The Ultimate YouTuber Starter Kit?

Publicado el 20 nov 2020
Thanks to Canon for sponsoring this video. Today we take a look at an awesome kit if you (or someone you know) want to be a creator! It comes with everything you need from a tripod grip to the star of the show, the Canon EOS M200. This makes a great gift for the holidays.
Find the kit here:
Use exclusive promo code uravgconsumer for a FREE Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG (Retail Value: $69.00) with a purchase of any new Canon EOS Interchangeable Lens Cameras. Offer valid from 11/22/2020 until 12/31/2020 and valid on the Canon Online Store only.
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  • Is this a starter kits or an Ender kit

  • I was expecting it to be about £375 ($400) but bruh

  • Can you use a wireless mic with this? Nice vid. Thanks.

  • My dogs love watching Cookie 😂 esp when she’s playin w toys

  • Hey wht microphone can you put on tht camera I’m interesting on getting one

  • How do I get rid of that red flashing light on self timer

  • What kind of microphone for the m200 it’s hard to myself talking when I’m vlogging. Is there anyway ?

  • I do have a question what kind of microphone for that camera ? I just need to know which one so I can hear myself louder while I’m vlogging

  • Hello! I need video camera for haircut styles video tuttorials for vlogs in outside (more cinematic) and use as web camera for streaming. I am between m200 and cacon 800D what you suggest me better for that use?

  • Just starting a channel, can't afford to shell out for alll this, plenty of less expensive options out there. Great channel & vid, though.

  • Yup imma buy this for my reviews

  • At this point all you need for youtube is a a phone and a gimbal

  • Love your videos 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Definitely need on a this camera

  • Who here agrees that we need a Jud and Cookie series?

  • yesssss omg I am considering getting this camera so glad my fave reviewer made a video on it, a winnnnn

  • The video was super shakey, poor auto focus and looked bad as for quality.

  • Hi uravgconsumer! I hope you respond. I want to buy this for my girlfriend for christmas. Its quite pricey so I am hoping for your honest opinion. You know way more about this stuff than I do. DO you think this is a good buy? Will it last me if we take care of it? (as in do you think the camera quality resolution and such will be outdated super fast)

  • Haa hitting them all up, why don't you give it away to guys who are average like us!!!

  • I've watched this like 50 times, and now, I, am, the, 300k viewer ! Haha yes, 300th view

  • Fantastic Canon ESmainr kit, Canon is making it easy for people to become a blogger.

  • I mean any camera can do tiktok and instagram

  • Cookie looks so cute😍

  • Sir, If anyone starts ESmain so some people don't have too much money So, suggest for a camera under 200$

  • I just recently purchased iPhone 12 pro max. Would you do a comparison with the iPhone vs canon. Which is better? Any opinion is appreciated.

  • Can the new iPhone 12 pro Max be a really good tool for editing and recording videos for ESmain channels ?

  • What kind of dog is cookie

  • Can the kit be shipped to South Africa?

  • Anyone upload almost 30+ videos and use their iPhone 11 Camera and Microphone and use their phone for editing videos as well, no just me lmao

  • What videos should I make to start a yt channel?

  • I honestly don't think this beats an iPhone 12 Pro

  • Tapi

  • It's sad that even top youtubers are not honest with their opinions just to favor the brand/company that has given them "Free" stuff... Here this camera is COMPLETELY unusable for vlogging as the image is too much cropped in and his face is completely occupying the entire frame. The lens that comes on is not wide enough and there are not many lenses that are wider than this!

    • @GiGo yeah the crop of 4k is bad but for 1080p@60fps is good but it is really bad for 4k for vlogging and streaming but for 1080p@60fps it is great

    • @GhOsTs GeNeRaL agreed bro, but my point wasn't that it was a bad Cam. I just wanted to mention that top ESmainrs are not addressing the real issues or any kind of drawbacks on a device to favor the brand. Here he didn't talk about the major drawback of having a major crop in the image. This cam maybe good enough for 1080 but not 4k 👍

    • At least for 4k but if your recording 1080p@60fps it is not zoom in it's good plus the quality is good and the colors of video is good also it has fast autofocus. I have the m200 I got it like last month

  • You never on Snapchat. Very nice setup!

  • Love the video!! Was wondering if you could do a Xbox streaming starter

  • No.tiktok

  • 4:02 That's what she said😂😂

  • I love that but i don't have money😔

  • i need this for my channel my bro insta360 does this thing of zooming in and out is driving me crazy

  • Now I have to get my dog a treat

  • Is the lens not too wide or are your arms just short? Because in the vlog footage your face is way too close to the camera

  • Very,very, useful video

  • No offense my friend but this is a really bad camera is so bad, your smartphone I think your will make better

  • The AF is kinda weak tho...

