The Most Advanced Earbuds? Sony WF-1000XM4 Review!

Publicado el 17 jul 2021
Sony's newest earbuds are here! The Sony WF-1000XM4. These are their most advanced earbuds, but what kind of tech do they have and are they worth it? Let's discuss in this full unboxing and review.

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  • I really, really, really wanted to like them. Tomorrow I'm gonna return them, these are my 5th pair of ANC headphones, not exactly a newbie when we talk about fitting them properly etc. To me, personally, they hurt a lot no matter what. Unberable to wear for more than 1 hour and half, 2 tops. The sound is amazing, the ANC superb... It is with a heavy heart that I'm returning them. But honestly I need something to wear 8-10 hours a day that won't make me rip off my ears. Airpods Pro are not even close in sound quality, and slightly inferior in the ANC performance as well... however, there is no way (for me at least) that those pro are going to make up for a painful experience after this period of time. I guess everybody's ears are different, mine are not for these and like me many more people won't be able to wear them. Just know that after trying all the possible combinations if it's a no, it's a no. After all, you must be your own judge, so try everything possible to test every fit, position etc... but then don't feel like you *have* to keep them or that they are "supposed to be like this and it's you that don't understand how to fit them". You are spending a good amount of money, you should get a premium experience! I'm gonna, sadly, go back to my airpods pro... it's a pity I wanted a step up in audio quality etc, but it seems they're the only ones that I forget I have in my ears.

  • Hi, new sub here from Manila. Like your show and format!

  • "More Life" 🙌🏾

  • Just got mine last week. Switched to a samsung phone so I needed a good wireless earbud. And let me say, the sound quality of these especially when using LDAC absolutely buries airpods pro. I'm someone who uses beyerdynamic dt1990 pro headphones at my desktop ($600), and I think these sound good even in comparison. Especially using tidal lossless audio

  • Hi, can you please review the Soundcore Liberty Pro 3?

  • $400 CAD for these headphones is just way too much though.

  • Just putting my two cents out there, the memory foam tips on these are terrible, you really need to jam them in your ear canals hard for them to stay on at all. That and the material causes irritation and itchiness in your ears. The only good thing I can say about these are the noise-cancellation, sound quality and battery life. But maybe my ears are just retarded but these either don't stick in my ear or feel extremely uncomfortable jammed in deep. I even tried some smaller than the small memory foam (which aren't really all that small) silicone tips that came with my 20 dollar sony earphones, they fit a lot better than the memory foam, but due to the weight of these, you really need to jam them in deep to have them stay in and even then they keep popping out. Probably great in-ear phones but they just won't fit my ears comfortably, well that's 300 bucks down the drain.

  • No multipoint support, yet... what the heck Sony?!? :(

  • Are these snug enough to workout with?

  • Not worth the money. The JBL tour pro is 160 and sounds just as good. If you dont need the fancy features def get the JBL tour pro

  • How durable are the ear tips??

  • I returned my 3 days old xm3 and exchange it to xm4. XM4 is slightly better on bass , but the XM3 has just a bit forward mids and highs. The equalizer helps big time for both. The XM4 is more comfortable on my ears vs the XM3. Sound signature for both is awesome! Better than Bose earbuds. If you like R&B’s or bass heavy music, XM4 is your best bet! Loving mine so far!

  • What wireless charger dock was that?

  • Can these headphones stand up to loud very loud bangs? I have a schizophrenic neighbor that lives directly above me. Everyday he drops 50lb weights/jumps on the floor with all of his body weight multiple times. For sleep do you recommend these buds or noise canceling headphones?

  • Sound quality is good but cannot hear ring tone when people call you and u will miss the call

  • very nice.

  • Just bought these earbuds and already had Galaxy buds live. The galaxy bugs live had better base and were louder. The sound quality was about the same. As far as overall sound quality these Sony earbuds are not worth the $300.

  • Sony is best 👌 for sound quality , picture quality etc. Even though Air pod pro is one of the best Sony just came as a real smart player 👍..

  • It's actually gonna be weird if the voice detection feature activates for others ppl's conversations. It is perfect the way it is, being activated by only your voice.

  • I think it will be a nice upgrade from my galaxy buds live.

  • Guys…love your work, but no call/voice quality review? Major use case for earbuds is to be able to use them for Skype/zoom calls. At home and in noisy environments…. You don’t cover this… pls add that going forward:-)

  • Are the foam ear tips replaceable?! Spare? Or ComplyFoam?

  • If my Phone doesn’t support the LS codec but only the aptx then is their any point in getting these over another set which does support aptx or is this not a significant consideration?

  • Just got mine Friday. Everywhere has been sold out and unfortunately all I could get was the grey color. I want the black but they sound amazing and I’m glad the Bluetooth connection on iOS has been fixed from the last generation. Great review as always!

