Tech You Can ACTUALLY Afford. Seriously.

Publicado el 15 jul 2019
We've got some great tech lined up that will be easier on your pockets and an awesome value. Which one is your favorite?

Use code UACBH060 and get $20 off Sound Surge 60 at Expires 7-22-19 @ 12 am PST

Find the other products here:
ASUS VG248QZ Gaming Monitor:
LG 43" 4K TV:
LG 50" 4K TV:
HP Omen Accessories Bundle:

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  • When UrAvgConsumer is low-key throwing shade at you by saying you're broke in a slick way because you can't afford affordable tech. Lol.

    • @Chewy Macías cool

    • Yip Wei Kwok this literally isn't expensive if you think this is expensive that's because you're unemployed

    • Israel Martin dude he just showed you below average stuff

    • Facts

    • Chewy Macías you can afford anything you put your mind too

  • I wish a pc, moniter and a keyboard just fell from heaven.

    • And a protein shake

    • Imagine a mouse falls from heaven 😂 the one thing u didn’t name ZD

    • @JBL_hotsaus u ever heard of the monkeys paw?

    • @lonely Tylenol bruh mome

    • @ManLikeSteve well shit lemme get the laptop when you get a bc

  • "You can actually afford" Wow, finally, some free stuff. Edit: 1k? :o First time I get this many likes, ty all :)

    • 2.1k 34th or some reply

    • 2k

    • thanking people for likes is how you stop getting likes lol

    • Guys use the app Zynn to get free money. Download the app and use the code 6CMSDDK to get $110 completely free

    • Delete the fucking edit or I will NOT like your comment.

  • Me: Tech you can actually afford? I need to check that out Him: These are only $70! Me: *looks up cool tech under $5*

    • India style. They go for anything cheap.

    • loooll me too when I want to buy something I do the same

  • Thanks for the video! These items are actually very affordable. I always like to spend more for the quality but these items are pretty nice for the price .

  • Stuff you can actually afford Brings out a branded object: Hold up

  • Great content , we need more affordable content. Love the headphones

  • I can attest to that LG tv, I bought it about a year ago and it was a great deal. The picture is really great and the build quality and responsiveness are solid. Nothing crazy fancy, but works great for streaming and cable. Also surprisingly good speakers.

  • The AOC g27g2 is also a great option for ~$200, it features an IPS (in plane switching) panel instead of TN like that BenQ, basically best color accuracy and height adjustable and stuff

  • don’t forget guys buying used is always the cheapest way. just need some patience sometimes

    • kfir ezer yea I just got a Logitech g915 for £150 from £260 it was used but when u got it ,it was brand new

    • @kfir ezer okay, thats great ! Thank you and good luck

    • @Hum Whatever in our country, we have a site called Yad-Shtaim (translates to "second hand" in Hebrew, kinda like Craigslist). When I need money, I usually buy used electronics (and especially graphics cards) if the price is good, always test them btw. after that, I re-sell it and I offer to install it in someone's computer/answer questions; which draws people in.

    • @kfir ezer how do you do it ? Do you find underpriced things on certain platforms and sell them somewhere else ? I'm interested in how you do it. Thx

    • I agree to

  • hey man , absolutely love these videos ... it really does help people out despite what most people comment on here. please make more.. i beg

  • Well done! Finally a great list of average costing tech for your average consumer.

  • Maaaan, I love how ALL the tech you've talked about is in-studio, and in use! It's obvious, yes, but it does emphasise the fact that you know your stuff 🔥.

  • I literally have $6. I'm just gonna save this video and come back when I have the money for this stuff. Then again this will all be ancient tech by then, so maybe not.

    • Riley Denning how much you have now?

    • @Asher Woodman cause u can't go out now, because of quarintine

    • *Mai Z* stfu

    • @coretzu ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡ instead of telling somebody to do something, how abt u fuck off

    • @*Mai Z* why not?

  • Oof I am a dumbass. I have that same monitor and I never knew it could tilt like that 😂

  • I love the format of this series, subscribed and added to my "must see " list 👍🏻

  • I bought the gaming bundle off of Amazon and it was $30 when I got it the headsets not that great it broke the second day but the mouse is pretty nice and it’s on the lighter side which is good for FPS games and the keyboard was also pretty nice

  • I’m going to be completely honest love the tech you can afford videos but I think it would be cool to see tech we absolutely can’t afford

  • I love how chill your setups are, you don’t just have a desk and stuff, you use your living room

  • 90% of comments : $3.12? Who do you think I am, Jeff Bezos!?

    • 😂

    • @incesteagle You don't have to announce it to the world 🙂

    • Im not made of money mate

    • S a m e

    • You know you're old when OP's comment should've said Bill Gates ,-,

  • i love these series...cuz theres a lot i still cant afford...mostly cuz working hard still for that paper..these series helps a lot..much love judd

  • Swiped up those headphones asap. Got em for $40. Thank you so much these things are awesome! I've been looking for a pair for a long time and these def meet all my needs.

  • There’s a thing called a job which can buy you what you want. Awesome video man!

  • Thanks for this vid. I entered the promo code for the headphones, but it didn't mark them down to around $42. Is the deal still good till 7/22?

