The GREATEST Tech Gifts 2020!

Publicado el 18 dic 2020
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We've still got some Tech Gift Guides coming! This time we have some more average priced items to go along side our baller and budget edition(coming soon). What have you guys picked up for the holidays so far? Let me know in the comments!
The GREATEST Tech Gifts in 2020 - Baller Edition! -
iPhone 12 Mini - REAL Day in the Life Review! -
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Chromecast with Google TV -
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Sony XB900N -
Sony WHCH710N -
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  • Wow, I'm so poor

  • I like the Microsoft laptop and the Sonys headphones.

  • Hey buddy we are in 2021😁

  • seriously... does he just have all this tech in his house for him and his family or does he borrow these for display??

  • You should send me that Laptop.....

  • And another

  • 5:47 some people are not tech youtubers you know, we're not all rich O_O

  • We still have a tv with av cables

  • Yo do u think u could hook me up with a laptop. Mine is really slow and not even a year old.

  • 6:18 smh lol.

  • “These only go for 123 bucks” yeah only $123. I have $0

  • Yo where's the razor nari. RAZOR Nari = Sony Impulse replacement.

  • Does anyone know what desk lamp is at 9:09? That's literally the coolest thing.

  • Video starts at 1:30

  • That 3:26 transition was LTT-Sponsor-Level smooth

  • sony headphones or airpods max? Thoughts?


  • Hey UAC, do you happen to have any Macbooks you would love to give out as a Christmas gift to a young UI/UX designer? That is the only gift I have wished for, would you like to be my santa? Dreams do come true they say.

  • What’s the necklace you got that thing is so cool and looks really nice man

  • Where to buy the Dragon ball action figures?

  • The new chrome cast is freaking amazing when paired with a Bluetooth controller and steam link. You can even use a USB c adapter (with power pass through of course) to add Ethernet, extra ports etc. Soooooooo worth the price.

  • Jud: “It’s an older model, a much older model” Me: 😕Looking and watching this on my 2015 MacBook Pro :( He called a 2019 MacBook "OLD" and I have a 2015 MacBook. If that is old, what is mine?

  • Who else loves his backpacks? Like if you agree

  • literally every backpack can have a „tile integration“ like this lol

  • When you don't have a smart tv

  • "A lot of smart tv's don't have crunchy right carl, NONE! -- lol, that had me dying but its true though.

  • Which case you are using for your AirPods pro ? Can you tell me, it looks cool

  • Yeah it only goes for $100 bucks. What’s a $100 bucks? I guess this dude thinks everyone should be able to afford $100 bucks for a damn bag 💼 lmao. I love this dudes videos but the simple fact is I’m poor. I have bills. I have ONE of the best jobs in my area and I still couldn’t afford a $100 dollar bag.

  • 05:47 I don't even have a TV lmao

  • Average consumer is not so average. That's a lot of gadgets on the desk, I can't even afford a MacBook Pro 😅

  • Waiting for the cheap tech gifts video 😂

  • I dont think youre an average consumer anymore

  • 500 coment

  • no smart tv in 2020 gang wya

  • Those wireless chargers are sick. Google Cromcast as well is nice.

  • Shiiiiiit, that Broly vs Gogeta was slick

  • I'm still using my Ncredible headphones. They sound pretty good too.

  • WARNING. The Sony WHCH710N are extremely uncomfortable. I got them from Amazon because they were on sale and oh man they are uncomfortable. There’s no cushion on the top and the none on the ear cuffs. You can literally feel what’s on the inside of the cuffs when you wear them. Do not get that model if you value comfort.

  • I love when he says ur average consumer when he shows like 500 $$$ things

  • For $100, I better get YKK Zippers...

  • I just want amazon gift card please

  • Its not international and i dont care

  • This is the first time I am seeing your video but have to say, your house looks very nice.

  • What kind of speakers does he use on his desk ?

  • 3:46 saw the sneaky 420 at the laptop time

  • Who are these big ballers buying people $600 Christmas gifts

  • 8 years ago Hey guys it's Ur average consumer Now Hey guys I'm Ur crazy rich consumer No offence Mr consumer

  • Lol that 99 dollar backpack better be a jetpack too

  • Joke 😁😂

  • he just reviews bags, google tv whatever and laptops

  • i wish if i get that laptop. I am computer science student with 2008 desktop :)

  • You are not an AVGCONSUMER anymore

  • Does the chrome cast have the app peacock?

  • Getting the surface laptop go in a few days :)

  • “If you dont have a smart tv in 2020 that would be shocking” Me with my 2013 samsung tv: 😐

  • Imagine having a house full of tech

  • another tv shopping commercial

  • 7:23 there's a bug on my desk

  • @uravgconsumer what iPhone case are you using in this vid?

  • Ertagul Gazi sopted 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥

  • 08:32 ohh 😯 so cute baby Who all agree.... hit like here

  • This is the evolution of the infomercial making fun of my dad watching and buying tech over commercials over the phone has come full circle now smh lol.

  • I dunno that your avg consumer necessarily have smart TVs

  • I just got the brevity jumper photo backpack and it is outstanding! You should do a review on that one Jud!

  • Where is the budget edition? I cant find it.

  • Can you link the wallpaper on the MacBook

  • I generally prefer my tech bags/backpacks to have an external usb port. But that Tile is a nice touch

  • Jud: you can present someone with a 8k tv Me : me with a 1080 p smart tv bruh


  • Anyone else waiting for the budget edition?🥺

    • I checked the description but nothing there, I don’t think we’re gonna get it 😢

  • Why is all so expensive?

  • Instead of getting the 100 watt charger, you should get the apple ear cups for the same price! But like seriously, why are those ear cups so expensive

  • I still have my Sony Bravia that I bought in 2006 and it still works.

  • None of this is for an average consumer

  • Really cool backpack 🎒

  • You are the most trustworthy youtube reviewer for me! thx😉

  • Smart TVs may look good, but I’m not in a rush to upgrade to one just yet. My current setup is a 32” LCD HD TV whilst using a 1st Gen Chromecast to stream my content to. Both appliances are still working a treat.

  • Please if you are not using it I need a laptop even if it a old model ig @kingoj_101 please

  • Not sure it was a good idea to reveal the location of the tile. Now thieves know exactly where to go to remove it.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:19 XD . anyone notice he was wearing the same hoodie in the tv

  • mahn, i just wish for the Sony XB950N1

  • The marked mile excitingly accept because aunt comparatively love worth a shy grease. lavish, disgusted beach

  • “It’s an older model” *looks at my 2012 MacBook pro* 😕


    • LOL that's what I thought as well with my 2013 Chromebook

  • I Have a 36 inch 4 inch thick tv

  • Why would I buy a 100 dollars book bag

  • 100 bucks for a cheap looking backpack lol. Nah fam.

  • MKBHD style backpack

  • As a user of BitDefender I approve of said sponsor lol

  • Can u do raycon Bluetooth earbuds

  • Noice

  • I like this bag.

  • Macbook looked new to me. Dude said he took it out the graveyard 🤦‍♂️avgconsumer, sure 👍

  • Good idea This Video

  • Your channel name doesn't define the videos in it anymore. An average consumer is not able to buy all these costly stuff. I'm talking about all the videos not just this one. Hit like if you agree

  • What tv is he using at 5:37?

  • Great Vid!! can you tell me what case you have on your AirPods Pro?

  • You should do a Christmas giveaway

  • Love the part where "a lot of smart TVs don't include Crunchyroll....then that's a PROBLEM!" LOL I gotta have my ANIME!

  • I heard the amongst us hmm

  • I actually loved the action figures more than the Amazon cube 😂😂