Tecno Camon 18 Premier Unboxing!

Publicado el 8 dic 2021
We’re back checking out more affordable smartphones! This time we're looking at the Tecno Camon 18 Premier and what it brings to the table. Check it out here: www.tecno-mobile.com/phones/p...

Want one for yourself? For a chance to win a Tecno Camon 18 Premier or the Buds, drop your twitter handle in the comment section. 6 lucky winners will be selected to win one or the other. I'll be reaching out to winners on Twitter, not ESmain. Good luck!

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  • We're back with another giveaway you guys! Hit the comment section with your twitter handle for a chance to win a Camon 18 or the buds! I'll reach-out on Twitter if you win. GL!

  • This phone is actually quite attractive.

  • Affordable and great spec! I wish more companies would get on board. Great job as usual, Jud. Keep 'em coming. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Tecno is definitely making a strong name for them lately. Can't wait to see the upset they bring!

  • Great review of a nice, budget friendly, feature packed phone!

  • More budget phones? Love to see it! And would love to see more.

  • It seems like a great deal. I don't know if it would make me give up my Google Pxel 6 Pro but it definitely seems like something that should be looked at. On a side note this is my first comment ever on ESmain. I've been on ESmain for probably 18 years and I've never taken the time to comment on anything. By the way I'm a big fan of you and your cousin. Have a good day

  • This phone actually looks pretty great

    • It probably is Until you try to stream HD Netflix then it sucks

  • The phone is definitely a top contender for mid range phones with the build and camera specs are cool.

  • Great quality phone for a great price 🔥🔥

  • Cool phone. The camera is insane. 👍🏽

  • All phone should come with a protective case! Great review! Subscribed

  • Its definitely bang for the buck good job Tecno

  • Wow tecno making amazing smartphone in spec wise, the display and camera

  • Dope review! This is impressive. Love it!

  • I thought Canon made a new phone LOL. Good stuff Gunther!

  • Never heard of this brand before, but I'd like to have it for my Dad!

  • This looks like a solid value for money smartphone from Tecno, the build quality looks top notch, would love to use it. SrHTripathi is twitter

  • I wonder if this could match up with Samsung's mid-range devices.

  • Great Video man, your content is alsways so informational and fun. Thank you!

  • this brand have been recommended, my friend even said if I want a budget midrange, tecno is a good choice

  • Keep up the good work :)

  • Digging the review for sure. Does it have a lot of bloatware with this phone ?

  • The colour and design is 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Nice pictures! The helio powered Camon 18 premier sure has a great camera!

  • This phone is so interesting, chinese brands are so good nowadays 🙌

  • What happened to the day in a life with pixel 6 pro ?????

  • I really love Tecno Mobile here in the Philippines i wish i had a money to buy that

  • for such price of a midrange it even has a gimbal camera🙂

  • Can not complain on the price of this phone you definitely get your moneys worth 🙂

  • Best tech guy after MKBHD👌🏻😻😻😻

  • Ultra tech as always, just like Bruce Wayne from batman 😏

  • Nice review and 300 with this spec is dope man

  • I'm a huge fan. Thank you always. I ask for good videos like now.

  • Been a super fan for years. Happy holidays to everyone

  • Heard about the Tecno brand but never have experienced it, would love to try and use Tecno Camon 18 Premier, my twitter is lalit_ht Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

  • Nice looking phone

  • Fantastic device

  • I would definitely get it for my mom!

  • I can't believe how cheap this phone is with all these features! The mic sucks but everything else is legit!

  • Since we're talking adorable smartphones, have you already addressed why you skipped reviewing the Pixel 6 lineup?

  • Not surprising these unknown brands put a phone case since case manufacturers might not make any because of low sales demand.

  • i love tecno and yur videos😉

  • I would love to have Tecno Camon 18 Premier this Holiday Season, my twitter is VintageBharat

  • It’s a nice smartphone, I once owned a tecno phantom 2 I really enjoyed the phone for my daily use, I just hope and pray that I’m been chosen to win a new tecno smartphone, thanks

  • Im interested in the phone

  • Imaging not doing a massive Christmas tech unboxing

  • This would be great for a student like me. Fingers crossed. Twitter: @simply_kobby

  • @JulesSaintLouis this phone is sexy as heck man. Still rocking a Razer phone 2 in 2021, in dire need of that sexy ocean blue

  • Cool 😎, phone ☎️ for the price


  • Can you review the Realme 8 5G please?

  • So simple to get a phone durng these tough times @2soli

  • All this for only 330 sound like a win win for me

  • I would really appreciate a Tecno Camon 18 Premier smartphone. Pookhubchandani - twitteR

  • I want 5 videos per week bro

  • Hi dear, I would really like to have a new phone for this Christmas and this phone seems solid, haven't tried this brand yet and would love to do that, twitter - mohitsk1105

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Bro i loved your t-shirt.

  • Seems as tho the Video camera has this third world yellow filter in its processing. I initially thought it was just the tropics doing its thing 😅

  • yooo this phone is fire

  • thank God I was really getting bored now I have something to watch

  • wow the phone is sick can i be in the giverway

  • @AdemMigale. You fan from Ethiopia/Africa. I love the phone I wish you could do review on the ear bud too.

  • hi sir good morning wish my christmas a tecno camon 18 primier i like that tecno camon 18 primier im from philippines thanks you sir

  • Pretty cool

  • I really like this Phone... @Vishnu_24680

  • not bad for the price

  • Not bad for normal uses

  • This price please tell me in 6rom 128external storage

  • Screw affordable, I want to cry myself to sleep after seeing videos of tech I'll never be able to afford.

  • WalkrOfShadows Please release me from this samsung phone, love the videos btw

  • Cheap phones comes with case beause manufactures dont like to make cases for cheap phones. Not a good market, toooo many weird cheap phones. Thats why they focus on mid top tiers

  • need a trance phone

  • Luv the red accent 😍🤗😎

  • Mauricioedom Greetings from Mexico!!

  • Good look

  • You had me until you said Helios yuck

  • It Look Like A Samsung Galaxy🧐🧐

  • @Gminez Nō 1 fan from Cameroon 🇨🇲

  • I unfortunately don't use suspend happy Twitter! I have Google Chat.

  • I tried this phone, not worth it. Better save and buy another brand

  • Can you deliver this phone to me

  • No fair I don’t have Twitter…☹️☹️☹️

  • I wanttt "netherzee" plz plz

  • @Superlusky Greetings from New Jersey!

  • I dont have Twitter 😐oh well

  • Please I need a phone

  • 😕😪😓People might not see this comment, but everybody stay safe and have a blessed day my God be with you all🙏🏾🙌🏾💗💥🌟🔥🤲🏽

  • Can I have iMac for gift lease

  • @JerMeliodas *fingers crossed*!!!!!!

  • Noti gang where you at?

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  • Ofc cheap phones come with a case - NO ONE makes cases for them!

  • TandaKaram

  • Why does this guy always wear shirts my 20 year old would wear extra small I bet he wears skinny jeans to

  • Dislike button anyone?

  • tuna