  • Finally able to build out my collection. I have a 55 inch standing desk ($185), genuine leather office chair ($475), 21:9 35in 100Hz Sceptre ultrawide monitor ($300), iPhone XS Max 256GB ($1160), AirPods Pro ($225)

  • Msi makes a 144hz that is a bit cheaper, I recommend. As long as you are comfortable with a curved monitor.

  • I got those taotronics headphones for Christmas last year and would definitely recommend them the noise cancelling works very well and the whole headphone is great!

  • Watch out with the LG 4K TV displays. They have and RGBW subpixel density so you aren't getting full 4K if you care for that (and you should be there are several other manufacturers that don't do that at the same pricepoint).

  • Bold of you to assume I can afford these.

  • He makes these awesome videos seem so professional

  • When I can afford things like these I will be very surprised

  • Quick question to other tech lovers here, for gaming on ps4 pro or Xbox which is better the monitor or the 4K tv?

  • Thanks for the recommendation for the gaming monitor! Any recommendations for a curved gaming display under 300$?

  • So uravgconsumer is becoming more like your average consumer _slowly though, _*_very slowly_*

    • To finally you're average, consumer.

    • Dixtortion nah more like uravghypebeast

  • I am just now watching this video and already have the first 2 items you talk about! Super satisfied with each!

  • These products are affordable for the type of quality they are :)

  • Thank you comrade, I will loot all the products you mentioned

    • Where's Barbara with *BIG TIDDIES* and Stephanie who *sucks like a vakyum*?

    • When I fall in love man I fall haaarrrddd lol I booked that key!

    • So will you actually? Have you bought any so far?

    • Piggyjiggy Slimy STFU Fortnite kid

    • Good luck comrade

  • I actually got the 43" LG 4k for about $230USD at Sam's Club a few weeks ago, that's the reason I decided to buy one.

  • Yo, those headphones are an amazing package for the price.

  • For the monitor I would have got a scepture e255b it has 1 ms 165hz for less than $120

  • I played with this keyboard mouse bundle in a tournament and HATED them personally, they just felt cheap and tacky but I guess you get what you pay for in that situation

  • You gotta make this a regular series!

  • Uravgconsumer:tech you can actually afford Me: is this some kind of personal attack

    • Lol

    • @D4 S4V4G3 you just haven't met the right dbz people then.

    • I get the reference. Lol.

    • ADMIT IT you are broke as all of us gamers!

  • FINALLY! I FEEL VINDICATED. Some Average consumer prices!!!

  • They must be sending better Soundsurge 60's to reviewers than customers on Amazon. When I bought these I was shocked at how bad they sounded. Spend your $70 on some refurbished Sony XB950N1's instead.

  • 70$ for headphones that’s still way costly for me 😂

  • Taotronics is low-key solid. My $40 pair of true wireless headphones beat most others even $99 Anker ones.

  • Video Title: "Tech You Can Actually Afford" Me: "So it's free???"

  • I want some more of these tech you can afford

  • These are actually really good prices. Seriously.

  • I really would like a updated version of this

  • Another good option for cheap 4K TVs are TCL TVs, a 55’ is around $280. They are great TVs

  • Uravgconsumer:Tech you can actually afford Me:**ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?**

    • Lil Juice box first of all do you live in the us cuz I never heard of that

    • T

    • guess what I’m fucking 14

    • Quantum Realm Your probably one of those spoiled rich kids that go around bragging about your $300 beats headphones that suck. Your the spoiled bastard here.

    • WIZARD'S COLONY *peripherals and congratulations on that grind my guy

  • I love how he got straight to the point with the video.

  • Those TaoTronics are a STEAL! I bought the Sony XM3's for $250.00 at Best Buy before Christmas with the same features give or take a bump in sound quality. I'll definitely be checking those out.

  • At first I thought it's gonna be one of those cheaper but still expensive list, but I can actually afford these.

  • Hey FYI theres a monitor that goes for 160 on amazon, Sceptre 24" Curved 144Hz. Theres a couple more in that price range, if you poor like me and 20-40 bucks is a huge difference in price, theres that option.

  • Please do more videos about tech that we could actually AFFORD

    • @TheWormDirt What are you talking about? Get a fucking job, you're not going to be able to get quality products for cheap.

    • This is pretty affordable though.

    • Amir Imran right?! His name is average consumer. Not fucking Elon musk

  • Wow! A video that will actually give some tech ideas

  • I know these stuff are not very cheap but its very hard to get something so cheap and it being good so i kinda respect him

  • Great. More black excellence in tech. Much respect to you! Subbed.

  • great video, lots of great deals! now one question: what´s the wallpaper you´re using in this monitor?

  • I can afford the wallpaper. Where'd you get it from?

    • Anyone got a link?

    • Its 5 bucks from steam, good luck with that Jeff Bazos. (Btw you can download it illegaly)

    • @Connor Hagen Bought it off of shutterstock probably lol

    • @Connor Hagen yeah probably 😂

    • Lol, it's probably like $10

  • Man that HP Pavilion set is dope af just what I needed thanks man appreciate it

  • One thing I want in these videos; affordable gaming PCs. But they have to be AFFORDABLE not the lOw LoW pRiCe oF $1,250.

