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Publicado el 15 dic 2021
Tech Heaven clearly has the best tech gifts for 2021!
New Customers Exclusive - Get a Free 128gb Flash drive and 128gb MicroSD Card at Micro Center:

Browse Micro Center’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:

Check out the Micro Center Custom PC Builder:

MSI Katana GF66 15.6" Gaming Laptop:
MSI Optix 27" 2K 165Hz Gaming Monitor:
LG GP9 UltraGear Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Speaker:
Oculus Quest 2:
Astro Gaming A10 Headset for PS4:
Colorway Cleaning Gel for Screens with Microfiber Wipe:
Blue Yeti Nano Microphone:
Elgato Wave 3 Microphone:
Shure MV7 Podcast USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone:
Wyze Cam Pan v2:
Energizer RGB Smart LED Light Strip:
Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite:
Corsair iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers Starter Kit:
ASUS ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Gaming Keyboard:
SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:
ASUS ROG Claymore II Mechanical Keyboard:
Logitech G G213 Prodigy RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard:
Grip Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:

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  • New Customers Exclusive - Get a Free 128gb Flash drive and 128gb MicroSD Card at Micro Center: Browse Micro Center’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:

  • Love how jay is just agreeing with Jud to get him to spend money

    • Store credit*

  • Can you guys also make a under 50 dollar gifts vid for the holidays? I live your videos and you guys always have all the people in mind with budget stuff and baller stuff! Have a nice holiday with your team and family 🤗

  • We need a Best Buy version as well!

  • I would love to see an updated WFH setup!

  • BRO! You picked up some GREAT stuff! Love the selection and whish we had a Micro Center in my area.

  • It's so depressing that all of this is so expensive in my country it's impossible to buy anything. I've been saving money for months yet still can't buy a pc good enough to play games😔

    • Lol yeah most people where I'm from have low-mid range and Americans are out here complaining about the price increase in components when it's way worse in other countries

  • This is so dope. I aspire to go on a gadget buffet someday lol

  • im still rocking a MSI 1050 4g gaming and the H110 gaming motherboard and they run like a CHAMP. I cant recommend MSI products enough honestly. plus my Board was faulty (95% the UPS guy threw the box cuz it was crushed when i got it) and they overnighted me the replacement, amazing customer support so BUY MSI people

  • Great video! You picked out some awesome stuff.

  • You know you're on a different level of success on ESmain when you're the only one in the store without a mask on 🤯

  • I know that this video came a while ago but if you’re a college student, Logitech and Blue offers a 20% discount on UniDays so I was able to get a Blue Yeti for the same price as a Blue Yeti Nano!

  • 👀 So much tech. Too bad I can't afford any of these things. Anyway, something I wish Micro Center offered is shipping out custom built PCs. I think it's cool you can pick and choose parts from things in the store and they have in-store & in-person building services. But if they also let you do that online and they shipped it out, they could make tons more money.

  • this turned to a shopping spree real quick for UAC lol

  • I love micro center. It's fairly close by me, I just wish I didn't have to pay a toll bridge just to get there. Good stuff as always.

  • I'll wait for a reasonably priced monitor that is: 32 inch / 4K / 144Hz min / HDMI 2.1 (atleast 2 ports like this)

    • @McNetDeck lol you aren't wrong, 2021 actually gave me 2 contenders so I'll wait till 2022 for more to enter

    • Be waiting a long time bro

  • Thanks Jud...Putting Micro Center in the gps now lol. Is there such a thing as too much RGB?

  • When Carl said he needs a firestick, Juds face said what a clown I'm dead XD

  • The LG Ultragear GP9 got bad reviews on Amazon for sound and price. I think the Oculus still requires a Facebook sign in to play. Other than those... 👍

    • @Pong Krell Idk man I'd rather buy better speakers with the same price

    • Amazon reviews are normally filled with people who don’t know how to plug it in I would read up some more and I agree on the Facebook part

  • Just got my Shure Mic, I am super happy with it!!

  • If you guys want a wired mouse I highly recommend Logitech g502 wired it is around 70$ and if you want a wireless version they sell it is the g502 wireless light speed for 100$ such a great mouse I love my wired one. So I bought a wireless one for my self for Christmas this year

  • The best headsets for PS4 are the A10 and Recon 200 Gen 2. ( I use the recon )

  • These shopping videos and the tech unboxing are my absolute favorites 😍. Even though I'm not in the States I still dream of going to Micro Center. Happy Holidays

  • Cool video keep it up 👍

  • Great find with the Energizer led strip

  • That black Yetti Nano microphone is sleek. I like it!

  • Can you please do a laptop set up? I’m struggling to make my settings correct to work with a monitor. Please and thank you! Love your videos!

  • Don’t think we didn’t see that key frame wipe In the beginning. Give ya editors a raise

  • J - sounds good. "LG GP9 UltraGear Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Speaker"

  • 4:40 "What games do they play?" If I went to get a PC built for myself, I would say any and all games. Edit: "What games do they want to play?" Same thing from above applies, any and all games.