    • It was sold out at best buy and target for me..but I found a pair at PC Richardson. I'm glad I got my hands on them!

  • i have xioami mi basic 2 earphones . paid $30 . it has one of the best sound and sound separation.

  • Pro tip: A little anal lube combined with the compression technique works even better for getting them into the ears.

  • What about the MW-08s?

  • OK. so ambient noise can be activated. That's what I want unless I listen to music/video.

  • Common... No mention of multi device support.

  • Great , cool , review 👍

  • Does anyone has problems with these headphones? Whoosh sound, also low volume on Android phones? It has perfect volume on iphone, i tried everything people suggest, not lucky. I guess i am turning them back

  • Tried the galaxy buds pro. Returned. Seinhausser momentum 2. Returned. Picked up these.. Best earbuds period.

  • shade thrown at 10:13

  • In Australia they are selling for same price as XM4s so makes it hard to decide.

  • Which wireless charging pad is that showing @4:07??

  • How's exercising with these bad boys on? Mine arrive tomorrow 😁

  • What about sweat and water resistance? I’m looking for something I can ride a bicycle with

  • What would you say is the best middle of the road to higher end headphones to buy.

  • I use xm3 and it is great, I can't imagine how great the xm4 is.

  • If you're able to just insert them into your ear canals without compressing the foam tips first it means you don't have the best seal and need to use bigger tips.

  • I'm listening to this video with my new beats studio buds. Best buy was out of these sonys. I have 14days to try these studio buds out. I needed a new pair for working out. I'm not super impressed with these beats but I hear these sonys have impeccable sound but I'm worried about how well they'd stay in while exercising? Anyone have any first hand experience? I dont mind shelling out 279 if I know I'm getting everything I need in a pair.

    • @TFromThaSix funny you should mention the Sennheisers. I never heard of the brand before this search. I ended up finding the sonys. Bought em. Was impressed with the sound quality but unimpressed with the overall volume of which they and 99% of other headphones today generate due to restrictions to protect ears. I actually ended up returning the sonys and getting the Sennheisers and am very happy. Good quality sound and imo they get about 10-20% louder than the sony, bose, beats, anything else I tried.

    • The sound is great, I know sound is subjective from person to person but I personally think the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2s have a better sound signature. The sound stage is wider and it feels a bit more 'alive' due to that *BUT* as a whole package with all the features, the Sonys are a better package. So if you strictly want the best sound, Sennheisers the way to go imo. If you want the extra features and better noise cancelling grab the Sonys

  • It pretty good I’d say

  • Did you just say 279??? OH...HELL....NOOO!!!

    • Worth every penny if you want great sound quality in a small form factor. You gotta pay to play as they say haha, it is pricey though.

  • What can you tell me about that wireless charger your using in this video?

  • Am I the only one that never wants noise cancelation? I always get super paranoid when I can't hear what's going on around me so I always have the "hear thru" turned on. I've been using the Jabra 65t's and 75t's, but these Sony's may get me to switch.

    • has its uses if you're in a public place wanting to not hear all the noises around you from the city or people around talking/ For me It's been fine for mowing the lawn and enjoying some tunes without the loud motor and imo as also an airpod pro owner airpods slightly better for noise cancellation

    • The main selling point for these is the noise cancelling so i would just recommend getting a wireless earbud that’s main focus is sound quality.

  • What a fine looking man

  • I've had these for a day, cannot fault them. Worth the money if you ask me 👌🏾

  • They are fricking HUGE! They look great if you are an elephant!

  • I just bought a pair (finally) 30 minutes ago after trying to find a pair for 2 MONTHS!!! These bad boys are way better than the AirPod Pros that crapped out on me AFTER 3 MONTHS!!!

  • It's actually good that only you can interupt the playing music, cause the other way around it may disturb you every time when the other person is talking to other people around you.

  • I am still looking for a smaller size. I would love to lay on my side and not have my ears hurt! Steve from Missouri

  • UrAvgGarbageGhetto

  • Have had mine for almost 2 months. Best buds by far that I've ever had.

  • Why don’t you review the Bose quietcompfort earbuds ?

  • The air pods pro would fall out of my ears even with the memory foam tips. Anyone used both and how do they fit??

  • 389.00 in Australia I am very keen but these are definitely out of my price point :(

  • What charger are you using for your wireless charging on this video? Thanks

  • hey,sorry noob question. can this sony earbuds connected to apple product such as ipad?

