This is THE Ultimate Gaming Monitor - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9!

Publicado el 4 ago 2021
We got our hands on the grand daddy of gaming monitors! This is the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 and it's easily my favorite monitor of the year and this is everything you need to know about it.

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  • Great vid man! Loved it.

  • what wallpaper is that?

  • how can i buy this? is it availble yet ?

  • 5 year from now. you'll need to spin your chair to see each side of the screen.

  • Please what is your desk?

  • Triples are way better for sim racing but damn i like this monitor

  • Doesn't matter if a game supports 32:9, it's still not optimized for it due the image being streched "fish-eye effect" with everything past 21:9 towards the left/right edge of the screen! Samsung should make a 21:9 version of this monitor with the same amount of miniLED zones! I'd totally buy it!!! Nvidia had a solution to the so called "fish-eye effect" called "simultaneous multi-projection" introduced with Pascal, however at the end of the day, it's always up to lazy video game devs to implement it.

  • 7:15 is that a popping sound

  • Great review focusing more on the user experience than dwelving too much into geeky specs like other youtubers. Don't care much about the built-in speakers, the only thing that would make this monitor perfect is 2160px vertical resolution.

  • I’d love to know what your rig setup is. I really want this monitor, but I also want to make sure my setup can actually use this thing.

  • 🔥

  • Two like Linus! lol. Over/Under

  • Did you mention it is a VA panel? I ended up going with the AOC AGON 49" 120Hz 1440P for 1k. Samsung is nice for sure, but 3k is silly. AOC also has KVM built-in and was much easier to mount than a Samsung with that round hole. I think there is an adapter you can buy tho.

  • i wish someday i can make pc set up like this

  • I tested it against my pg35vq and it could only hit 650 nits in the same scene my pg35vq could hit 1450 nits in. I'm dropping the G9 off at FedEx after labor day. Most disappointing monitor purchase ever.

  • Manufacturers need to stop wasting $$ on rgb on the back of the monitor. Omit the rgb and knock $20 off the price. No one sees it when it's facing the wall or better yet, wall mounted.

  • Hey Terrell! Very cool!

  • I purchased this and I returned it the next day it's just too damn big and the real pain in my neck literally

  • Ultrawide is a gimmick

  • Too small

  • How are the visuals compared to an oled?

  • Samsung sponsor me to please, I will also make a a1 review like this!!!!!!! Great review brother!

  • What is the vertical dimension of the screen itself?

  • Did any else see that he threw a thermite grande through a door frame or just me

  • No Thunderbolt/USB c ports on a new monitor that’s this expensive, the nuts, and doesn’t make sense……

  • What wallpaper is that and how to get pls?😁

  • Does this monitor support Dolby Vision?

  • Loved the vid and became an even bigger fan as you love Apex 😎

  • I had the Odyssey G9 (Original) and feel Samsung cheaped out a little on this refresh. I would have liked to have seen them improve the monitor with USB-C input, better cable management and a improved stand. The 1000R curve looks great but i found it made even the largest of desks feel small due to the sheer depth it needs.

  • My dream monitor

  • If had nothing but quality issues with original Samsung G9 lots of dead pixels -_-

  • every body gansta till $3000

    • Uk it’s £1.8k might trying to wait for Black Friday may £1.5 - £1.6k would be great

  • What’s that PC powering the Neo G9?

  • Will it work with PS5

    • You will get black bars but yes

  • @ UrAvgcomsumer To give your Desk a cleaner look and a great monitor arm i Highly recommend the Ergotron HX montior arm with the Ergotron HX Heavy Duty Tilt Pivot its a realy sturdy arm and tough i have a Samsung ultrawide and this arm holds it no problem!

  • What keyboard is that? 6:42

    • Logitech g915 light speed I think

  • What are you using for your desktop background? Looks great!

  • So the stuff in the back sounds neat but actually means nothing. I mean how much time do you spend looking at the back of your monitor? Would rather they not have the RGB and the headphone hook, hopefully reducing the cost. These ultrawide aspect ratios are awesome but have a drawback to gaming, a lot of games do not allow you to move the UI of the game. This means a lot of useful info might require actual physically moving your head to see. Notice also that some games do not support the aspect ratio at all.

  • Alright spit it out which super robot wars game was that

    • I saw the barbatos you NEED to tell me

  • This is the best monitor period as far as I'm concerned

  • Damned!

  • 6:22 Is that SD Gundam? My man!

  • anyone know how netflix looks on here is it full screen or the box in the middle like he showed

    • I believe you would get black bars on the side

  • I have the old G9 (not neo) and i love it. Since covid sent us to work from home, this monitor has been a godsent, i legitimately can have more windows open at the same time on the same screen and this makes life easier, legit, After work is done, gaming on this thing is another world experience, It is the best investment I've made and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is working from home and also games

  • Love seeing that you are playing Apex Legends. The monitor looks so SICK🤩🙌!

  • Great video, Can you connect it to a M1 Mac, I'm thinking of a new monitor for my M1 Mac mini.. thanks

  • Basically no criticism. Yup, definitely a sponsored video. But seriously, not even the price? Come on man, at least try.

  • 1080Ti's, hell 2080Ti's are sweating this monitor.

  • Wish they'd make a 3440x1440 version, that thing is way too big

  • People need to talk more and HDR not working with Nvidia GPU's and only so-so with AMD. HWU is so far the only Reviewer to acknowledge this, yet again the Internet has failed me. :-/

  • Yo Jud what kind of Desk is that?

