The GREATEST Tech Gifts 2020 - Budget Edition!

Publicado el 23 dic 2020
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Looking for the some awesome but inexpensive gift for the holidays? Stocking stuffers maybe? Here are some awesome suggestions that can make some great last minute gifts.

Apple M1 MacBooks Air & Pro - The BEST MacBooks You Can Buy. -
My Massive Tech Unboxing 36.0! - Holiday Edition! -

Find everything here:
Beats Flex:
Skullcandy Evo Sesh True Wireless Earbuds:
Tile Essentials (2020) 4-pack:
Echo Dot (4th gen):
Satechi Apple Watch USB-C Charger:
Satechi Airpods USB-C Charger:
Seneo Charging Station for iPhone, Airpods, Apple Watch:
Willful Smart Watch:
Daybetter Led Strip Lights 32.8ft:

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  • Boy amazon must pay pretty good! His videos are top quality

  • I wish i got those skull candy earbuds earlier now they are 60 dollars

  • So great to see how far you have come! I remember watching you with 100k!

  • I was just watching this on my tv and when he said Alexa my Alexa went off too. Anyone else?

  • Yo those silver AirPods Pro go hard AF 😤

  • avg consumer you should have a video about an apple vr headset for apple when it comes out

  • ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  • 0:16 now I know why I get budget gifts

    • Nah just kidding, got a fitbit, keyboard and mouse

  • May i know your airpods pro case? Thanks

  • Anybody know which black lamp that is that you see with the blue light at around 11:36??

  • I have those skull candys and they don’t sound good. I bought the SoundPeats he recommended years ago and are a way better option.

  • Fill t1x, t1xs, and t1 pro are better choices (in my opinion) for budget tws earbuds, they have GODLIKE sound quality, app support, and other cool features for their price. Theyre 50$, 60$, and 70$ in the order that i previously mentioned. if u (the reader) would like to know more about them, check out their reviews by ELJEFEREVIEWS or Just doing life tv on yt

  • Now I feel like my parents watch you because I got le skullcandy sesh

  • Yeah no can’t afford any of it

  • Watching this channel makes me want to buy things that I don’t need

  • 0:36 ASMR bone crack

  • what's going out guys?'s.. your avrg consumer

  • the budget seris is my favourite

  • Pramod 😂😂😂

  • I personally feel Skullcandy is underestimated and isn’t talked about enough. They make some great products in my opinion

  • What’s the name of that lamp

  • Nobody: My Alexa being me: IN NPR NEWS

  • They are all nice and I really like that watch.

  • What is that lamp?

  • 5t

  • What was the lamp on the desk

  • Great video ❤️

  • My last buy a "averege " Archos smart screen speaker with qi charger on top and full android, no voice commando's here only the beauty of the touchscreen for the not so "averege" price of €31,33. 4 real,4 real , My best buy ever witch makes it.... pretty damnn Nice!

  • I swear by Skullcandy

  • Can you do a review on the Soundcore Life Q30

  • Seeing this video makes me question the true difination of budget

  • A little late

  • Neckbands are my personal choice for in-ear phones still. I don't want the independent ear buds, too easy to lose and much more difficult to store. I don't want to keep putting them back in a case every ten minutes at work.

  • What if you lost you phone how tile gonna work 😂😂😂😂

  • Are the beats x worth it?

  • So something to keep in mind with the Skull Candy Sesh. I own a pair and thought there were awesome until the right ear bud stopped working properly. It would disconnect randomly and the battery just on the right ear bud died much faster. After some research I found out this was a common problem in the sesh.

  • you could have muted when you said alexa

  • does anyone know where he got the desk lamp from at minute 11:09

  • I appreciate that you didn't mute yourself saying "Alexa." Mine really liked hearing your voice 🙂🙂

  • Bruh people in the comments never satisfied 😂😒

  • I just got some galaxy buds and I love them !

  • Bro I love these budget videos !!!!!! Seriously I’ve been looking for a charging station with some flare for the longest. Good looks fam

  • Skull candy huh

  • What’s his definition of budget items

  • They really roasting you about the timing lol

  • I did not get anything at all and my parents lied to me Sadness.

  • Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 and happy new year 🎊🎆

  • 12:31 What is that lamp? Never saw this before...

  • u ain't average anymore

  • Alexa ain't got shit on Google assistant I have both and it's the nest mini in my room the echo stays unplugged

  • Gifts to send to your third world cousins

  • Parody: Even average consumer can't afford these stuff.😂😂😂

  • Ima Need Dat Lamp Link Woe

  • i hv those skullcandy! in the same color

  • Budget edition? You mean the average consumer edition

  • Next year plz do it at the start of December so that we can get stuff in for Christmas

  • Love that apple watch charger

  • I know you make a budget episode for People that cant afford thing at the moment but if they Have an iphone airpods and an Apple watch they probably Have a lot of money maybe consider budget tech that doesnt need exspensive items to start with

  • Hey man the wireless charging thing that goes on a MacBook for Apple Watch could I plug that adapter to a MacBook Air or does it have to be a MacBook Pro??

  • ? I just received ear pods but their non Apple will the Sylvania charge wirelessly?

  • Echoes are also great alarm clocks

  • When you’ve never been able to celebrate Christmas 🥲👍🏾

  • Who is watching this on Christmas day

  • Background music tho

  • Ima need the link to that lamp

  • 9:26 different Apple Watch appears (subtle flex)

  • Hello everyone 💞🙏

  • if you own an echo or google home and use led strips, get a smart plug to turn it on and off without the remote :)

  • Are the tiles rechargeable? If not it wouldn‘t be great for the environment

  • 🎄Merry Christmas to Jud, Arie and family🎄

  • Bad timing, bruh. This video was posted too late.

  • Yo I got the Studio 3's

  • I'm curious about that lamp has he made a video on it?

  • Please change your channel name.

  • drops gift guide the day before Christmas eve lmao

  • Nigga....why would you post this less than 48 hours before Christmas?

  • This is very late.

  • What tables do you have in the background? The computer desk.

  • Dude I’ve watched you for years. Love the content not gonna lie I don’t watch you that often anymore but cmon you know you made this wayyyyyyyy too late. Not the end of the world I still love the video just abit disappointed as I always see professionalism in you.

  • Tv wallpaper?

  • No offense but when you said somebody not that important"" it hit me right in the chest. It was very rude of you to say that.

  • I recently discovered this channel. I enjoy learning about new tech. I love seeing what’s out there. I watched a video in which you showed your game room closet. The excess blew me away. You do a lot of giveaways and that’s awesome but what about partnering with an organization to give that excess away to people who are struggling to start over in life? What a treat for them to get something beyond their basic needs like a phone, headphones, or a backpack. If you were in my area, I would recommend LifeWorks. I’m in the Austin area though. Not a one-time donation, but a partnership so that excess is constantly flowing to others?? What good are 50 headphones hanging in a closet? Seeing that excess made me check myself. I just cleaned out my own closet and am going to donate 3 bags of stuff to Goodwill.

  • What is that LED lamp called?

  • That Apple Watch charger doesn’t look like it will work with infinity loop.

  • I love inexpensive tech (yet still functional, and aesthetically pleasing)! Sure, you might see me sporting flagship devices, but best believe that I’m also using budget-friendly ones that stretches the reach a dollar could. Also, this probably is an early 2021 gift guide, more than a 2020 holiday one. Not that it matters, I would personally love to receive gifts any time of the year 😁

  • I like this channel and videos, but some obvious constructive criticism is that I shouldn't post a gift guide for the biggest holiday of the year 2 days before that holiday which resides as Christmas happens, b/c now this gift guide is basically impossible to be useful

  • Merry Christmas everyone

  • child is sleeping and you activated my Alexa **Noooooooo Jay**

  • That echo dot is pretty fire. But these are definitely New Years gifts at this point hahaha.

  • Judd's outros are ALWAYS so smooth. Love the videos, keep up the great work, team

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  • The thing is the shipping. Time got to him to that. Is why it was late

  • my man said today im actually recommending the essential pack like he got paid to say it by tile

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