  • BIG vouch for the A10's durability... i rage lol

  • Thanks! Useful and great picture! I need a new laptop to make tests of windows editions for my channel

  • I wish I had a micro center where I live :(

  • cool. video. one thing about wyze tho is they get you on the cloud subscription, BUT the new online view all cams at once is a nice feature .

  • Dude i was just saying i need this video! Thank youuuu

  • I wish we had a store like this in Portugal

  • It would be nice to have a microcenter in my area but sadly there isn't one. Too small a city and not close enough to one.

  • Lmao how Carl need a Fire stick, he should have like 3 Xbox's all the stuff they get 🤣

  • Damn your micro center is so nice. Mine (mayfield,ohio) is so dim and small and very outdated feeling

  • I have the white Steel series keyboard, i love it. I also have the GHOST edition mouse

  • Yesssss! I have been waiting for this video for EVER!!

  • I want a micro centre store in my country 😩

  • I wanna go to micro center so bad man, why can’t my city or even my state have one smh

  • Hi I love tech and your channel

  • Can you build a mid high end pc with 2k ?

  • you guys are just so fortunate to have microcenter

  • G213 is not a good keyboard in my opinion. I have used it for 3 years and the feeling isn't it, the membrane switches feel weird and are deep.

  • When you pay for ESmain premium so you don’t watch ads but still watch this video that’s just a Microcentre Ad for another country 🤔

  • Mico Center doesn't have enough stores! I'm in San Antonio, TX and we really need one here! Absolutely!

  • Wow I also need a gaming setup

  • You know i'm not gonna say no to that - carl THAT KILLED ME OF LAUGHTER

  • Cool , Amazing technology! From Uzbekistan ✌️

  • I’m jealous that you can walk through a store without a mask. I’m in western New York…

    • @UrAvgConsumer u still should wear your mask anyway

    • To be fair, I was there before it opened. Typically my mask would be on.

  • They put a 144 hz display on a laptop that'll struggle to hit the 144 fps

  • I screamed too loudly in the A10's and broke the mic

  • Anyone know how good the BASS is on the LG GP9 UltraGear Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Speaker? I like that ground shaking IMAX movie theatre boom. If not, any recommendations?

  • Maaaan, who I gotta talk to to get a Micro Center in Toronto?!

  • Bro i want the quest 2

  • Tks for all the ideas!

  • Feel free to take me into a micro center so I can pick out a gift ;)

  • Microcenter really needs to open a store in Florida. Then Florida man can buy a gator case.

  • I will bet anything Jub owns Micro Centre

  • Shout out Linus at 14:08

  • those Wyze products are FANTASTIC

  • Jud, what is the background you use when you are showing the setup? 10:28 is one of the many times it shows up

  • Astro 10’s headband is really lacking mine broke within 6 months

  • Hey Jud. You still using the Amplifi Alien? Or have you moved on to something else? In market for new WiFi

  • Merry Christmas to everyone 😂😂

  • Love you video

  • Since you’re good friends with Micro Center tell them to build one in Florida

  • Wait wait wait, are all Mrico centers alike or this Micro center is the one located in Baltimore?

  • No micro center near me unfortunately, they slacking in AZ lol

  • Say "Alexa" ONE MORE TIME JUDD!

  • I wish I can go there but I live in canada

  • Bring back the jud vs ari buying challenge

  • COULD we get a backpack tier list

  • Thi guy must be wealthy. I wonder what he does outside of ESmain

  • Did you really buy all those stuff ? 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • I cant believe you were standing right next to the Nvidia Shield Pro and grabbed a firestick. Sad

  • The microcenter in Philly is too far away. It's located all the way in King of Prussia.

  • How are you going to buy your cousin the lite version of a fire stick...

  • its like Fry's Electronics but like, NOT dead lol

  • You know we all wish we were you right now right? Lol


  • I love stevejobs I love apple 🍎

  • Can you be my uncle or some shit. My Christmas is about to be dry as hell. 😂

  • We don't have micro center in Florida :(

  • This ain’t gifts lmao 😂 this are for yourself

  • Anyone else annoyed that he didn’t put the Msi screen all the way in the cart 😂😂

  • Ty for this

  • 🔥

  • Oh snap, idk you lived in Jersey. I go to that MC all the time

  • Most of the things he got are overpriced. You can get alternatives for much less that are 99% just as good. Just FYI

  • Legendary

  • 3:26 - 3:28 That sounds like a voice-over. Edit: And this comments make 165th comment

  • To bad their isn't a micro center in all 50 states closest 1 to me is 7 hours away yep I'll never shop at that store then

  • Toto wolff mention in the headphone part of the video lol

  • Bring back the jus vs ari buying challenge vids

  • Christmas beat at the beginning?

  • i want to go.............. but micro centre is not available in malaysia TOT......... ( I'm a malaysian chinese by the way.......)