el 3 nov 2021
You guys have been asking me about new Soundcore gear and today, we get to check out and unbox the new Soundcore Frames and Liberty 3 Pro!

Liberty 3 Pro
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Soundcore Frames
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  • I have several pairs of Soundcore earbuds and headphones--absolutely love the sound and battery on all of them. Even their stuff that comes in around $50 is great.

    • They might be good but they gotta work on their fitting, they don’t even fit inside my ears. I have the P2’s and I used all the fitting tips but they still don’t fit. Like they just don’t go in my ear. While the airpods or galaxy buds perfectly fit with no pain.

  • Hey UAC! Great video! I would truly like to see a video of a real day with those glasses! As someone who does not wear glasses on a regular basis, I really want to know how heavy they are and how long you could wear them without getting tired.

  • It's interesting to see what tech has become

  • Im actually in love with the liberty 3 pros so i am going to pick them up thank you for the reflection on the product keep it up!

  • Have had my liberty 3 pro's last Sunday & I love these things finally buds they actually bump for an affordable price with anc the hear id is pretty incredible I hope you do a full review on them!

  • Tried the Soundcore Lib 3 out. Loved the sound and feel great however the mics to speak are horrible when in one ear. Tried with two on and it’s clear. Seems to be an issue with many truly wireless headsets. Lots of these tests/reviewers test them only with two headsets on. Please test with one ear on as most people will keep one off and on day to day. AirPods Pro’s and the One Plus Buds Pro are amazing with one ear mics. AirPods Pro are best for mics in one ear but not great with sound so I needed to look elsewhere. Tried the OnePlus Buds pro and sound/mic are amazing. Then heard of these and bought them. Tried them and sound is by far the best I’ve heard so far and amongst the elite but I use them to speak and when driving I don’t where both or both many times at all unless at the gym. I’m using an apple iPhone but tired of the crappy AirPods Pro sound. Back to OnePlus Buds Pro

  • If soundcore can offer optical lenses on their frames, I would definitely op to purchase those frames.

  • I got the L3P's about 2 weeks ago and at first they were awesome. They're still awesome, except for the issue of audio dropouts. Unfortunately it's not just my unit as others have replied to my Soundcore Community post with the same issue. I was hoping their recent firmware update would have resolved it, but no luck.

    • Still having issues?

    • Firmware update released Nov 4th. Check it out.

  • Eye tech is def the next thing im really interested in. Thanks for making this vid!

  • Frames look interesting but not for me as I need to use tested lenses because I wear prescription glasses. Soundcore stuff always blows me away. In 2019 I bought their smallest wireless speaker and never had problems but always impressed with the base and kick it gives.

  • These are great buds . My only complaint is that they are not loud enough for my liking. You could always adjust volume if it is too loud but you can’t make it louder if it only reaches mid level. Otherwise great buds. I returned my order after contacting anker support and they said they received some complaints about the volume

  • Excellent content ! Love your reviews

  • I love your reviews ❤️

  • Soundcore is becoming like Samsung throwing out too many buds. I had two recent purchases that I had to take back. This was due to poor voice clarity on phone calls and one pair in which one byd would not work. They need to slow down on release on product, that can work on perfecting products. They should take a note from apple.

  • I think they did a good job allowing you to swap frames depending on what you want for the day.

  • I love their liberty air 2 pro. They have been my edc along with the liberty 2

  • I just bought a pair of Soundcore ear buds from target. I only bought them for the gym, and I have to say…as an apple ecosystem owner…I don’t think I need AirPods after using these!

    • @deykno87 The Liberty 3 *PRO* man!

    • What model?

    • Be careful with comments...Apple might cancel compatibility 🤣🥶

  • Liberty 3 pros look great and also the case is awesome plus you get all them different earpiece accessories if they sound as good as galaxy buds or apple airpods then they have an amazing product 👍

  • I got liberty 2 pros and they sound amazing I compare them to my Powerbeats pro and sound so much better. Hyped for these new ones !

  • Thanks for revealing these products, sure i may get my hands on one of them

  • I been using Skull candy ear buds and they work well for $50 and i even washed them on accident and they still work 100%. But I have been saving for some new headphones going on 2 years old now

  • soundcore should make some like, super premium tws earbuds in like...$300-$500 range. If they can make the L3P this good at that price, imagine if they made a pair at a higher price point.