  • I have that gaming monitor definitely would recommend it’s low key high key great

  • i like this guy, he seems nice genuine and a cool friend

  • Uac: affordable tech Reality: Wait that's illegal

  • I can't even afford the headset with the 40% lmao 😂

  • I'm a couple months too late, but I gotta say, the ANC on the Taotronics is very competitive. Drowns down car noise, fan noise, and stuff like that way down.

  • I mean these are some decent bang for the buck peripherals... What were y'all expecting, a $5 144Hz gaming monitor? Tech aint cheap but this stuff is cheap for what it is lol

  • Really man u make some good affordable tech videos

  • that monitor tho. looking at you apple and your $999 stand. bruh.

    • 24" is $189, 27" is $300

    • theo goust link? Because I found it for 300! Which is crazy

    • @xMychal dell makes a 8k monitor for $4,000. compared to the 6k monitor that apple sells for $6,000. both are 32 in ips display tho Edit: both monitors are cheaper now but whatever

    • @xMychal again, this doesn't replace a reference monitor though. It doesn't come close in accuracy

    • @Nautical its not as good as a reference monitor

  • It's great that you where going back to an average consumer cost. Liked the review on computer items. Did not like the tv review lg makes some TV s that are not that good. Tcl seems to be better.. Keep it up love the lower price items.

  • What type of case is that on your computer? I'm really digging it. Love to find one with that look.

  • Very nice! Some good deals.

  • I just bought those Taotronics headphones. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

  • you know its UAC when he starts with headphones 😂

    • @Besu Tesh lmao I'm so dumb thanks for telling me :)

    • Sanket Maheshwari you make me want to play wii bowling without the wrist strap

    • Pianodude 5 ur average consumer

    • What's uac?

    • Yeah sure, those headphones are straight trash. Hopefully he got a few racks for promoting such shit.

  • Great video, as always. 👍🏽👏🏾

  • Yall gotta give it to him. This tech is cheaper than what he usually shows.

  • I looked at the hp bundle on amazon and right now it is 37$ very cheap with everything in the bundle

  • Forget everything, I'm more interested in that transparent gaming CPU there.. 😍

    • What a fuck is a transparent gaming CPU? Did you storm the Area 51 already?

    • Transparent... gaming... CPU...

  • Who else was hoping for him to say: $100 gaming monitor😂

    • GJ Prod what’s it called?

    • @Daniel Suriel no u

    • GJ Prod god among men

    • @gramblrr thanks

    • @gramblrr i think the channel owner has to disable/allow it so its probably not the case on all channels but it has been like this for a long time

  • 4:31 "if you like this theme, and this color combo you will have it here thanks marques" 🤣🤣

  • Want more like this!!!

  • Bold of you to assume that my parents “take care of my money” and won’t let me buy anything unless I tell you

  • Don’t delete this, Imma come back in a year or two.

  • This is still a good bit of money but based on other videos ive seen this is the best. It also is a pretty good combo of budget but still with decent quality.

  • i doubt anybody will see this but for keyboards, unless you’re going over $100 usd i would recommend the tecware phantom for $43 usd. really good keyboard, hotswapable, fully customizable on keyboard rgb, and oetomu switches that come in brown, red, and blue. if you are buying a keyboard i’d suggest checking these out.

  • Imagine uravgconsumer making content for avgconsumers 🤯

  • I got a 27 inch curved 144hz for $220 Canadian, (That's Including Tax). So In USD its about $167. So the one he showed is really not a good deal tbh.

  • WARNING!! the asus monitor isn't truely 144hz, you have to send it to asus so that it can get a "firmware update". they said for me itd take 2 weeks to get it fixed not including shipping time, i would also have to pay for any shipping/handling fees. not a bad monitor besides for that

  • Actually affordable tech thanks @URAVGCONSUMER I'll consider the monitor for my setup

    • @Ibrahim Khalil yes but I'm starting my channel in December and I'll be playing games like fortnite and others 😅 so u can subscribe if you'd like to 👍

    • Your channel says you have content but youtube says you have don't. Have you just not started posting yet?

    • The monitor is decent imho, I may get it as a secondary display for programming. The vertical adjustment is great, meaning that I won't need to VESA mount it onto a stand (though I will probably do that in the future anyways!)

    • @Anything With Sound and the only xDDDD

    • Does he mean marques brownlee? Or is it a joke

  • Asus my man! Making an apple pro stand for a lot less than $1000

  • He did all this without cutting the video. This guy knows his stuff

  • I have the monitor, it's pretty decent tbf. Nothing special by any means, but does the job

  • That monitor jumped up in price dang it! 😭

  • 3:40 I have the QE version of that one, kinda stupid to buy without a price drop if you compare it to the QZ as the only difference is that the QE has Nvidia 3D functionality, which is dead af and ur not gonna use that. At least I don't. The Asus VG248QZ is pretty much the best you can get for that price!

  • have the same exact screen u featured in the video and i highly recommend it one of the best screens i used

  • Im actually using the taotronics sound elite 71 its amazing