The Ultimate Retro Desk Setup 2018!

Publicado el 26 sep 2018
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Remember the desktops we used to use back in the day? What does a setup that reminds us of that look like with today's power? This video is your answer.

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  • The dock phone was by far the dopest piece in this video!!! Love your videos! Can’t wait for the day in the life video with the XS Max and the Apple Watch!

  • Genuinely one of my favorite setups. I would love to remake this at home!

  • Finally a simple tower design without those disco vibe rgb. Looks really classy 😍

  • The dock phone looks pretty amazing!!! Loved the video ❤️❤️ Great setup

  • Love this video!! It was shot really darkly lit which didn't vibe too well, but the retro set is awesome. Overall, great video!

  • I absolutely love setup theme videos, waiting for future videos jud :)

  • VERY VERY WELL DONE! I just dig the whole vibe i get from it

  • You & your avgwifey know how to decorate & make tech look even cooler! I'm a new subscriber & was quickly hooked! Please keep makimg these amazing videos! I'm just in "la la land" when I see your guys set ups! Plus, you make the perfect couple. You both are VERY talented & have it going on! Even your internet names...too cute! 💯👍❤❤❤

  • This is awesome!! Really makes me miss old school phones and computers! Good stuff!

  • The lighting and overall production is surreal .. great job guys

  • This is probably one of the most sleek setups I've seen - modern, yet practical (not to mention powerful). Wish I could use this setup for my new home office.

  • great idea for a retro setup video. love to see different kind of setups.

  • I could totally live with this setup. Especially the speakers.👍

  • DUUUDE the feel and look of the whole video is dope man! Definitely do more of this style! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • As someone who works from home most of the time, I was really digging that speakerphone. Then I saw the price. NO WAY that thing is worth over $200. You can get a great quality speakerphone for far less than that. Or get an obihai, have your google voice line ring to that as well, and get any old school phone you want.

  • Never thought about that type of memory going into a desktop PC. Makes me wanna go back to a dedicated desktop setup. Lol! Nice speaker setup as well, love the wood look. Clean and minimal setup. Wow, that phone setup! Lol! Yooooo' I need one of those!

  • In terms of tracking speed and accuracy the original IntelliMouse sensor was actually much better than the new one. That's why the original is still one of the best mice for gaming up to date.

  • Amazing video! Liked the desk phone setup. Super dope! 👍🏼

  • I must say that I love watching you! I have learned so much and what I am not sure about I research it! LOL! My adult kids are blown away..... I love that set up! Great idea......

  • Amazing Videos Bro.Keep up the good work👌🏻

  • *This video was so satisfying, I don't know why* Also, nice job, as always!

  • if this becomes a small series, i would be so hyped!

  • This video is straight up a Piece of art 🔥 It's the case with all your videos anyway😏👌

  • Love the look of those speakers monitor looks great too.

  • Dude, this Is the best Retro Set-Up that I watch, I don’t know how you did, you’re amazing.

  • that dock phone thing pretty lit not gonna lie

  • Digging the vibe of the video. Change is always good. Keep it up

  • Loved the front look of this tower pc clean!

  • This is AMAZING 🤩great job 👏🏻❤️💪🏻🔥

  • i would love to have something like this on my desk.

  • loving these retro vibes

  • This video is solid! I love all the changes.

  • I love the themed desk videos.

  • really awsome techs that have much more capacity than they look like

  • I have the same type tower with and 17 8th gen 16 Gb DDR4 and a GTX 1050Ti. I love this so much and the price was really good.

  • That monitor looks very nice but the overall setup is even more better. Also, I find tech ESmainrs very fond of retro looks . I guess the past experiences have left imprint on you guys. Linux also had the similar type of retro setup in his video but I like your fusion idea better.

  • Great retro desktop. For some reason, the video kinda dim with my brightness turned up. Speaking od retro, I still have my first desktop computer. Man, the speed is a whopping 8mhz lol. But wait, there's a turbo button which jumps the speed from 8mhz to 16mhz.

  • Thank you for this one. Smooth. Side note. Thank you for moving on from the iPhone/Galaxy videos. I'm burned out. Keep killing it!!!

  • I like the style of your videos, good work. My favorite piece of tech of course it's ecos speaker that's dope🔥🔥🔥🔥👌. Cannot wait for Apple watch S4 day life

  • This is awesome. Damn man I gotta bring you in to do a setup for me 😂

  • This setup is amazing

  • GOOD SETUP!!! Loved it

  • This looks awesome 👌🏻

  • Great video you legend but seeing all that tech won't bring it to life in front of me right now hahaha

  • When you said ultimate, you weren't lying. Loved it!

  • dope setup man, great work

  • Bro, love the background,lighting and music in this video it’s pretty G. Keep it up.

  • I normally view and hit like on your videos but today l want to let you know that You are beyond par excellent bro. I enjoy your videos.

  • YO those beauty shots! 👏👏👏 Loved this video man.

    • @UrAvgConsumer what did you do differently? It just be me but in camera or post sharpness is a tiny bit too high

    • Thanks man! 👊🏾

  • That phone dock is really cool I just checked the price awesome

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  • You know you’re old when you still have the original tower computer setup and people make videos calling it “retro”

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    • randomfrankp ik!!!!!!!

    • @NigaChu to tell him that the recommendations on ESmain are messed up

    • 476,402 what was the point of you saying that

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  • omg, that phone set up is so neat!

  • That optane memory is extremely useful for developers etc, but what's the price of one part?

  • Real artistic views. Nice work!

  • Can you please add a list of the products in the description?

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  • And next week he is going to have a different laptop, with a different setup. At least Linus would test out that Dell.

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  • the ability to actual slam the phone down when you hang up on someone is something i truly miss lol

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  • Damn, Dell and everybody else steal Apple's designs, like running the power cord through the monitor stand. No big deal -- Apple IS the leader of the computing world that pushes it forward. Somebody's gotta do it. If Jobs weren't on stage with his little, new device, 11 years ago, we wouldn't have smart phones, iOS, Android, Linux Mobile, Windows Mobile, or Android TV OS, to run all our little boxes, like my Amazon FireTVs and sticks. I'd much rather have an 🍎TV, but I'd rather have a mid-'80s Lamborghini Countach, as opposed to my mid'80s ('86; second year of production) MR2 MK1, too. Small price difference, but redone inside and out, the MR2 is similarly worth half as much as a badly-kept Countach. KBB might not say s, but people have offered me some serious cash, for the Mister Two. So, I could maybe trade up, for an older 🍎TV...

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