The Best Travel SSD?

Publicado el 24 nov 2020
Made a small update to my gadget backpack! These SSDs have been with me for years. Now we've got the latest one!
Check out the Samsung T7 here:
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  • Kyleodell

  • Will this work with PS4

  • Does anyone of you know any good option if wanna install an external storage option for my ps5 Do you anyone?

  • i recommend this ssd its, small , fast and durable . Not cheap, but worth it!

  • Damn the negative comments just saved me 8 minutes of sponsored advertising garbage I guess.. never seen this many negative comments on this page. Don鈥檛 ruin the subscriber count bro.

  • The Samsung T series SSD drives are the best, fastest, and compact SSD drives in the market.

  • Damn I need for my onlyfans content!!! Lol

  • I thought I brought premium to stop ads from being in a video I want a refund god damn 8+ min ad

  • Best when one is sponsored. All pro is there any cons?

  • Nice

  • I'd love another gadget backpack vid 馃ぉand maybe J could also make a vid of a camera bag. Would love one 馃コ

  • We are waiting for Wats in ur backpack Vedio eagerly Put the 2020 hitech version

  • Unsubscribed after seeing this 8 minute Samsung ad.

  • He gets it for free, we need to buy them.

  • This may have just been an ad, but we all need to appreciate the time and effort that went into making this video! Will always give Jud a thumbs up!

  • @UrAvgConsumer yo, quick question. What are you actually doing with all the tech you are constantly buying? Shouldn't your bureau/flat be full of tech stuff you aren't able or willing to use by now? PS: love the style of your videos, they are just really chill and informative to watch

  • 2020 Gadget Backpack please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Can you do a review/tour of everything in your Thule backpack that you have in this video I'm trying to decide on what to buy

  • i have it. Things a beast!

  • I like finger prints about it

  • A lot of haters up in here saying this an ad. So what's the difference between an ad and a review?

  • Good review brother!

  • holy crap how much did Samsung pay for this ad?

  • 2:50 by "pretty private" he is referring to home made porn

  • A gadget backpack is the most virgin thing I have ever seen

  • Woah that鈥檚 a pretty capable SSD. Currently I don鈥檛 use SSD鈥橲 as I have an 8TB MacBook Pro. Great video!

  • I hope Jud understands that we're not necessarily upset that he did a video about a portable SSD. It's that we were deceived about what the video was actually going to be about when it was published yesterday due to the initial click-bait thumbnail and title. I'm fine with creators developing partnerships and making money. Just be honest about it though. That's all I ask and I'm sure most of his subs/fans feel the same.

  • Let the man create a sponsor video. I get it, you guys don鈥檛 like the sponsor content, I don鈥檛 either but he needs to make his money. Stop complaining

  • I鈥檓 concerned. With the reviews I鈥檝e seen on Amazon, this (with other being Sandisk) sometimes don鈥檛 have the most reliable build, regarding Mac/macOS. Drive crashes, lock outs and data wipes have me skeptical. So what drive is actually good to use for MacBook/Mac in general?

  • If this guy is an average consumer, then I'm stinking poor.

  • I Just Started Searching Today For A Good SSD And You Uploaded The Video For The Same.Thank Mate鉂わ笍

  • 8 minute ad...

  • These are what I use to backup my videos on, love them!

  • does it work for the ps5 though?

  • 6:22 is that ssd floating in the air or am i high?

  • Would love to see Apple gadget backpack 鉂 and then you throw in that samsung SSD T7

  • *Sellout*

  • whats wrong with the camara or the camara man

  • I have it! Perfect for travel!

  • ugh givee meee normal content not a sponserrrrrr!!!!!!馃槫

  • You always makes me know some things new


  • Yeah it would be nice to see another gadget backpack vid again馃榿

  • What happens if you get a finger chopped off accidentally?

  • Props for changing the tumbnail and description for this video.

  • Like always an amazing video, kinda was expecting a whole backpack vid 馃槄

  • I like SSD Samsung

  • yes please cover the gadget back pack

  • I didn't see you drop it in water to confirm durability

  • Had to dislike this one馃様

  • Dont let money and sponsors get to your head, keep the content OG which is what got you where you were.

