Tech You Can ACTUALLY Afford... at Walmart! - Black Friday Deals for Days 馃敟

Publicado el 23 nov 2020
This Video is sponsored by Walmart.

Product pricing no longer valid. Check for new Black Friday Deals For Days! They have a ton of affordable tech to offer thanks to their Deals for Days initiative! What are you picking up during Black Friday?

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  • Hi im poor Student from sri lanka and i love to learn programing but i don not have laptop who can give me used laptop or slrs 65 000( sri lankan rupis )

  • I spend two hours vacuuming my house, I think a vacuum robot can save me time. the HP laptop and the Lenovo tablet are a good deal.

  • You listed the wrong vacuum clown. Trying to fool people. The one in the video is 400 bucks.

  • Hey he did a video for us poor people Walmart

  • Just ordered that laptop. Thanks for the review bruh.

  • "tech you can actually afford" - yea right.. "at walmart" - AT WHAT NOW

  • The link for the vacuum goes to the model that DOES NOT have the self empty container. Its just for the vacuum. The model with the self empty container is $329.

  • The Fitbit is back in stock

  • Finally someone who makes a video which is fully optimized for the notch screen design

  • The model number quoted and linked for the Shark vacuum doesn't seem to be the self emptying one. From Shark's website: "Only the RV1000AE series robots are compatible with the Self-Empty Base. The RV1000 series models cannot be upgraded to include the Self-Empty Base."

  • Hi Judd. I love your videos. I was just wondering if I had got the shark robot if the one on Walmart鈥檚 page that you link in your video was different. It just didn鈥檛 say anything about a self emptying bin.

  • Just want to clarify that the Shark smart vac doesn't come with the self emptying dock.

  • I immediately went and bought the FitRx, that鈥檚 an insane price. I been using it for a day and had my friend bring his theragun over and it鈥檚 about the same quality but 600 dollars less expensive!

  • Jud... can you add the link to the the segment you were on? I cannot find it.

  • Uravgconsumer: massager Me: Weird shaped vibrator

  • HP Laptop is $399usd.....

  • Stupid video since pricing no longer available as soon as video was on YT....what's the point!

  • i have the same hp laptop but a i5 and trust me its trash

  • You forgot airpods pro $169

  • Hey im a apple user & im considering getting a macbook but i know i cant really game on it so do u have any recommendations on which laptop i should get instead of the macbook that is good with pairing my airpods as well ?

  • Bro, the dude actually recommended knock off airpods. Don鈥檛 buy knock off airpods, especially those that are $20. Any truly wireless earbuds under $50, even $99 is bunk.

  • i cant afford anything here, this happened last year lmao

  • The link to the Shark IQ vacuum is to the older model which does not come with the self-emptying bin.

  • You can tell he doesn鈥檛 really like this stuff. 鈥淔ull blown laptop with number keys... has a full keyboard鈥. I bet he upset he couldn鈥檛 talk about a new backpack or portable charger. 馃槀

  • Need a massager but can't access my back -.-

  • Man what happen to this channel.

  • The FitRx Muscle Massage Gun sold out. Great price. 馃憤馃徑

  • still love your stuff bro love from edmonton

  • I used your link for the Bluetooth speaker you said it was $20 its $29.88 .... your mistake or their's?

  • WELCOME to Canada laptop for 800 but because its BLACK FRIDAY IT WILL BE 440 ): and i know it is the same price as America but still sounds expensive

  • Look at this dude talking down to us 馃槶馃槶馃槶

  • What is this garbage. I think it鈥檚 sponsored that鈥檚 why. Imma let it slide, he gotta feed the fam. 馃憤

  • "standard tablet things" hes been catured. mission failed.

  • I love this channel but I think you messed up. I went to buy the shark vacuum through the link you provided in the description and it said nothing about being able to have the vacuum deposit the contents into the base station. I went to Walmart and looked at the product and asked a few ppl and it appears that feature is only available on the 400 dollar one. I hope you fix this. Been watching this channel for years and hopefully you recognize your mistake.

  • Make a part two jud

  • Great prices I can definitely afford!

  • This is the fun one the vacuum cleaner 馃ぃ

  • My Cousins has the massager, definitely worth it

  • Yeah all trash

  • This is the biggest cap I've ever seen

  • Link to the clip please.