  • Is it just me or does iPhone 12 footage look better

  • Awesome video! Can you do a second part to this, off how you uploaded the content on a computer and what you used to edit please, it would be really helpful.

  • can you review the wingman xe

  • Imagine the canon eos m200, a rode mic, a gimbal, a video light and a 50 or 35mm f1.8 lens nice rig lol

  • sharp but i dont think autofocus is good and has a crop. but its aight!

  • Can you take some pics with this camera please

  • if tiktok and vertical video is the future I want to die

  • Forgot the backpack :(

  • Where is your Home Shopping Network employee name tag?

  • I'm so getting this for my 14 year old

  • Follow me on Instagram @therealblackhistorian

  • The microphone is dope + the coupon not working bro!

  • i like it but i think i might have to get a slightly better camera from canon and some more lenses.

  • Hi I want ask you this question for the ps5 can you play your PlayStation 4 games that needs the disk to play in the digital version or do you have to get the normal one

  • what kind of dog is cookie?

  • ahahahaha I feel like the vlog test is Jud trying to be a dogtuber

  • At first I was like GET out of my face Canon....but then I saw the grip with the bluetooth remote and eased up a little lol.

  • Wow cool camera setup 👍 Like your show Trav.

  • Jud read my comment. How i wish i can get one of that vlogging kit.

  • when you think to yourself "hey this is a good idea" then pause, then also ask yourself "wait how much is it?"

  • Looking for the comment that says "just get a go pro hero 9" so I can respond with my gerald undone level camera nerdiness for why a real camera is better Edit: The cinematographer in me died a little when he said "we're a 30 kind of channel"

  • Bro just buy a Sony DSC-WX500, wayyyy cheaper and good quality, then just get a simple tripod mount. Easy

  • Just started my YT channel about 2 weeks ago, definitely might save up for this kit

    • Do not it is not quality. Buy a decent phone.

  • Hey noobie where is the video of iPhone 12 mini battery day in life Test ??????? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I really like that handheld tripod, but the stabilization on that camera is hela-weak.

  • This kit is lit it will make you want to have a ESmain channel. Nice and not complicated cookie is so adorable🐶

  • Yo! I want that!

  • Nah I’ll stick with my iPhone that camera stability is trash

  • Is it possible if you could make video more budget like $300 or $250 on a creater kit like that

  • How does this compare to the old tried and true G7 mark III? It is still used by many content creators on ESmain and has extremely good low light capabilities. It is pricey for a point and shoot though at $600-700.

  • Could you do a best CAD laptops would really help for college and look on size? There's some nike air max 90 in white a teal

  • Guys I recommend getting the Canon m50 , it's cheaper and MUCH better than this crap. It comes with a much better vlogging lens and has digital stabilization plus with the better folding screen. Then just slap on any tripod from Amazon and you'll have a better setup.

  • Can’t I just start with my phone?

  • I can get an s20 ultra in my country with the same price.....

  • Hey jub bro pls tell what is the battery life of the camera?

  • Nice To Meet you How Are You ❤️


  • Amazing video, really insightful! Quick question, does the tripod stand while in "portrait mode"? It looks like the weight is on the side so I don't think so, but a confirmation would be nice. :>

  • Thank you for this review 🙏 😊

  • AF isn't fantastic :(

  • Those lamps are dope. Can i get a link to them?

  • um.... tiktok

  • This or the Sony hmmmm

  • tbh I expected more. The camera is not bad, but I'm not sure if it's anything special. Even for a beginner, some other options may be more helpful.

  • 4:04 "this is bigger than I expected" That's what she said

  • According to eos m200 specs guide on internet, camera doesn't have a mic port for an external mic (?)...

  • The video was a little shaky Jud,is it your hand or lack of ios? Also, focus sometimes on Cookie took a sec to set... 🤔

  • Image stability is low in this camera

  • So is this better than the M 50 ?

  • I like the sony zv1 more this tripod looks like the one that comes with the sony zv1

  • so basically I follow him because I find the way he speaks relaxing and he makes me want to buy things I absolutely don't need

    • Wait why do u want us to know that🤷🏻‍♂️

  • That's the most beautiful dog I've ever seen!!!

  • I do a lot of video recording using my Note 10 plus 4K 60 how does that compare to the phone

  • How do I get this in uk?

  • dont trust you-tubers

  • hey, try some shots with it and we see