Tech You Can ACTUALLY Afford. Really.

Publicado el 1 oct 2017
Find the Alcatel a30 Fierce on MetroPCS here:

Looking for high quality budget tech? Here's a list of tech that typically costs a lot but at a lower price.

Find out more about the Alcatel a30 Fierce from Austin Evans:

Find the rest here:
LG 25 inch UltraWide Monitor:
LG 29 inch Ultrawide monitor (larger but still affordable w/ Freesync):
Alcatel a30 Fierce:
Astro a10 Gaming Headset:
Grovemade monitor stand (for those asking):

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Gundam seen at 2:15 made by: curioventura

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  • Thanks for watching! So this is the first part of this. Still too expensive? What budgets/types of things do you want to see next? I'll go on the hunt 💪🏾

    • We need video that is under budget under 300 bucks

    • Summoner Jazzy hi your right good idea

    • I found a turtle Beach headset that is wireless,comes with a cord that you could have for mobile use,and is the same price as the one in the video. Did I mention it's compatible with Xbox one,PS4,and PC gaming. They are the ear force stealth 450 headset from turtle Beach. And the headset has good reviews also.

    • good tech for 25 and less

    • Instead of the phone look up the doopro2

  • Awesome video, I'd honestly love any videos showing perhaps comparisons. Maybe what the expensive version of the cheaper item is and talking about how it stacks up with pricing being compared to quality and if maybe we shouldn't pay more for just slightly better products.

  • I actually had a hard time finding a cheap ips panel with 2 hdmi ports before I stumbled upon this lg monitor on amazon. Its price is almost the same as other non ultrawide variants. I agree that UAC has a strange definition of "cheap", but I cant really fault him by suggesting this monitor when you compare prices around.

  • I bought the A10's. They were nice and the mic was awesome. Then I found a pair of G430's that were on sale for $49. The mic isn't as good but you don't have to purchase a Y splitter to use the mic on PC and, imo, they're more comfortable than the A10's. The G340's give you more sound customization too.

  • Would love to see longer versions of this video, overall great :)

  • Even he knows I'm broke. Thanks man.

    • Anime Alpha not the ones here in Canada they all live in big houses and drive fancy cars and get whatever they want

    • 1000th like

    • Ritwik Nayak Exactly, he is Your average Consumer.

    • Nabha Sengupta true👊

    • As if any Indian teen isn't broke.

  • I've got the 25in LG ultrawide and I really do enjoy it. It may be small but it's still enjoyable. Thinking of getting a much bigger ultrawide monitor soon though.

  • Holy shit. I owned that LG monitor back when it released in 2012. It retailed for $450? Cant remember but good to see that the quality of electronics are not easily dated. A great price. I highly recommend. Id push for the LG 27ea93-P simply because it looks better and 27" is stunning. I use it for the family desktop PC and everyone loves it

  • I had the Astro a 10 and it’s a great headset durable comfortable and pretty good sound quality it broke for me when I threw my controller with the headset in it and the jack bent completely my fault overall it’s a great headset

  • I was checking out that monitor stand. I like the design and simplicity of it. Checked it out by following the link in the description and my jaw dropped. $119 dollars for a bent hunk of wood? No thanks. You can get much cheaper monitor stands than that with actually useful features like usb ports...

  • *Looks at video title* *Looks at wallet, sees 2$* *Find out the cheapest product is 60$* *YELLS "BOY IS HE WRONG"*

    • @pikaijzer do you know what a joke is dumbass?

    • @pikaijzer it a joke calm down.

    • Douwert R/WOOOOSH LMAO


    • Sniper Thief yeah i thought that too when i saw this first 😂

  • I can vouch for my 25 inch LG UltraWide and says it's a solid monitor. It's 2560X1080 however Netflix ESmain or any video streaming service does not support that resolution so you end up with an inch of black bars on either side of the monitor for videos, but I bought mine for gaming. 6OHz Respectable and a 5ms response time I really cant tell the difference between a 4ms monitor and is a really solid build and all my games support its resolution. (Fortnite, PUBG, BF1, BF4, Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Arma and Rust)

  • Another really good budget phone, (it's about $140-170 and has metropcs) is the LG Stylo 4, I'd reccomend looking into it!

  • Astro A10s are a very good budget headset. It's very dutiable and the mic is clear. For only $60 it's a really good option. The sound quality is really good. I suggest getting the pc version/red version since it comes with a splitter for your pc.

  • I have the 25" lg ultrawide already. It does get frustrating because it seems like it leans forward and doesn't come with Vesa mounts. But I still absolutely love the monitor

  • UAC releases vid on something expensive : “UrAvgConsumer” pshh. Yeah, whatever! Releases vid on budget stuff : How dare you assume my budget!

    • He’s assuming genders

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    • he can't do it all!!!