  • Except for the fact that all curved panels suffer from smearing especially on black/white pixel transitions, and pretty bad input lag ; ) Apart from not being good in those 2 most critical aspects of gaming, yeah it's the best gaming monitor ; )

    • @Vikram Sathish because most people are idiots

    • @suqd ok i may not know much about displays, but if ALL curved panels suffer from smearing, and input lag, which are both the most important aspects of gaming, why do SO many people have curved monitors???

    • @Vikram Sathish ... goes to show how little you know about displays...

    • @suqd idk about smearing but this guy specifically said it had low input lag because of 1 ms response time

    • @Vikram Sathish LOL those reviewers are not competent at all

  • 3x monitor setup is much more superior than a single huge monitor and much..much cheaper.

  • VA panel no thank you

  • Very interested in this monitor but my current system is an older Alienware with 3x Nvidia GTX Titan X in SLI, each has DP 1.2 and HDMI 2.0, with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5960X CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz. I am currently running two Dell U2715U connected via DP and daisy-chained. I should be able to run it at full resolution but at 60HZ maybe a bit more. Not sure it is worth it with my current setup and I am not going to upgrade with the current state of hardware pricing even if I could find hardware. Thoughts? Thanks

  • Give me a 2000R curve and I'll consider it for gaming and productivity.

  • Quantum matrix and MiniLED are two different pixel technologies, I believe. The miniLEDs are the backlighting while the quantum matrix allows more of the backlight to come through the colored/illuminated pixel VS the traditional way a pixel illuminates by blocking parts of the backlight to create the right color.

  • Owned my Samsung Odyssey G9 for 12 months, its been great.

  • it can't reach 1700 nits overall sustained peak hdr brightness like the asus pg32uqx it can't even reach a full 2000 nits that is why its not vesa hdr 1400 certified only samsung hdr its misleading but this is an upgrade from the original odyssey g9 since it has mini led but it won't come close to asus pg32uqx or a oled monitor

    • @Aussie Kent the neo cost $2499 whereas the pg32uqx is $2999 not that big of a price jump but at that price maybe an LG G1 evo would be the better buy

    • PG32UQX cost a lot more, Besides PG32UQX is 4K and G9 is Super ultrawide 32:9 so each have their own advantages

  • 240hz, 2K, HDR 1000 - playing a game that runs great on a toaster ...

  • The height.... Is not enough...

    • If you are after height get a BFGD.

  • is it vesa HDR 1000 certified ? or samsung just making their own standard and not bother getting the vesa certification ?

  • I would love to see a video of the 2 monitors side by side! That had to be an awesome experience!

  • What gaming pc is that?

  • I have been waiting for tv's to bring back picture in/out picture, and the ability to have multiple inputs on screen at the same time and dual tuners.

  • are you able to run 1440P with the PS5 on this with 120hz?

  • @UrAvgConsumer What's the live desktop wallpaper you're using?

  • No USB c? Bravo

  • will they do a 21:9 version with this tech?

  • 🔥🔥🔥 Just added it to my wish list! 🖤

  • Could you show us the picture-in-picture mode (PIP) and picture-by-picture? Sometimes it's useful to have 2 "separate" monitors ie. for streaming stuff in zoom and having notes etc on another screen.

  • Got one today and love it!!

  • I'm gonna buy 10 of them when GTA-6 releases. *Never Gonna Happen*

  • i dont do much with hdr so ima pass on it and keep my original g9, though 32:9 is just way too good 16:9 is dead in my eyes now

  • This is definitely one of the best overviews of this monitor I've seen so far! Would love to know.... 1) does turning on picture-in-picture turn off gsync? 2) where do you get those animated ultra-wide wallpapers!? I use Lively but haven't seen those (or many ultrawide specific ones)

    • animated wallpapers are most likely wallpaper engine from steam.

  • Super Dope! The multi-tasking, split screen multi input pip, and immersed feeling..I need one!

  • can you tell the sizes, i want to know the distance from base to the center of the monitor (deep)

  • The only grip i have with this is will most games support the aspect ratio and i like to watch a lot of films this will still have black bars on the left and right of the screen when watching 21.9 films that i don't get with my wide screen asus 3440x1400p monitor

  • how about its resolution? with its price tag it better be able to support 8k resolution

  • Can you use it on a Mac pro pc

  • Hii 7:10

  • yoooo we got the same KBM! and that monitor is fucking insane, I want it bad. $2500 is so much tho

  • When did Joe start doing tech reviews? Great video!

  • Will Samsung release a neo G7? I’m planning to get one so i rather get the newest version.

  • Wow sounds like you REALLY love this monitor..

  • What size is your desk?

  • You should play watch dose game

  • My wife would still find a way to fill the screen up with desktop icons.

  • If it was 4K resolution then I think the price would be definitely worth it. Great Review!

  • That looks sick I wish I had it

  • What even is the resolution

  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Jud I like tech just like you

  • where can I get that wallpaper

  • When playing with the controller on apex was you using xbox?

  • So when are they going to ship my pre order

  • You can’t put the free sync on the 34in G5 and keep your HDR10. Getting me one of these if I ever get the money.

  • Looks great for movies

  • G7 neo qled?

  • Looks cool, but it's just waay to long!! wow