  • 4:17, he closes the case but we here the closing sound much later, 4:25 he say and 8 hours of battery life but it sounds like a growl

  • Mine arrive tomorrow, and I can't wait to get them pumping out some banging tunes!! 😎

    • @sergio arenas I have sent them back! I didn't like them at all I found the fit to be terrible! When they were in my ears my wife could hear my music so they clearly didn't fit correctly and I tried all 3 of the different sized tips, but the deal breaker for me was when I went for a run I kept having the left ear bud fall out and when it didn't all I could hear was thumping! So not worth the money IMO, so they have been returned. I will be using my Galaxy buds from now on while exercising as they are brilliant and I have the WH-1000XM4's so I'll just use those around the house

    • How are they? I'm on the fence for them

  • Pro tip: The beige version doesn't look all that good in pictures, but in person the color is actually pretty dope and you can stand out from the crowd more since everyone is usually rocking the black and copper

  • Bro, Comply. Kohm-plai, not Com-plee. 😂

  • How is paring with multiple devices I had the wmx3 and it's a pain in the ass to pair 2 different devices without deleting one device

  • You get a lot more charge when not using ANC .... how much more? C'mon man need to do better with the reviews

  • Just ordered these, im a little worried how they're gonna fit

  • How well do these fit in your ear when jogging or exercising? I'm currently using the beats studio buds and they do a pretty solid job of staying in the ear but the ANC is soso when in the gym

  • I just got the earbuds today, and I love them! But… I plug them in to charge, and everything seems fine in terms of getting them powered. But, even when they’re fully charged (as is the case), the LED stays on yellow. They’re still plugged in, but shouldn’t the indicator LED turn green or off when they’re fully charged? At a glance, I find it very confusing that the LED stays on yellow even though everything’s fully charged. Is my case faulty? EDIT: It actually seems to turn off after about 5-6 minutes. But, if I plug them in again, it starts over. According to the support documents, it should turn off immediately after being charged fully. Thanks for reading :)

  • Damn that is big package in your ear. Is Sony testing these on humans ?

  • But still behind Sennheiser M 2 in terms of sound quality. 😂

  • Firstly, honest, unbiased and awesome review. Secondly, I really liked your ring, is it possible to know where did you get it made or purchased ?

  • The size and the call quality is killing me

  • Can i use these for sleeping , There is lot of Construction noise and I have to sleep in day time .

  • You didnot mention anythibg regarding thr mice so it would be nice to do so in any upcoming videos

  • Don’t buy don’t headphone. They break easy! Buy warranty if you do.

  • i love your necklace buddy, where did you get it from? it's so fucking cool

  • which wireless charger are you using? thx in advance :)

  • my only concern is background noise whilst being on work calls

  • What type of wireless charger was that?

  • Anyone know the wireless charging pad at 4:04?

  • These or mw08 sport 🤔

  • I love Sony's speakers ❣️

  • I am listening with my xm4

  • I work at a factory were there's constant high pressure air noise, my Galaxy buds don't do a great job at cancelling noise when I'm in a call . They can't hear her well. Can you answer me how these do in that scenario, no one really talks about it. Thank you.

  • Seriously though, what company makes the bracelet you're wearing?? 👀

  • Your reviews are ok. What would be good is if you start with the audio quality first since that’s the primary reason for headphones. The issue with the previous gen was the volume. Are they louder? Etc.

    • @rierie c. he asked for feedback. You should let the grownups talk 👄 😏

    • Here's a thought! You can start a channel THEN YOU CAN DO IT *YOUR WAY....just saying

  • I didnt like the eartips, so i use my old tips from my Jabra 75t and then its REALLY Awesome !!!

  • But are they good for working out

  • Solid review!!! Thanks!!

  • I dont know why but I used those buds 4 hours yesterday with ANC and it took around 55% battery. Today did the same and it took around 80% ...what is taking so much battery? Maybe because of LDAC?

  • Virgin ears become larger with this bulky inserts

  • 4:43 DW Twitter memes

  • Got these this week, hands down the best earbuds I’ve owned.

    • Better than Bose???

    • @HAVEANOTHERONE OK the noise cancelling is awesome. As mentioned in most reviews, works incredibly with consistent noise eg. Machinery, exhaust fans etc

    • Do they block loud outside noise well, I work in loud environments like data centers and use the Bose quiet comfort and they block out noise well.

  • If there’s any incentive to go back into the office, it’s these earbuds! I will definitely make the upgrade soon!

  • Man reallly said apple is number one ladies and gentlemen biased at its finest

  • These Buds are Amazing. I Love my WF-1000XM3'S & my WF-1000XM4'S.

  • Are the Sony as comfortable to wear as Jabra 75T? Do they sound better than Sennheiser Momentum TW2?

  • I would only use one side for notifications so I don't have to take out my phone

  • Hands down the best earbuds I've ever had! Sorry Bose....

  • Does anyone else get terrible battery life? 4-5 hours average?

  • Thanks for a great video and detailed review keep the great quality of your videos