The BEST Tech I've Been Using All Month!

Publicado el 15 feb 2021
It's been a while since we last checked out my favorite tech of the month. I've been using some awesome gear
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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - REAL Day in the Life Review! -
Apple M1 MacBooks Air & Pro - The BEST MacBooks You Can Buy. -

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HomePod Mini:
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  • That G9... Waiting for my time to buy.

  • Sorry, but the HomePod mini does NOT use any computations to produce the best sound based on where you put it. It only adjusts based on what is playing. That is a feature available only on the $299 USD HomePod. The feature is called "Spatial awareness" and it even says on apple website that it doesn't have the feature. The audio does NOT adjust based on where you put it and you can not lift and place it back down in order to "fix" the audio. 360 degree audio just means it plays audio in every direction.

  • Black and teal HomePod...???

  • Bruh the dead bug next to the homepod. MUST HAVE DIED TO THE INSANE BASS BOOSTED JAY Z SONG BIG PIMPIN

  • Would love to know where u get those cool posters from, may be you can add a link in description next time by default

  • Your mic sounds a little fuzzy/muted. It’s definitely a good balance of vocal audio over music and background audio but sounds like you’re speaking through a cotton ball

  • Google tv is litro the same as fire tv

  • hi can you do a give away i need a pc plz

  • Love my G7

  • Cuando hablo español y veo que pone mi país venezuela :O

  • sorry, I have a very biased view against apple devices, so I really fought with myself about clicking the unlike button, I'm glad i stayed a while more and was able to recover from it. I guess it sucks, with so many different types of people coming to your channel , some hate apple some love it, u know? mixed bag. Its hard to please them all. I think you are doing a good job. I really like your desk, how it's set up and how it looks. I think you have one of the coolest man caves around. GG

  • Did you seriously play ANTHEM WHAT THE HECK

  • yeeetttt

  • You listen to jazz?

  • UrAvgConsumer: A Massage Me: *It's a vibrator*

  • What kind of gaming chair is that white chair?

  • So nobody is going to point out him watching iTemp apex videos

  • dude use the windows side by side. you killing me on that monitor

  • that cloud tech recording your whole life and they get rich as shit off it. and you give it to them for free and even promote their products haha

  • Please do a 2021 setup / man cave tour

  • Stop buying so many things man

  • since you watch black clover ima subscribe

  • TaoTronics has the best budget massage gun for only like $100. Not as sleek as Theragun, but it's quieter, stronger, and cheaper.

  • How do i buy that Oyeet thing? I need one asap.

  • @uravgconsumer if you had to rate the Samsung monitor Vs a TV like the LG oled for using with a console. Which one would you pick?

  • Would’ve liked to hear your death metal preferences on the HomePod mini

  • I love Ur new intro Man!!!!!

  • That dance confirms he is a dad

  • I have the g9 odyssey, can deffo recommend! It is expensive but honestly what you get for it, I think its a fair price and good value. It is like having 3 monitors in terms of productivity and it offers all the features you'd want. Also the immersion and design is like nothing else. Also if you bought 2 27inch monitors of the same spec as the g9 it would probs be the same price or more expensive than a g9.

  • 9:04, do not use that for yk what

  • Can you play games on the google Chromecast

  • Should change the channel name to UrAppleConsumer. That's more accurate

  • I want that SSBSSJ goku where did you get that?

  • man, as a tech ESmain u use Alienware mechanical keyboard? That key board is no good at all.

  • Insane cinema room!

  • Play life is goood ! 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂

  • hey JUdd. Ivee got the odysey. its an amazing monitor eh?

  • Dope. U rite about that Google Chrome cast..copped 1 for the home theater n my basement..great device. Yo we need a video update on your Home Theater. 🤔Love tha Channel.

  • Why did you replace the LG UST projector in the theater room? Curious since I'm in the market for one.

  • That's so cool! Tiny but amazing! Great review. :)

  • I'm in love with that samsung monitor

  • Can someone tell him we don’t make money a youtuber with 3M subs does

    • By average consumer he means the knowledge of the products, not the amount of money he has. The average consumer won't know all these fancy professional terms for tech. That's where he relates to the "average consumer" Don't hate on him for being successful

  • I was wondering where he was at...hes back!!

