The ULTIMATE Gamer's Paradise 2.0! (Room Tour)

Publicado el 1 dic 2017
Huge shout out to Origin PC for the amazing custom PC build that brings this room together and adds some serious gaming power. Check out the rig I have here:

This is my room tour 2017 of my ultimate gaming paradise, including my custom pc desk setup! Everything in the room is listed below!

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Colorware Custom Gear:
Playstation 4 Pro:
Playstation VR:
Xbox One X Scorpio:
Xbox One X:
Xbox One S:
Xbox Design Lab for Controllers:
Nintendo Switch:
Wii U:
Oculus Rift:
Nintendo 3DS:
Nintendo 3DS XL:
Nintendo 2DS XL:
PS Vita:
Xbox Kinect:
Playstation Camera:
Oculus Rift Touch Controllers:
Origin PC:

Subpac M2X:
Sonos Play Bar:
Sonos Play One Stands:
JBL Pulse 3 Wireless
Audioengine A2:
Audioengine A5+:
Audioengine A8 Subwoofer:
Stands for A5+:

Samsung KS8500 TV:
Acer Predator X34:
Monitor Stands:
LG 4k UHD 27-inch monitor:

Logitech G502:
Corsair K95 Platinum:
Logitech G602:
Razer Firefly Mousepad:
Razer Baystation Headphone Stand:
Razer Wolverine Ultimate:
Razer Vespula gaming mouse mat:

Astro a50:
Sony MDR1000x-M2:
Logitech G933:
Sony Playstation Pulse Headset:
Brainwavz headphone hanger:
Audiotechnica headphone hanger:

LIFX Bulbs:
Phillips Hues Strip:
Phillips Hues Bulbs:
Phillip Hues Bloom:
Generic Color Changing LED
Generic Color Changing LED
Motorized Blinds by SelectBlinds:

Sobro Coffee Table:
XRocker Gaming Chair:
IKEA Couch:
IKEA Side Table:
IKEA Motorized Desk:
IKEA TV Stand:
IKEA Alex Drawers:
NEXT Desk:
Herman Miller Chair:
Corner Lamp:
Glass Gundam Case:
Hexagon Sound Panel:

Custom Artwork: OtakuCave on

Lametric Subsciber
Count/Alarm clock:
Ravpower Wireless Charging
Anker Power Port+:
Amazon Echo Show:
Google Home:
Harman Kardon Invoke
Bose Bluetooth Speaker
(Soundlink Mini 2):
V-Moda Bluetooth Speaker:
Apple TV 4K:
Nest Security Cam:
Logitech Harmony Remote:
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  • Literally 99 percent of the earth's power goes to this man's house

    • Hahaha you are so funny bro gen zoomer joke best👍🏻

    • lol i agree

    • Bruh ikr

    • @Slayer - Stevkan it’s supposed to be sarcastic. U can choose to laugh at it or not. Just don’t be negative about it... no one likes negativity

    • Total facts

  • When you realize his coffee table is worth more than your entire setup

    • Yeah

    • The coffee table is worth my cats life

    • Yes a coffee table is more than my laptop and my xbox

    • istg ur so right

    • This man probably spent more on teal and black things than I can spend to buy food in a year

  • This setup has so much character, but the items do not make this room seem messy. It is the dream of any teenager!

  • But the real question is How much does he pay for electrical bills

    • He pays more than the setup

    • @That Jedi he definitely Makes more

    • Imagine he lives in one of those areas where you dont have to pay electric bills

    • Ikr

    • @RammingTime LOL!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OOOOOOH baby, loving the update man!!! That coffee table changes the game.

    • UrAvgConsumer tell me where to get it plz

    • I’m so getting that coffee table

    • What about everything else tho?

    • @CG Crisp ikr

    • This Guy Was Saving His Money Since The Early 190's

  • Him: “alexa start game room” My second hand alexa which i bought from craigslist: “im sorry, you dont have one.”

  • He could have made this video one second long and just say, “so in my gamer’s paradise room I have... Everything”

  • I'm actually real jealous of this, I wish I have all of this.

  • That setup is amazing. How long did it take to put it all together?

  • This room is like someone went in creative mode in mine craft and just got everything

  • Congratulations! Awesome setup! Would love to see a flight sim on your three screen setup. Thanks!