  • they should have a premium hardcase because if something lands on them, you're screwed lol

  • How do you like the soundcore liberty 3 pro in comparison to the beats fit pro?

  • Liberty 3 Pros are amazing for the price.

  • I have the liberty 2 pro. Best sound ive ever heard from earbuds. Waiting for sennheiser momentum 3 wireless

  • Those look so cool man!

  • Soundcore is amazing ❤️💯

  • Both products are tempting👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Soundcore always have cool gear

  • i just bought airpods after losing multiple right left whatever but i hate stickin earbuds in my ear. the thing i love about airpods is that it doesn't stick in there. maybe ill get both for different situations

  • Cool products! 😎

  • Dope video as always!!

  • Is there any kind of smart frames like these under $100

  • I like your videos I like reviews I do not like sponsored reviews.

  • Nice Soundcore sunglasses and earbuds.

  • Anyone know if they would have rounded frames being made for this product?

    • @lawrence smyth when i say round, I mean circle. None of the 10 frames are that sadly for me.

    • Check out the AR filter on their site. They have 10 frames. There should be a round set in there somewhere.

  • i got liberty 3 buds upgrade from liberty 2 best ears buds ever use them at work sound is awesome go get a pair!!

  • I'd 100% buy these if it was bone conduction, but the fact others can hear them bothers me

  • Can you please compare the liberty 3 Pro vs the new beats fit pro trying to make a decision. Thanks for all that you do.

  • I love the soundcore line.

  • those parts of the glasses are called the ARMS (at least for regular glasses/shades). lol

  • I loved the Stevie Wonder impression 👓 lol 😂

  • would you choose these or the beats fit pro?

  • What about the quality of the microphone during a phone call for the liberty?

  • What's your iMac's wallpaper? I kept seeing in the background and think it looks awesome.

  • If I Walk in the gym and see someone working out with some Soundcore Frames on they’re definitely getting the hiss of shame

  • So I have the Sony 1000xm4 ear buds currently, would those liberties be a better option because of the sound ID?

  • I love your channel bro

  • this is prolly the only sponsored video im genuinely interested in viewing

  • LDAC is not that special. It's Sony's own Bluetooth audio codec. But if you don't have a high def streaming service like tidal, this isn't gonna make any difference.

  • SoundCloud is legit! I'm using the Life Dot NC & the bass is fire!!

  • I think the Liberty 3 Pros are sooo overhyped by every youtuber... Sound is a bit hollow sounding and ANC is not top notch either. And the custom ear sound thingie is not helping too... EQ and battery life are good tho

  • one of the first ones ur avgconsumer such a good reviewer

  • Believe in yourself you can and you will be keep moving forward ✊ 💪 💪

  • Waiting for the Pixel 6 day in the life video

  • We're waiting for the Pixel Day bro..

  • The Liberty 3 Pro are the truth!

  • More Like Tech for your ears, am I right? no?fine i'll walk my self out

  • You are my favorite youtuber

  • Im still waiting for the Sennheiser MTW 3 :(

  • Nice job exposing your followers to these products, but felt more like a commercial than a review.

  • Audio temples? LOL So they're usually just called arms. The arms of the glasses. But I see they trying to be fancy.

  • I been on you're review of liberty 3pro

  • And aviator style, I need em

  • I have purchased these liberty 3 pro3

  • Wicked videos. Where is the oled Nintendo switch review 🎉🤞🏼

  • I like it bro

  • Ohhh niceee 😁😁😁 oh these are the arms of the glasses

  • love from Mizoram

  • Intro song is awesome

  • I call the sides of glasses arms

  • No real day pixel 6??

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  • What song is playing in the background

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  • Never heard of liberty

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  • bruh wheres the pixel 6 review

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  • Nice outfit!!

  • mans forgot how to talk at 1:23 lol


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  • can please the editor chang the music i am getting seek of it Jud.

  • Hai guyz, it’s your millionaire consumer. Here to present more useless tech only millionaires can afford

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  • Those glasses are hideous.

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