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    • Lulz

  • Just to let you guys know, the phone in the beginning was also rebranded as the T-Mobile Revvl. It's actually a really good phone, however T-Mobile marked up the price to $150 USD. But it is a good phone.

  • Affordable indeed. I like that 25 inch monitor a lot for designing in a small bedroom/studio I'm planning to build. Thanks a lot man, this was really helpful.

  • Everything in the video provides A LOT of bang for the buck. Wow! 80 dollars for a VERY decent phone. 157 dollars for a FULL HD ULTRAWIDE monitor! That's just crazy.

  • I have that monitor and it’s really good. Cheap, and with some flaws, their minor. It’s big and impresses ppl

  • I'm a bit new too this channel but I just gotta say I love your vids man. They are so smooth and you explain everything so perfectly keep up the great work.🤙

  • The best budget phone I've seen and is my everyday phone is the LG Phoenix 3 for only $50 and its running android 7.0 it can handle most things and most games at medium graphics settings its a great budget phone and I recommend it

  • This video really makes you realize how relative “being able to afford something” is

  • For the budget gaming headphones, get the plantronics rig 400 hs or hx. They’re only $40 but are alot like the astro a10s. They are a third of the price cheaper, and they still have amazing audio.

  • I got to say all that gear was totally in my budget and I would still have a little left over to get some other stuff and games too.

  • Cool Tech Check Gundams Check Amazing reviews, Dude always Thanks man for sharing, I may get the headset, love you lower budget vids, even though I can't afford some, it really helps. Thanks man.

  • I like seeing these options of different types of products that are cheap.

  • Phone wise I suggest the Alcatel 3V as it’s £100 and does everything that one does but has a bigger screen,storage and ram base model

  • when you spend all of your budget on a $5 HDMI cable

  • Have the monitor (29" version) and it's actually really good

  • olá sou do Brasil. gostaria de falar uma sugestão muitas pessoas do brasil gosta dos seus videos ! então seria legal você colocar legendas nos seus videos. Desde já agradeço !

  • Amazing video. Please do more, it’s very helpful.

  • huge plus for the astro A10... they feel amazing with glasses.

  • For the monitor I think that you should save up 40dollars to get the Acer GN246HL monitor. Its 1080p and 144hz. It's good for gaming graphics design and other stuff too. Great video though!

    • the monitor in the clip was 157, you save up another 40 dollars and it is 197. pretty close to what you found there.

    • Artemis GD i found one for 200$ can you send an link

  • really good video genuinely impressed by it a pleasure to watch

  • this Channel gives so much more value than MKBHD!!! Every video of you is so helpful and delivers actual facts, thank you for that.

  • Thank you for this video. Need more video like this. Things that most people can afford.

  • For the Headphones I World rather get the hyperX cloud2 instead, it costs the same and is highend

  • A10s are amazing used them for almost a year

  • Great vid, nice concept for a ESmain channel. I'm very much the consumer looking for deals. Subscribed!

  • He didn't even mean to offend anyone on the opposite he's helping out people who are on a budget..

    • Jad Nachar which is always understandable..becayse not everyone has the financial stabability

  • For the headset I would actually suggest the Asus void pro, personally I think it's so much better buy

  • i love this videos cuz you tellme and explain each tech that i can get for my set up or whatever i need being that im 19 and have a son i can still buy some affordable tech.

  • for the headset part i would recommend the steelseries seberia 200 its really comfortable and has really good sound check out the revieuws its like 50$

  • This video made me clean up my whole room,reorganize it, dust it off, and buy a astro headset all to you thanks

  • His electricity bill must be insane XD

    • he probably has some solar panels to offset the cost.

    • Most of the "flair" in the room are lit with LEDs, which are insanely energy efficient and hardly use much kwh.

    • Justin Hemenway nah , only average

  • hey i would like something more like this and adding some mouse controls too 👍

  • “It gives it a bit of a flex.” Puts them at a damn 180

  • I wouldn’t recommend getting astros because the speakers on inside tend to come out and wobble around. All you have to do to fix it it open up the ear cup and glue the speaker back the the circle spot it sits in. You’re unable to do this with all astros except the A50’s. The only astros I’d recommend would be the A50’s because you can open the ear cups and fix it yourself

  • the ultrawide monitor is a great one only 60hz but its fantastic i got it and used it for over a year.

  • This guy knows what affordable means!

  • Love your channel. Pro reviewer. Big up man!!

  • HyperX Cloud Stinger would've been a better option than the Astro A10's tbh

  • not unless its under 50 cents I can't afford it

    • Nice so u have 49 cents ipad or computer that makes a lot of sense

  • Would you recommend the Astro a10 or the Hyperx cloud core? I can’t make up my mind

  • Lmao when Jud makes a video about expensive tech people in the comments are like: this is way to expensive how are you an average consumer When Jud makes videos about cheaper items people say in the comments: you calling me cheap? lol does anything keep you guys satisfied???