  • Definitely not my favorite content on the channel. I appreciate you covering the low end of the market but you came across highly forced and scripted. This felt like an ad. Just my two cents. Take it with a grain of salt 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

  • i know where ladies gonna go at walmart...

  • I do not see that laptop deal anywhere! Not on the website or in the ads! Please Help!

  • glad he still thinks anyone can afford these

  • Wow , that was one bad review 馃槀馃槀

  • Portable Google assistant,man check your Pocket

  • Where is the massive tech unboxing for November

  • Could we possibly get a more in-depth video on the laptop, for research

  • Airpods for 69 dollars at Nebraska Furniture Mart

  • 鈥淪tandard tablet things.鈥 Lmbo

  • Them charging $250 for that laptop is absolutely crazy!

  • Mans at 4:16 changed race馃槼

  • ATTENTION: The robot vaccum doesn't come with the self empty base. The model that comes with it (RV1001AE) is $500 at Walmart

  • Ayo I think u got the wrong product for the messager馃槼

  • Sounds like you're just running up the clock to get a full video, man. There was only one thing I was curious about getting from this, the rest are pretty boring or very expensive

  • Did he post the right laptop cuz the price isnt lower or its until black friday?

  • He鈥檚 really promoting fake AirPods 馃槀馃槀 No hate

  • bruh more garbage products

  • Me crying in germany where they have splatoon 1 euro cheaper, black Friday is different here germany

  • Serious QVC vibes with this one. Go get that Walmart FU money bruh! Love the hustle!

  • Your radio voice is fit for radio work

  • Didn鈥檛 the hp laptop deal already pass? It shows it was on Nov. 11th

  • I just love that this whole video is just an ad for crappy products that probably are left on magazines.

  • hello from the turkey 鈾ワ笍 UrAvgConsumer 鈾ワ笍

  • Like that vibrator

  • Your link for the Shark IQ robot vac is not for the same one you had in the video.

  • he's hyping up walmart products loool! You're seriously saying an i3 is worth it in 2020? This isn't 2010

  • I actually bought the Massage Gun last week, it works AMAZINGLY

  • Product pricing no longer valid .

  • Howzit man, what is your profession?

  • make ps5 review pls

  • Who said I couldn鈥檛 afford it?

  • Where is the master bedroom jud. Waiting! Big fan of yours

  • external hard disk prices

  • Bruh you can sell anything

  • I love this video, we need more affordable tech review.....

  • Can you stop making over budget vids keep doing budget vids

  • Your shark iQ is the different from the Walmart. The one on sale at Walmart is not self dumping. It only charges

  • Hey Jud great video! Where did you get that laptop stand 1:48 ?

  • The Shark Irobot vacuum you showed isn't the same one listed at Wal-Mart. What model do you have?

  • Where is the iPhone 12 mini ...real day in life??馃槖馃槖馃槖馃槖馃槖馃槖馃槖馃槖

  • next time talk about the cpu/gpu of the laptop

  • I can't even afford snacks馃槶馃槴馃ズ

  • This is literally just an As Seen On TV segment Ad

  • The only product that caught my attention was the laptop.... Not even on sale anymore :/

  • ""full blown laptop" is a core i3....

  • Nice!

  • That massager more likely looks like a " VIBRATOR GUN " 馃槀馃槀

  • These deals already came and went. You are late sir.... 馃槒

  • He should change his name to da "not so average consumer"..... or....... let me rub my money on ur face... lel..jk

  • Let鈥檚 get the likes goin. Like if you liked the vid.

  • That vacuum does NOT come with that self emptying bin! Double check that , Jud.

    • @Kishara Brownlee walmart is showing that it's going to be available on black friday. So the price isnt final yet as of this morning. I would wait till tomorrow.

    • @shearcarnage it鈥檚 still a good price but I wanted a bin. I actually canceled my Wyze pre order to get this because of the dust bin.

    • @Kishara Brownlee I almost bought 3!

    • Ugggghhhh and I bought it in without looking 馃槨馃槨馃槨

  • Damn I鈥檓 really impressed by that laptop! A 256 GB SSD and 8 GB of memory is more than enough for most web browsing and some content creation


  • Stupid

  • Great video Jud. I looked for the speaker online and at Walmart and it was actually $30 but at Best Buy the next level up speaker is on sale for the same price.

  • Can u play apex legends on the hp laptop (second item ) ??

  • "Average Consumer"

  • You calling me broke Jud ?