Tech You Can ACTUALLY Afford. For Real.

Publicado el 30 sep 2020
We're back with some more affordable tech! If you want more of these videos, definitely let me know with a comment down below.
Tech I Didn't Expect to LOVE! -
Xbox Series X - The REAL Gameplay! -
Find them here:
Lenovo Legion 5:
TCL - 50" LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV:
Apple Watch Series 3:
Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera:
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  • Love 💖 that Legion 5 notebook. Great video 👌 thank you 😊❤️

  • TCL, especially their higher end models, are great TV's... IF you get a good panel. The quality control with these value brands is hit or miss. I have a value brand TV and it's great, because I got lucky and got a good panel. My buddy has the same TV, only larger, and it's quite a bit worse in certain situations.

  • what game is he playing at 2:38?

  • Why y’all coming for him though .....? He and his wife are still humble despite what they have achieved. I may not be able to afford right now .....but u are an inspiration bro and I enjoy tech and ur videos . Keep it up guys

  • You don't know how to play witcher, do you? 🤣

  • Okay when i saw this laptop i was like oh this is cool Me later looking it up: What the heck its 1500

  • 1000$

  • i live in brazil, its sad but actually i cant afford buying it, everything which comes abroad takes a lot of taxes, making it more expansive that it should...

  • I can't accually afford anything here

  • Whats was the name of the game with the gundam looking robots?

  • reads title sees laptop then sees $999.99 then looks back at title -_-

  • Me with a budget of 5$

  • 4:42 the built in chromecast is included into the price so you dont save 50 bucks dumbo

  • bruh that laptop is 1300 i just cliked on the link i want it but its to much

  • Ahh that’s priceless that laptop ain’t affordable I’ve seen ones just as good for half the price

  • honestly you can buy great items for cheap as long as you know how to do it i bought a sony 4k 55’ tv and a sony sound system for only about 600$ in total and they were worth over 1,000$ just buy items on sale and if you don’t care about how up to date it is buy last years model or smt

  • First time seeing this channel, I love it! Very wholesome!

  • Wrong click off the laptop is 1000 dollars

  • I read the title I legit thought he was doing a giveaway... I have 1c to my name

  • Did Carl get the watch?

  • Weird qustin but can you get Minecraft java on this laptop

  • UrAvgSellout

  • 1000$ for the legion laptop why not get a decent Desktop?

  • Less than 1000. ME: reads title 🤨

  • No, but really.

  • Me: reads title Me: GETS EXCITED UrAvgConsumer: pulls out 1500 dollar laptop on first product : /

  • Affordable tech, first up a laptop

  • I phoen 12mini please give me sir😔 in india..

  • I found the Molly of tech reviews😸

  • He said affordable and the legion 5 is a grand

  • I like how he said affordable but the first thing it about $1,000🤦‍♂️😂

  • $1000 uhh expensive you know that here people wont buy a phone if its more that 700 mabey thats why apple is cheap here but for a laptop 1000 uhh expensive the most expensive laptop here thats made with gold is 900

  • hi guys its ur billionare consumer: # he cares about his walet more than his viwers bc all his videos are spponsered i stoped liking him from this

  • Lol tech you can actually afford for real I love this guy! If you follow him he mentions something the average consumer can afford in most videos. He loves echo products !

  • Stuff you can ACTUALLY AFFORD *first thing is $900* 😱

  • “ThInGs YoU cAn AcTuAlLy AfFoRd” The first thing being $1,000 nice

  • UrAverageConsumer:Tech you can actually afford!! Me:interesting. Also me after watching:And i still can't afford it!!!

  • At 12:14 what’s that blue light called I really want that haven’t seen him feature it in any other video

  • Nobody in the comments talkin about Carl. Cuz was lookin homeless

  • Cheap tech: 👍🏻 $1000 laptop:😈

  • UrMillionaireConsumer

  • that laptop is 1100 we know he just said it because its sponsored.