    • Ogram Brat yo what country do you live in to only pay $300 a month in rent???

    • Ogram Brat if you only make 80 dollars a weak there's a problem and that's not average at all. I've worked at Safeway and Old navy as a kid and you can make that in a day

    • Mark Hunter I was thinking that. In the states, average consumer makes like 56 grand a year.

    • I highly doubt you're the average consumer. You're completely and utterly broke.

    • Will Fribourg im your average consumer i make 80$ a week my rent is 300$ a month do the math and then tell me he makes videos for the average consumer.

  • The afterglow level 3 from GameStop are a 30$ headset that are pretty much those astros like same texture to the earmuffs and everything so if your looking for a good budget for a headset GET THOSE

  • Just got the astro a10 for my gaming setup, Definitely worth the price.

  • The LG K20 is also a amazing budget phone

  • this dude been killing the Tech game for a minute now

  • I bought the 25 inch UltraWide Monitor and it's amazing!

  • You know I got a headset for 22 dollars online and they're pretty good and flexible

  • Those white and white blue controllers looked badass 🔥🔥

  • You can also overclock the Ultrawide Monitor to 75mhz using Nvidia Control Panel

  • Sweet Thumbnail!

    • Lol you looked

    • Before the fame lol

    • Eliás Gaming hate to be that guy, but it is “you’re” and not “your”.

    • Eh Bee Family I just licked my screen and I can confirm that it is not sweet, rather salty in-fact.

    • Eliás Gaming It was prettyy funny

  • Love your videos keep it up

  • I watched this thinking it was more geared to me but then I realized I liked looking at things I can’t afford a lot more

  • The hyperx cloud stinger headset is also a good option

  • You clickbaited me I can’t afford any of this.

  • This guys content is actually amazing

  • I have that monitor and it's great don't even notice the input delay when playing that much

  • I have that monitor and it’s really nice especially for Xbox/ps4

  • Yes the Moto E4 plus has a flash on the front facing camera as well, both are great phones I have the E4 Plus unlocked use Straight Talk on Verizon towers and it's amazing! If you're looking to save money $55 a month truly unlimited data no throttling

  • I just got the Astro A10s I absolutely love them!

  • I'm surprised you didn't include the HyperX Cloud 2, because it is a great gaming headset that is around $100

    • Waffle Wonders so another 30 secs wasted it said “inexpensive” as a definition. Thanks for wasting even more time.

    • Waffle Wonders haha im not letting a kiddo tell me that, thanks for wasting 25 seconds of my life.

    • MrAlkaline wdym?

    • ΘMXGΛ Ω eeeuh nah

    • would you look at that, someone who doesnt know what budget means.

  • Astro A10's are SUPER uncomfortable - the part that sits on the top of your head always gives me a headache due to the small size of the padding on the top. My head is always sore the next day where the top of the headphones were sitting every time I use these.

  • I have the a10s and the only problem is that they squeeze my head a bit more than I'd like but other than that they're perfect

  • About that Alcatel A30 i am using it rn and its definitely worth buying if ur just an avrage smartphone user 👌

  • Juddner: here is some tech you can actually afford! me:here is some tech i can barely afford lol just kidding this is some nice cheap tech!

  • wow, thanks so much, love the video, what about affordable gaming pcs?

  • Hey bud! New subscriber here, loving your vids - quick question; what sort of docking system do you have set up for your Mac? I’ve been looking for a solution to “dock” my MacBook Pro... and share a monitor, keyboard and mouse with my PC laptop. Please and thanks!!

  • Bold of you to assume I even have $3.50 to pay for my child support.

    • why do you start your comment with 'Bold of you' and end in 'child support'

  • Now I want to know if my Razer headphone can also do that lol

  • Always producing fire content 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The a10 are ok. The stringers are better and the clouds are phenomenal

  • You know I be flexing with my flexible headset

  • For the monitor do you need something for it to work or it works like right out of the box

  • holy mechs man, that gundam collection looks amazing :O

  • That monitor... I live in Denmark and tech is usually not super overpriced but it is ok hard to find a 1080p monitor with IPS at that price, and this has free shipping

  • I like how his username is your average consumer but he gets so much awesome tech he really *isnt* an average consumer

  • i got the a10's a month ago for my ps4 and these headphones are bangin' in 2018.

  • I just got the A20s and they are amazing

  • the red headset is almost $90 for whatever reason... thats the one i wanted cause it would match my black and red pc build but i guess ill have to get a little festive and go with the green one to save some money lol

  • I own 2 of the LG Monitors, they are awesome

  • I’ve got the lg ultrawide monitor and it’s great

  • It would take me at least three months to get anything on this list. But I mean tech isn’t that cheap so it makes sense.

  • I own the LG ultra wide and it is good for the price

  • The monitor is amazing !

  • I'd recommend the hyperx cloud alpha

  • Should i get a curved monitor or a wide monitor?