  • The best channel of high tech products, and the quality of your videos are insane

  • Nice to see you are back.Hope you and your family are ok. And if you ever need a trainer, will be glad to help.

  • The Rich Consumer

  • your average consumer is not so average anymore

  • Make more like this videos

  • Not going to lie. You've been making a lot of lazy content smh. This was pointless.

  • Best tech ESmainr hands down 🙌🏼

  • the samsung gaming monitor really is not that much considering all it has tbh

  • I want to know what's with the Play Station table?

  • that intro thoooooooooooggggggghhhhhhhh

  • 12:56 uac watching black clover 👀💥🙎‍♂️

  • It’s like I’m holding an “apple”... missed opportunity there.

  • “Average consumer”

    • Lol I consider myself an average consumer and this is stuff I would like to see reviews on. Average doesn’t mean poor.

  • Your average consumer is not average lol

  • does the chromecast also come with funimation?

  • 12:58 Is that a giant machine punching a giant axolotl

  • Man's got three setups

  • I might could consider getting a HomePod mini if Apple had it double as a portable Bluetooth speaker. What a missed opportunity

  • NO NO why do you gotta use caustic. That big guy is a murderer!

  • I like the new intro

  • I love all the tech, but odd question where did you get the Digimon statue???

  • Leaking your house would cost you 3 years of money earned in one night if ever someone robbed you

  • What’s the name of the song you played on the HomePod ?

  • You got me when you put black clover on the projector ಥ‿ಥ

  • Anthem, lol. Never heard that word in a while.

  • 10:06 single ladies: gimme that product

  • does the chromecast have VRV? cuz i prefer that over crunchyroll lmao and i got a subscription on it too

  • Eyyy Shoutout Sweden !!! xD

  • Jud, chrome cast or amazon fire tv cube?

  • Wondering how the homepod mini compare vs a standard sonos? Sonos sound amazing, but the integration of the homepod mini w/Apple might be a bigger deal as time goes on.

  • how did ur video not get claimed... after life is good ur not supposed be having it good with yt

  • The last man on the planet playing Anthem.. ;-)

  • Nice simple intro.

  • Let’s play anthem said no one ever

  • It's funny how this guy calls himself an "average consumer", when most of the tech he buys nowadays is for rich people. Also, his tweet about the channel being for the average consumer, as opposed to himself being an average consumer is plain stupid. Let's be real, an average consumer isn't going to spend a lot of time looking at videos about products they'll never actually buy. It makes more sense to make videos that actually cater towards your audience, instead of making them feel outclassed.

  • Samsung monitor is next level😘😘😘😘

  • 8:57 bruh 😂

    • 10:04 No way bruuuhh 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  • My PS5

  • New intro is awesome man!!

  • Can this guy please change the name of his channel!! In the very beginning this channel was for the average consumer. Now that this dude got rich, he no longer is the average consumer. Example, his huge desktop monitor!!!! The “average consumer” is not buying that. His cars, the average consumer isn’t buying. The man himself is a great guy. His wife is probably a wonderful lady. I can’t be the only person who has these thoughts

  • My Z35P looks soooooo small lol

  • First positive Review of the Odyssey G9...

  • That monitors bigger try Jan my tv

  • My boy watching that Black Clover 🍀

  • I have the 120hz free sync version

  • Can’t find Alex drawers on IKEA. Are the discontinued?

  • You're doing it wrong. Download Samsung Easy Setting Box.

  • 2:44 the fact that he mutes "Hey siri" for iPhone users

  • Cool sir!!!

  • Hope you see this, thank you for your uploads.

  • I like how he also talk with his camera man

  • 12:47 ya like the time skip arc

  • Yo I just found this dude hes so vibe idk why

  • That Samsung monitor is really nice. I want one, but I can't justify spending over $1500 on a computer monitor.

  • I'd like to know... What happened with the broken chair? Is the same that you have in this video or got to change it? The monitor that all of we poor people dream with LOL

  • The Samsung Odyssey G9 is a fantastic curve monitor for gaming, trading stocks and multitasking.