Tech You Can ACTUALLY Afford. Seriously.

Publicado el 16 jul 2019
We've got some great tech lined up that will be easier on your pockets and an awesome value. Which one is your favorite?
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  • "nice thumping bass", good that you say "nice" *because it isn't good quality, but many enjoy it, and it works well with a lot of music, but it measures like garbage, and destroys resolution*

  • At the beginning he said noise cancelling headphones go for 300 or 400 dollars, but if u are watching this in late 2020 u know that apples headphones cost 550!!!!!

  • You know you're broke when you can't afford the tech in this vid

  • He prolly doesn’t use all this stuff

  • i got a tv for $120. it has 4k so...

  • Hey im using the headphones right now i got them on amazon for22.00 usd

  • I dont have pc or any console gaming😞😢

  • I can afford the monitor in 5 years

  • bruh i cant even afford 1 item i am super poor

  • Great content , we need more affordable content. Love the headphones

  • it cant kill my pockets they are already dead

  • oof even if I tried my parents wont even get me a PC ;(

  • I really like the HP omen combo

  • 1 dolkar

  • But what about that stunning PC plz

  • He probably recorded this video in disgust 😂 “cheap ass tech” 😂😂😂

  • I'm literally using taotronics while watching this

  • I live in India so whatever affordable stuff you said in this video, in India it is as expensive as a smartphone

  • i dont think you realize how broke your audience is

  • i feel like he calling me broke

  • FoRty TWo BuCKs

  • 🤣got a job to afford my gaming PC. ✌🏻😌 SO WORTH IT

  • Hi love your videos and I’m your fan 😊 I need your help what need and what kind should buy it for my son want monitor tv with computer and his ps4 game everything including I plan for Christmas too Please make your video and explaining what better should buy monitor tv , keyboard, everything will connect with ps4 game ???? If you do that thanks

  • 0:31 ARE you doing a positive rewiew

  • Guess I ain’t a average fucking consumer

  • I bought the gaming bundle off of Amazon and it was $30 when I got it the headsets not that great it broke the second day but the mouse is pretty nice and it’s on the lighter side which is good for FPS games and the keyboard was also pretty nice

  • It's very helpful.

  • You can get a Roku tv 4K hdr for $199

  • 3:15 : * voice - crack *

  • Please Mr.Jordnan do a back to school tech for middle school .

  • He is making two assumptions without being aware 😂😂 1) assuming viewers can't afford more expensive things 2) assuming all viewers can afford this 😅😅

  • I want to see their home

  • "Average consumer" my ass. You are far from the average anymore mate. You have tech and a lifestyle that is far above the average consumer. Why don't you actually review and share tech that actually is catered towards those who are actually average people. "Average consumer" absolute joke.

  • There’s a thing called a job which can buy you what you want. Awesome video man!

  • If its 20 bucks I can afford it

  • yo imma be back in 5 years

  • What is this dude saying? “Under $300 bucks,” this is supposed to be affordable? I thought this stuff was gonna be under 50

  • 3:15 voice crack 😂

  • Just a question to owners of the headset, does it have a mic, so I can talk to players?

  • all i want is a good pc that’s less than $600 is that too much to ask

  • Yall gotta give it to him. This tech is cheaper than what he usually shows.

  • Got hype when I saw u listen to key and Denzel

  • 2:15 hey that's my TV!

  • The keyboard and headphones and the mouse now cost 60 dollars all together in the bundle.

  • Something you can actually really honestly literally positively Undeniably truly afford, :shows $70 headphones 😓

  • My tv is 5 feet long

  • That monitor is NOT a good deal, unless it’s officially G-SYNC Compatible.

  • So ur sponsored and recommending the product as if u aren’t. Sellout.

  • 27mn60t is $230 for a 27 inch screen, no built in speakers sadly, and 75hz, 1080p I got it for my birthday I would recommend. Plus it comes with really cool HDMI cords and the framing is a nice silver and the back is white. The quality is outstanding I would recommend.