  • Trash video.

  • "What so special about the T7 touch? Why do I feel like I needed to upgrade?" well for starters, they're literally paying you to "upgrade".....馃檮

  • Gadget Backpack 8.0???????

  • This isn鈥檛 a backpack review it鈥檚 a ssd review

  • This just wasn鈥檛 on point. I鈥檓 sorry. I can鈥檛 watch this. It鈥檚 literally an ad. I know things might not work out all the time, but this just wasn鈥檛 it


  • Please make the backback Video !

  • I like almost everyone else got disappointed when we realised it wasn鈥檛 a truck backpack and just a really glorified ssd ad

  • His recent videos have been nothing but ads for various sponsors with added "I like/love this y'all". My respect for this guy is falling fast.

  • Glad the video name changed! Much better to see what the video is actually going to be about. It is nice to see that there are reviews on products like these. Although the price, this little thing is great for external storage and speeds that can run games smooth.

  • awesome video but I miss the studio very much please shoot in the studio

  • Holy it鈥檚 been a long time since I鈥檝e seen a backpack

  • Just for clarification without the fingerprint you can still access/read the contents of the drive but cannot write/save or delete files?

  • A bunch of ESmainr's got paid by Samsung for some storage but like you out did the advertisement lmao

  • running a tech channel is tough so i dont mind watching a sponsored video or two

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  • It has a fingerprint scanner. There you go, I saved you 8 minute.

  • Where im i suppose to travel to theres a epidemic going on.

  • Boooooooooooooooooo Ad af

  • Yes I'm looking forward to a late 2020/early 2021 tech backpack. Been keeping my to go tech bag up to date from your videos

  • I got the same thing for Christmas

  • Click bait ads at its worst.

  • yall acting like EVERY video he makes isnt an ad in some shape or form

  • Massive disappointment. Just an 8 minute ad

  • Its super expensive in my country and I'll have more storage ssds at maybe the half of its price , tell them to reduce the price hella lot

  • That's the most hardest semi-conductor ssd ever haha!~ :D

  • Privacy!!!! Sad James Bond noises

  • Am just curious..if everyone of your videos are sponsored by the manufacturer themselves how can you give a honest review about the product...its looks more like you are 10000% more focused on making money rather than giving honest opinions. No product in the world is 100% perfect 馃檮

  • Yes bro

  • ESmain noob : Oh so this is the thing that beat PewDiePie ,T Series ! Me: 馃う

  • Can you use these for gaming on an Xbox?

  • 8 min ad get off my screen thought u were one of those who didn't do things like this. +1 dislike

  • Worthless

  • I swear he changed the title and thumbnail

    • Yep was a tech bag thumb and title now it鈥檚 all the ssd.

  • Gotta love how the title was changed after the flood of disappointment.

    • And he changed the thumb nail

    • @MrP!!nk it was intitally called "my travel backpack" but since he pretty much only covered the ssd, he changed it.

  • Great video bro keep up the good work awesome detail explaination that T7 is nice I have to cop that super clean video thanks for the information God Bless

  • You are not a avredge consumer

  • Literally 99% won't see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe & have a wonderful day. I'm trying to reach 1K.

  • Come on already know what we can REALLY store on this...

  • C'mon man! I'm all about getting that $$$, but the last 4 vids have just been glorified ads. What is happening???

    • After the fall flood of tech, probably had these in the can so he could take a week off. Kind of a bad look to do them all back to back though.

  • Cuts finger down

  • 1.25x , thank me later

  • Yeh I'm just gonna buy a normal SSD drive and password protect it rather than buy this thing... Save myself like 100 bucks lol...

  • if the information's sensitive, cant someone just chop your thumb off and steal the data ?

  • I'm disappointed in you Jud. We thought you where gonna show alot of tech and it's just a ad for a harddrive. I'm disappointed. Edit: 2 weeks later he changed the title to "The best SSD?"

  • nice

  • Well, I agree 馃挴 with using an external SSD like this; one that is physically durable and has software security features built in.

  • I think we all know what those private files are >w>

  • Nice & good bro 馃憤馃憤馃憦馃憦馃尮馃嚨馃嚢馃嚨馃嚢馃嚨馃嚢