  • When he entered his closet I was like WTF

    • Same here man, it got me thinking whether selling them lol

  • Hey love you videos! I was looking into the company that makes your desk as I am looking to do similar set up x 2 but they no longer exist. Do you happen to know or have a link for another company that makes similar desks? Also, can I get the dimensions please?

  • One day I'll have a studio like you. And I can't wait for it, Yay!!

  • 3 years ago i was dreaming of this setup fastforward to now i still dont have it but... i managed to get some stuff and like half of what you got keep up the good work and maybe in another 3 years

  • I can never have my set up that clean and neat.

  • This is my dream. All gaming consoles and everything in a special room 😍

  • I love how humble you are

  • And they say money doesn't bring you happiness...

    • Yes yes it dose


    • @Preston bro i made this comment as a joke lmao

    • thats what ariana grande's 7 rings were saying

    • This guy don't want money He want gandzam (Idfk how it spells)

  • you know you made it when you can make a 26 minute video on your gaming setup

  • You should do a video showing all the cable management in this room and how many slots you use in powersupplies and so on :D

  • hi friend i really surprise that you have all the gaming accessories and staff its fantastic and mind blowing to me. thanks for a complete room setting

  • I got some serious game room envy goin on! That is one bangin room.

  • I need that coffee table. I've never wanted a piece of furniture so bad in my whole life.

  • 22:28 UrAvgConsumer: Nothing too special The drawer: *literally costs more than my entire setup*

  • Bruh...Your room is just so... Mind-blowing!

  • ESmain search: on a budget game room ESmain: check out this room

  • Yo love the room you should do another one I’m customizing my room and is making like yours but on a budget

  • This man is living in the future I’m seeing things I never seen before

    • Brandon Tv lol

    • Brandon Tv I’ve seen all but the table which I new existed but didn’t know what it was called

  • Dude this is totally awesome!! What are you going to do when Alexa decides everything is hers?? I hope you have a back up plan...😁

  • Love this set up

  • I love your room! One thing I don’t understand is how do you get Alexa to do your lights in the being.

  • I wish i had room just like this

  • The coffee table is definitely my favorite addition. Have never seen anything like that and it is a perfect addition to any type of game room.

    • It seems that the coffee table is not yet available commercially.

    • Not for $1500 it isn't.

    • NoTech Genius did u see the link to that,i cant find it.

  • Oh my fucking Good this is my dream gaming room 🤤

  • This guy is living every gamers dream life

  • So I watch these really cool game room videos, think “hey I should start doing this” and then remember I’m broke.

  • I need my future Game room to look like this

  • I was amazed when I looked the gamers paradise setup 😳😳😳but i loved this setup 😍😍😍

  • bro this looks legit clean as hell

  • All what i need in my room is a good cable management to my pc.

  • What mini fridge do you recommend? Cause all the review I see for the now I want simply say they need to get another one within a few months 😂

  • That table should have wireless charging pads to be complete. And laptops should start getting wireless charging too, but instead of just one, 6 or 8 coils on the bottom. I know it wouldn't charge fast or even charge at all if you're using them, but it would be nice to use your laptop in a coffee shop without always having to bring the charger and look for it. Also, the chairs need RGB and heated, cooled and massaging functions like in a car.

    • I would like cooled seats more for long gaming sessions

    • I have a friend that tore the seats out of a totaled BMW that had all those features and he fixed them up to work in his house lol.

  • Name for your PC: "Erosion". Inspiration: the strong wind by the coolers, the water cooling, powerful and strong system and also look like Flood but better, so I would call it Erosion.

  • "and right here under this galaxy note 8" quick flex

  • i love everything of that room wooooooooooooooow !!! i don' t even have one of your items except the laptop

  • “Shows is his amazing electronics” *Electricity bill knocks on door*

  • When he said "Alexa Activate Game room" The alexa is already worth more than my setup

    • @Doge dude I play on a "99999 INCH MONITOR, BEAST GAMING PC, BEST CPU IN THE WORLD, HIGH QUALITY, 9K MONITOR" lol if it was reality.

    • My setup is 3k

    • Same lol

    • Lol

    • My setup is $205

  • I need to become friends with this dude and come to his house

  • Now that's what you call a gaming paradise.