    • I also got a white rgb rk61 thats 60% and pretty clean for 50$ on bang good and a matte white glorious model o from PC gaming race that is also 50$ and has rgb lighting. It is amazing. I have a cheap 20$ supsoo g813 mic that I'm planning to change out soon with maybe a wired steel series noise cancelling headset with a noise cancelling mic also. It is 70$. Most of my setup has white perreferalls. Like white mouse, keyboard Xbox, controllers, and even slightly white monitor and people keep calling me racist even though I'm not its just the theme of my setup. (I just turned 12 and got a gaming setup)

  • Keith Alan's brother

  • Title: tech u can actually afford Me: aRe U cAllInG mE PoOr

  • The first item is like if Bose and Sony had a baby (the Bose QC 35’s and the Sony WH-1000 XM3’s)

  • I think you need to remake this video but with products almost everyone around the globe can get. Those headsets you mentioned which is sold for $40 in there is around $250 in india. Yup you heard it right

  • The accessories combo isnt worth it

  • Its been over a year. I need another 🙌🏾

  • doubt

  • I’m in the year 4900 does the code still work for them

  • I love how chill your setups are, you don’t just have a desk and stuff, you use your living room

  • The sponsor is literally a quarter of the video

  • I still cant afford these

  • I just need the pc and a monitor.

  • The monitor is 500 bucks now 😂😂

  • Everyone in the comments: bRuH I OnLy hAvE lIkE 5 bUcKs. Be honest these are great prices for great tech that is budget friendly

  • no offense but i can find a smart tv on amazon for under $130

  • Nice head phone suggestion I’m more into a studio type head phones I’m saving up to get Audio-Technica headphones for my electronic drum kit and more stuffs like that nice vid !!! 😀

  • I clicked on the monitor and it cost 500 bucks. Guess prices increase by $300 in 1 year.

  • You overestimate me

  • I can afford it if you gift me

  • 1:00 Jud : once you get these things on... Me : ... You won't want to take them off, or what? 😂

  • bruh $0 is more than my budget

  • The gaming bundle is now 48 dollars not 80

  • Do some Tech giveaways

  • For those that came back to this video Enjoy the voice crack @3:15

  • you can get a nzxt h1 pc case for the price of a nintendo switch or xbox one x

  • When you think this is Keith alan

  • I wish a pc, moniter and a keyboard just fell from heaven.

    • Imagine a mouse falls from heaven 😂 the one thing u didn’t name ZD

    • @JBL_hotsaus u ever heard of the monkeys paw?

    • @lonely Tylenol bruh mome

    • @ManLikeSteve well shit lemme get the laptop when you get a bc

    • You ain't the only one

  • I have about $100 let's see what you got Edit: ok you win

  • Yo....the affordable headphones he mentioned costs over 23000 rupees..... that's like almost the price of one plus is that affordable 😐

  • Make it a series?

  • No I cant

  • I have that TV and the audio is terrible

  • I don't even have enough for the first thing😂😂😂

  • Gaming headset, SteelSeries arctis 1 best headset ever

  • What’s the monitor called?

  • Tech me gaming your stuff

  • 300 -400 nah that's not expenses be but 70 bucks!!! Now that's expensive also I stole this from someone

  • 300 bucks ain't cheap my guy well is he the avrg consumer

  • Bold way to say were all broke ass bitches

  • r u saying im broke?!!! cuz.... ur right lol.. jk. 34% of the us is in debt. pandering to people is NO JOKE. I went 5000 dollars in debt when i was 5 YEARS OLD. Please rename this video to 'tech that has a little bit for everybody.'

  • @YourAvgConsumer where did you get that desk is it pressurized wood? Also where could I find one like that?

  • Maybe a bit cheaper

  • Okay this might sound weird but can you do for indian audience

  • Lg 43 is 700 dollars in our country -_____-

  • $699 is an affordable monitor? That ESmain money got you loopy brodie

  • Me coming here in 2020 The Monitor: $699.99

  • Loool.... I still can't afford any of these

  • For monitor in 2020 i’d recommend the acer xv240yp

  • Another good option for cheap 4K TVs are TCL TVs, a 55’ is around $280. They are great TVs

  • Title-tech you can actually afford Does he actually think I can afford these?

  • When you still can't afford them