The EVIL Halo Infinite PC Build!

Publicado el 9 dic 2021
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  • So sick, congrats!!!

  • I CANNOT BELIEVE I WON FOR BEST PLAY! So excited for this. Thanks for making it so BAD ASS! 🔥🔥🔥

  • The detail..Holy moly , that came out amazing!

  • This is SO HARD! My goodness this build is insane (also the editing on that reveal was wild). This is so dope. Amazing work Jud!

  • This whole thing is crazy man. Some lucky person is gonna love it.

  • ok Jud I been holding off for a bit but I'm about to hook you up with a custom UAC dad hat!!! I'll tag you on IG/Twitter when I finish it!

  • The quality of both the building the pc and the video here is Amazing. Keep it up.

  • Awesome job! I want to see more collaborations!

  • Sick! My only concern is shipping that bad boy. Gonna need antigravity memory foam bubble wrap for UPS or FedEx not to ruin it. Or hopefully you guys can transport it yourselves. Lol

  • i loved it.. i need to see his DIY stuffs again

  • This is absolutely incredible, but the Medieval one is unreachable 😍

    • where the medieval one?

  • Beautiful Build, peace of Art 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • The editing where the pc transformed looked mad!

  • Bring Jared back for more Custom designs

  • SOO glad he got someone to help with this custom pc lol

  • This looks awesome. But at looking at its a Gundam PC ever gonna be in the works??

  • Dam! Definitely need more Jared.

  • Great editing 🔥

  • Amazing build but not quite sure if I catch it but does Xbox pass has PC games now?

  • One of the sickest pc cases I’ve seen

  • so sick, well done!!!

  • Man this looks awesome!!!

  • 0:47 '... one of the best' It's amazing, Gamepass truly is. But I've always found people saying 'one of the...' as a way to water down the compliment. Just say it's THE BEST game sub out there or else who knows... you may have 10 'one of the best game' which clearly already caries less weight 😅

  • Legendary Build !

  • Great job putting the PC together and the edits were clean! Plus have Jared come back and make some gundams

  • Awesome PC build. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  • That case is crazy!!!

  • Halo: Infinite is lit 🔥

  • Another cool build. What was that white plastic board that was used?

  • A bit slow on the ram but great job!

    • @Joey Morales Yeah I just feel like it’s widely known that ryzen needs atleast 3200MT/s to perform at its best

    • BROH i saw that too, and had to SMH my head real quick.

  • Do yall think it smart to slowly build a monster computer

  • Next make a GoW: Ragnarok themed ps5 housing.

  • is this a new editor because SHEESHHHHH that montage was the best I've ever seen

  • lol dude you should say this is sponsored by Microsoft!

  • Yo dope build, congrats on the winner, But ayeeee what's that cool orange light ring in the background at 3:01 ?

  • More videos u are in beast mode

  • Is it just me or do y’all hear a console turning on at random parts in the video?

  • Your speaking my kind of language. Can't forget the EA play access with Xbox game pass for PC.

  • I love halo infinite

  • Yes,bring him back.

  • WOW... Speachlesssssssss. Amazing

  • That's a bada$$ PC halo always Lit 💪😏

  • I love your videos

  • Slick!!! Bring Jared back!!!!!!!

  • The banished build

  • This channel is like LTT and DIWhy had a baby

  • Sick PC🥵🎮💤

  • Can you recommend a good streaming laptop for twitch

    • maybe not laptops as the fans will ruin your stream

  • Halo Infinite is lit pc gamer

  • Both jud and austin have a jared

  • Wait. DDr4 2666 mhz, bruh and its amd???

  • Ya that montage was sick.

  • Looks clean

  • good video like allways

  • What's up u are the best I'm excited

  • You should do I give away with the Xbox game pass pc you build

  • 2666mhz ram?

  • That edit on the pc reveal… sheeeesh 🔥🔥

  • Best ESmainr

  • Who else just watched austin’s video?

  • What is the name of intro music used here ? Somebody pls tell

  • This is a day one

  • well give it to me then

  • This is cold ❄️

  • I am gettin game pass for pc

  • This thing look ssick

  • You guys are Aliens

  • Nice

  • I knew he was SUS🌈

  • ✨⭐✨💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞✨⭐✨

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  • Love from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  • That escharum pc tho. Spoilers Atriox is alive Cortana sacrificed herself Weapon is now Cortana

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  • its ugly