  • Love the fact with all those headsets he’s rocking my current model

  • This man must of spent a fortune on this gamer room literally this man has a custom fridge

  • I think this guy has his own industry from where he score lots of bugs and grab them in his hands and puts them in the table of any tech shop and asks for all the collection they have

  • I never thought I would want a coffee table so bad


  • Me- Watches 23:56 Also Me- DIES INSTANTLY

  • GameStop be looking at this room like “Hey man at most I can give you 10.89”

  • This man just called me poor for 26 mins. The smartphones I thought were insane, but the headphones, BOI.

  • His RAM is for some people their whole PC memory...

  • your gaming room are insane

  • how long did it take you to work up the money to build and put all of this together

  • The coffee table is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life!😂

    • i thought the top of it was a mega wireless charger

    • Chemical not surprised at all. Just saying its hella littttt

    • can u be surprised??? it's fucking 1.2k dollars guess that's what u get for that price.

    • PhippsOnet lol ye it is

  • I love how your channel is called the average consumer when no average consumer gets this

  • My goodness, i wish i had such a setup, maan

  • When u see the amount of gaming consoles he has i would have a streaming pc😂

  • very very nice gaming room.

  • Looking sick bro loving it

    • sam Merino No dumbass it’s Jud he made it in life he worked to be this successful. He’s lucky to have earned this success and everything in that room is what he can, rightfully so, call his. A thief has no right to all this.

    • BeginnersTech how much did this cost all together

    • Yoshi2k thanks bro appreciate the love

    • Lol I literally just came from watching your setup video,your setup is definitely in my top 3 its so clean

    • I got a Google home customized from colour ware and the Google home doesn't work

  • Every body gangsta til you realize his coffee table costs more that your setup.

  • Bro this room is lit I wish I had one like that or the table that had a mini fridge and the snacks

  • Take a guess. How much do u guys think this whole entire room is worth?

  • I wonder how much money this cost to put together

  • Incredible gaming setup UrAvgConsumer!! 😀 I really love the amount of options you have in this room! 😀

  • This guy must be really happy with his life

  • Dope set up! Pretty clean game room assuming you have no kids lmao!!

  • This dude is the farthest thing from an average consumer.

  • Wow, its amazing bro!

  • Man! You got a really interesting and organized setup! I love it!

  • This room cost more than my house that I don’t have yet

  • Been spending most our lives living in a gamer’s paradise

  • Hi I am new and love your setup and room

  • I love the gamers paradise I love it

  • Judner I loved it!! The TV Section was my favorite, and this coffe table killed it! I was wondering what you would do if you ran out of space in the closet... Would you give stuff away or just make more space somewhere else?

  • :) u r setup is really awesome ...

  • This is a legendary gaming setup 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • i have a G502 gaming mouse too! and i agree, it is amazing

  • Basically my dream house 😜

  • You guys should stop counting his money and being envious. He's working hard, he does what he likes, his gaming cave is ridiculously awesome and we, as members of this community, must be proud of him! Judner, keep er going, buddy. We love every spec of what you do!

  • I wish I had this stuff haha

  • UAC: Apple please bring the touch bar to the magic keyboard. APPLE: *does it and adds another $400 to the price

    • Him: that’s nothing compared to my electric bill

  • I have those same display cases I'd say the best for the price I got 3 they also have a corner one to might get it for more display

  • I have an question... just how much does it cost?


    • The King Michael who wouldnt

  • Wow that’s really cool watching your vids like make my day

  • Tfue:yo look at my 20k gaming setup UrAvgConsumer:hold my beer

  • His coffee table is more expensive then my own man cave with a ps4 and pc aswell as a hammock and stuff

  • This man knows his gundam. Subscribed.

  • This guy is so happy, he loves that this his job. Good on him

  • This must have been a pain in the ass to take down and rebuild

  • Honestly there is nothing negative to say here...just wanted insane. U killed the video and your game room is awesome. Makes me realize how sad my setup is. Your closet is where I stopped the video. Ur headsets cost more than everything in my room. Keep up the good work

  • Legends say he's playing animal Crossing on his switch, playing doom on one PC screen, editing a vid on another, and checking stock prices one the last screen so he can pay his electrical bills