This thing powered my WHOLE setup!

Publicado el 12 ago 2021
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  • Its a normal one used to even keep brick pavers together, you went to it from the middle instead of doing it like a saw from the edge first, that or your blade was heavily used.

  • LOL, throw it in your tesla for that extended range.

  • This thing costs more than my life.

  • If there was a poweroutage and my devices (PC, TV, etc) is connected to it directly, would the outage effect the devices for a second until it totally takes over or is it not effected at all? orry not sure I'm explaining right. Would my PC turn off for that seond the outage occured?

  • I need this I live in Louisiana Baton Rouge without power due to hurricane Ida. This would be a great blessing.

  • Hi TyQuan! You're so cool!

  • Should I buy two Delta Pro...or One Delta Pro and one Extra battery

  • I wonder if it's pure or simulated sign wave? Try a PS4. When I used a simulated sign wave UPS on my ps4 would power down when it switched to battery.

  • imagine it was a speaker

  • So its an inverter 🤔

  • New goal made easier , gonna start living in a van

  • it basicly a tech generator.

  • So basically, its a humangous battery bank…

  • Unless the world is coming to an end or you’re the rock, i dont see anyone getting that specific version! Look s heavy af 😂

  • Jeez, 1400 watts for 2 hours, that's equivalent to microwaving on high for 2hours

  • Wow! Where has this thing been all my life???

  • Awesome piece of tech. The Ecoflow Delta and that Sobro and I'm set for life.

  • I will be getting this for the impending zombie apocalypse.

  • It’s a beast, great review

  • Why am I ctfu at the “Carl!” at 9:40?

  • I thought this was a computer 🤣 that’s crazy that this thing is a behemoth. Cool that you get a lot of power out of it though. About to use this as a generator for the house 😂

  • damn that thing is insane

  • Wow charge in 2hrs??!!! Wow!!

  • I love how you are so real ,but please can you start a tutorial series,like how to put all your stuff/wires into one plug head like you said,cuz I want to do that for wire management😃,please like😁

  • Can u leave it plugged in

  • i see a wifi iconn on top right of the screen, what does it mean and could this be used to use this like a generator for a rv?

  • So this an advert?

  • Now the question is, why? Why would you need this? I haven't in 19 years

  • Ya don’t know, it’s actually running a Bitcoin miner in the background

  • What background do you use for your pc’s?

  • Nice review keep up the good work

  • I wonder if you could plug a power strip into each of the AC outlet to power more devices

  • You know those walking dead compilations where Rick is saying “coral” over and over again, yeah getting those vibes from this video 😂

  • We need a back to school tech vid and budget back to school tech vid

  • “What do you call this area here” I call it “wealth!”

  • Can you keep charging it while it’s outputting power to your other devices?

  • How about the tesla tho 🤔?

  • Jud, 750 watts is the power consumption of a cheap coffee maker

  • Uac my man wuz going on u ar not good like the old days

  • lol ..missed opportunity having it charge an ev

  • Extra battery to charge a TESLA ?

  • Im curious as to who this was made for. I can only think of contruction sites abd doomsday prep people. U guys have any other ideas?

  • Is that the pro max?

  • You can charge this monster with a supercharger cable? Damn, if your gome was efficient enough, you could go to a free electric charging station thrn bring it back for free power 🤣.

  • Charge an EV with it.

  • This is great for the summer in New York when we get those blackouts . I'll still be able to play Apex.

  • