Teching Out Our Bedroom! (Room Tour 2017)

Publicado el 29 may 2017
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Here's our smart bedroom tour! Of course we included smart lighting, a new Samsung TV and sound system, a desk setup and much more! We didn't go crazy with the tech in here but introduce enough to make this a decently teched out room. Let us know what you think!

Products featured in this video:
Sleep Number i8:
Philips Hue Light Strips:
Philips Hue Light Bulb:
Philips Hue Go:
Google Home:
Google Wifi:
Google Chromecast:
JBL Wireless Bluetooth Desktop Speakers:
Apple iMac:
Apple iPad:
Samsung 4K TV:
Samsung Soundbar:
Digital Picture Frame:
V-Moda Remix:
Oil Diffuser Lamp:
Aukey 10 port USB Hub:
Gooseneck Switch/Tablet Holder:

Ikea Table Top:
Ikea Alex Draws:
Ikea Floor Lamps:
Ikea Desk Chair:
Ikea Bed Frame:
Corner Shelf:

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  • That love for teal is serious lol solid video as always!

  • His bed is cooler than my setup...

  • This guy is the loving embodiment of a child’s imagination

  • Love how you take pride in what you do man keep it up, this is inspiring love your decorations of this room and especially the gaming room, the lights look awesome love them

  • Jud: here’s my MacBook and surface book Me: here’s my textbook and note book 😂😂😂

    • @Lane Hodges you chuckle easily

    • Sinex 17 good job you gave me a chuckle

  • I love the phone/tablet holder , the mattress , and the lights , plus the tv

    • You could’ve just said that you liked everything

    • Bunnystorm 101 I love everything tech thing in the room

  • I love how you keep everything real as can be... Your setup is amazing and can only dream of becoming as successful as you show! Keep it up, love your channel, stay awesome which I already know you got in the bag!!

  • “We didn’t want to over-do it with the tech in the bedroom” 😩

  • You, sir, are the reason my room is as cool as it is. Thank you for the inspiration! LMAO also, we have the same bed and the same white stand on the corner!

  • Dude how much is your electricity bill

    • At least 12,000,000 per minute

    • @Barrett Mtb probably a mil his bars are crazy 📊📊📊💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳 And on each is like 1 Mil or 10 but respect cause he watches voltron


    • Charts for his bill 📊📊📊 but this is how loaded he is 💰💰💰💰💰💰💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💱💸💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💳💲💳💳💳💳

    • LED’s are efficient🤦🏼‍♂️ it MIGHT add a cent per month

  • Ok now since I've watched this, I want to see a house tour of how you have tech in your entire place. Your videos are epic and brings so much light to not just high end purchases but also budget friendly devices. Also where is your apartment cause I want it! Lol

  • Amazing video, you've given me so much inspo for my room❤️❤️❤️

  • Absolutely love your content,probably cz I'm a tech freak too,presentation is brilliant

  • dude ur room is so equipped with the kind of tech every guy needs, and ur dog man.... she's so smart.... is she aslso a smart dog🐕

    • @Kam Mike oh my gosh that's so mean 😭😭😭

  • I’ve just ordered my 2nd smart light bulb for my bedside table, and I’m pretty hyped for it! ;D (my 1st is plugged in to the main light socket in the ceiling) and both of the light bulbs are £19 (requires no hub) they’re called “sparin smart bulbs” and I use them with my amazon echo dot to control them. And they give out good lighting

  • Loved this!! inspired to keep going with my smart home empire :) and also subscribed!

  • Just love the way u set up the room. Love it. Awesome video mate

  • Damn I know what I’m doing when I get moved into my own apartment. That’s really helpful and smart. Thanks dude

  • Just now seeing this the other day. Great room set up. Arie should start her own make up channel.

  • But can the bed run minecraft?

    • Only at 30 frames it is a heavy game

    • @Tony I was literally about to write that then I saw ur comment 😂😂

    • @JAMIE ADDISON TÁRRAGA welcome to xbox

    • 👌🏾🤣🤣 ay that would be IT

    • @Houdinied i was looking for this comment, you are a man of culture

  • Thank you so much dude, you helped me find some stuff for my room when I am doing a room do-over.

  • I just subscribed to ur channel. I love ur rooms and how the tech setup looks awesome

  • Your bedroom is very cosy! Love it

  • I ❤'d this video! Your gf has as much makeup as I do 😁 I thought Google was more advanced than Alexa? Oh well, I went with Google home because I wanted to use it with Nvidia. I ❤ the lighting! You guys like the nice ambient lighting & aroma diffusers like I do! I'm a sucker for lights & anything that smells good

  • @UrAvgConsumer, you just got 1 extra subscriber. By watching this video, I realize that you practically have my dream bedroom setup...Kudos bro!

  • Jud the type of guy to cheat on Arie for Google Home.

  • I love your channel you put out great content ur 1 of the best tech channels on youtube hands down

  • Your my favorite ESmaind that does tech reviews and your so helpful and thank to you I can actually sleep really well with the mattress that you suggested us to use

  • i love your whole tech apartment its so awsome!!

  • Love your channel and bedroom, they are so adorable.

  • Bro love your videos you always come up with new ideas for me keep doing your thing 👍🏻👌🏻🎧🎮🎥

  • That is a really nice tech room!

  • Woah! That room's amazing!

  • How does he only have 1 million, he is incredible and works so hard on his videos!

  • Your life is so lit, wish I could get even some of the stuff you have. Keep up the great videos, and have a good day.

  • Dope video as always​! I was really expecting for someone to make this Teching out bedroom video thanks!

    • UrAvgConsumer Hey guys! Curious where you got your bed sheets/comforter from. Absolutely love the color and style.

    • +Sudesh Quinn You got it!

  • to be 100% honest, im surprised they cant afford a house by now, ik he technically only has his little business or w.e, but he should still be making alot. Plus, if their little apartment is this teched out, imagine how their house would look

  • the coolest thing in your bedroom is the switch idea.. i loved it!

  • I love your guys room it’s so detailed

  • I was dying when he looked at the camera and went to the other side of Arie's desk to show more makeup 😂

  • i love how he cares about the mattress's comfortableness and such and says that it's helping him sleep yet he binge watches stuff on a tv and has a nintendo switch floating over his bed and a ton of tech all around him yet doing any of that before bed shouldn't be done because of sleeping issues you'd be better off not using it for half an hour before sleep 😜

  • Dang that's like 5 grand in one room.

    • @ian probably more because of the tv and the surround sound speakers

    • Try 50k

    • Just the bed is 5 grand

    • Thats mor3

    • The matrish is about 2,000

  • OMG, that is a great idea of the arm on the bed! I going to get one now! On the other hand, why did you not hang the tv screen?

  • That is the most beatiful bedroom I ever seen I love it ❤❤

  • Dude. Ary and you have a great taste in decorations...great bedroom and awesome apartment in general. Very tech and relax at the same time. I would like to see a full review of the Bluetooth speaker that you have I. the corner. Greetings from Venezuela guys...

  • Both of you could easily do videos on interior design, home décor: accessories, furniture etc.

  • Awesome set up and a great video!

  • Amazing!!! I ❤ it! 😍

  • Can you put a link in the description to your apartment?

    • Lmfao XD

    • stalker

    • Apple Sheep must be if he can afford his electricity bill

    • Apple Sheep lol we wanna raid him lol

    • Found a stalker xad

  • U know your rich when your bed has tech

    • Apple Kittens HAHAHA this comment is gold

    • Does he get all his money from yt or does he have a separate job

    • @a k Wow you're a genius

    • @Daniel Pacheco exactly. Lmao spellings and grammar actually bothers people on youtube

    • Apple Kittens since when did proper spelling and grammar matter on ESmain

  • That switch holder is the best thing in your room 🤣🤣 I got one for me after this 😂😅

  • is it just me but everytime i watch your channel i always purchase 2 to 3 items i love this time 5 im a tech chick so i know. My boyfriend gets so jealous when i get new tech he hasn't seen or gotten himself. thanks for making me the coolest girlfriend on the planet.

  • That Switch setup lmao! That's AWESOME! Really nice bedroom btw.

  • Just discovered you and your wife's page brother. I'll definitely be watching from here on out. #AfroTech

  • You got things set up really nice. I like that mint vapor thing but wonder if it's healthy to breath the stuff over an extended period of time? I wish someone out there would invent a tech service that simpletons like me could call up and for a very modest fee have them set up electronic gizmos as well as show one how the bells and whistles on one's computer and other devices work. I went out a couple of weeks ago and got a Google Home and, too, ordered an Amazon Fire 8 but they're only collecting dust because I ran into difficulty trying to figure out how to set them up.:-(

  • i love this room!!!!!!!

  • I subscribed to you right after I watched your Bestbuy $300 limit challenge. You guys are awesome! And man, you guys must be so rich...what a dream house.

  • some how this guy hasn't hit 3 mill subs yet because he is a amazing hidden youtuber that releases the best content

  • Talking about the television: "Keep it nice and simple" It's a freaking 4K TV!!???!!??

    • totally agree!

    • It amazes me how some people don't even know what 4k is

    • @Juan Robles true, I think more people would get 4K but there is still not that much content to watch.