  • tech you can Actually afford: shows us a laptop worth $1000💀

  • Hmm so much for affordable

  • the legion 5 is 4200 SAR in ksa . thats around 1119 usd and u call it affordable

  • If it’s tech we can actually afford y is the vid sponsored

  • Me with like $40 to my name: Mhm 😶 why am I watching this again

  • I use TCL tvs

  • How the laptop cost more than the tv😭😭😭😭

  • Reads the title, click it, first product cost $1000 🥲

  • I got a $450 lenovo i340 and it's really good

  • 👀 ayyyyyyyye

  • When you can’t afford anything on this list 😭🔫

  • I can’t afford that laptop. I was expecting it to be like £300 not £1000

  • So yeah.... None of this costs what you say. I know prices go up and down but slot if this stuff is double the price lol. Not making your vid. I love this channel. I just think it sucks that prices are so dynamic. Stay safe y'all!

  • Who else got an add before his mic dropped

  • I cannot get over your sick colour theme dude. But yeah, I wish the States (products) could come to me tax-free!!! Would'nt that be awesome?!

  • The Lenovo is great for the price. But the name of the video is affordable tech, not best value tech

  • uravgconsumer: this video is sponsored by lenovo and ryzen also uravgconsumer: right for our first pic, its going to be the lenovo legion gaming laptop with a ryzen AMD.

  • Did Carl just ask his Apple Watch what’s the time

  • I got excited because I thought the gaming laptop would be like 300 because he said Affordable but...No

  • I still can’t afford it

  • I can’t

  • when u realize it was over 1 k

  • uravgconsumer:tell your wife...... *everyone watching: oh god

  • Keep posting interesting contents like this!

  • i’m for sure gonna have to cop that tv

  • 800 dollars is not a budget laptop jud.

  • Hey what was that side scrolling game you were playing on that laptop?

  • Nice price and good tcl review.

  • I can't even afford these affordable tech

  • Wow a 50 inch smart tv for just $269.99 , that’s actually really good

  • The TV is $230 at the moment.

  • Are people really tripping over a sub $1k gaming laptop? Y’all know these usually cost $1.5k at least right? I think he did good with this video but instead of starting at the more expensive end and ramping down he could have done it the other way

  • The Apple Watch se is cheaper than the 3 and is better

  • What do you mean tcl is the beat

  • other ppl: my low end budget is around $900 my bubget: um how much can i get with $200?

  • Where didnyou get that picture of apyon?

  • Well, thanks to this video I'm definitely buying that camera and possibly that tv too

  • I’m stuck and I need help... how do I get that dope wallpaper for my PC?

  • New video title “ Tech you still can’t afford FOR REAL”😫😢

  • the tv was actually a good price tho

  • Yo i see a burglar in there lol lol

  • You have come along way my guy congratulations

  • Officially addicted to this channel. Great content and will be tuning as much as I can

  • Vegeta won't bother stealing ur stuff, he'll probably blow up ur house

  • UrBoujeeConsumer

  • Next time do it more real

  • It ain’t worth it Jud, you could buy all the items at a dollar store and someone in the comments will still be like “I would have to sell an organ to be able to shop at Dollar Tree”

  • Okay, I know it’s a gaming laptop. But 800 bucks is not affordable for a lot. I get it’s a sponsor. But use like a Lenovo idea pad or something.

  • The one Lenovo legion 5 is 2000 AUD definitely outta my price range

  • Road to 3 mil

  • Really? A Ryzen 7 with a 1660Ti? That's quite a bottleneck.

  • Good to see Carl getting more screen time

  • Who else doesent under stand the technical words he uses you just enjoy the actual vid

  • you should give us a tour with your gundam. please

  • I just built a new pc with a 1660TI graphics card and I can play a lot of games at ultra setting from 60-144 FPS

  • “Tell your wife to... I don’t know”

  • Judd...I do not have 1000$

  • Yo! Can we get a video on the Gundams? I see all that 🔥 in the background. That's the tech we want to see.