    • I have a 45 inch Samsung LED which I payed about $450 2 years ago when I got it so y not grab a 4k for around the same price.

    • Jeroen Bos well this TV is just about 550$ on Amazon so it's still fine.

  • UrAvgConsumer I really want this mattress because I believe sleep is one of the most import things to keep healthy! I also have been looking into making my Bedroom a smart Bedroom, and like you hinted towards in the beginning of the video, the bed/mattress is the foundation! The closest Sleep Number store to me is 1.6 miles away at Sleep Number Porter Ranch In the Porter Ranch Town Center next to Ralph's 19765A Rinaldi St Porter Ranch, CA 91326 A better night sleep would be everything for me! I recently have been experiencing discomfort in bed, leading to pain in the back throughout the day, and making it impossible to get out of bed. I hope you pick me!!!!!!!

  • what type of engineering does this tech go under ? like the oil diffuser or the laptops and stuff ?

  • The best room i ever see omg respect ... You are a very good youtuber pls do not stop with youtube

  • Such a cute dog name cookie .. nice and simple bedroom .. I like it

  • Staying in such room is so enjoyable. The dog is so cute

  • 8:40 I literally laughed out loud. My man gets a bro fist for that haha

  • With you 100% on the tablet arm thing 😂

  • Houston, TX. Kirby and Baybrook are the closest stores to me. I would love to win because I'm a techie and this is literally a dream to tech out my bed. As for any sleep issues I've been having, the temperature bothers me during my sleep every night, in the sense that I end up sweating or being too cold every single night, which results in my sleep being restless. It would be very cool to get that fixed, specially if that's possible with a tech mattress! 😂

  • that's where the magic happens

  • My hubby showed me this channel and I'm obsessed.

  • I bet your electricity bill cost more than my rent 😂😭

  • I'm digging' your comforter and sheets!! Where did you get?

  • i love the mattress,phone holder tv and wait i love everything

  • If you want to have a entertainment center in the bedroom but don’t have the outlets or the money to pay for a TV, try finding some projectors!! I love mine and use it since most of my outlets are taken by other things

  • Man I love ur content Amazing!!

  • I just now discovered you’re Chanel but I also realized how awesome you’re channel is!.

  • The closest one to where I live is less than a mile from me. I usually am a late-night fanatic and have a hard time going to bed after watching shows or doing any work, and I love to win this because me and my finance is moving soon and the mattress we have currently is very old. Love the vids Jud keep up the great work!

    • Dude this video is 3 YEARS old.

  • Next up: Teching out our bathroom! with philips hue toilet seats :D

    • Lol. They make toilet bowl lights that are rgb

    • you can also know, now long your sitting on the toilet

    • lol dude is doing what he likes doing

  • This dude is the tech god!

  • Need another one of these!

  • Entertaining! Keep it up!

  • Your the best tech guy on youtube

  • You turned off my bedroom lights with the Google home command haha

  • Closest store to me is fashion square sherman oaks and I would love the sleep number bed because I have some back issues so I like to sleep on a firm bed but there are those times when I would like to sleep on a soft bed as well which would make this bed perfect for me!

  • Very nice and tasteful bedroom 👍

  • Jud : Keep the bedroom simple ... Not too much tech Me : Bruh you're bed is smart 😂😂😂😂

  • Really good video, I’m a fan I feel inspired

  • omg, this room is amazing! I really lo. . . ve. . . he's wearing shoes. . . in his house!

  • Ty so much you gave me some cool tech so I can make my room smart

  • What does the room look like when it's not cleaned?


  • I LOVE BEDROOMS!!! it is where i do the best 2 things i do in life lol: sleep, play video games!!!

  • He always tricks me into liking all his videos by saying " be the cool guy or girl who likes this video “

  • I legitimately will bet that if UAC gets an i8, he'll have them custom paint it white/teal/black

  • LMAO every time you say hey google you set my goggle home mini off. I just started and i've seen your whole house its amazing.

  • I love your room😃😍♥️

  • judner is the type of guy who puts rgb led on a condom

  • My nearest store is in Indianapolis Indiana (4205 e 82nd st 46250) I would do well with a bed like this b/c my wife and I have very different preference. Similar to you, I like a pillow soft bed but she likes it much firmer. Great video as always. Keep on keeping on

  • While I like the content of this channel I have to admit, it is FAR from "average". In general, the stuff he shows off adds up to a lot of money. And most people don't have this kind of disposable income.

  • Bro I love ur videos keep em up! Bc of u I got my mom and stepdad a sleep number split bed

  • A smart phone , a laptop , a headphone , and maybe a tablet or an iPad and a speaker , is all we want ......this is a pile of gadgets in one single room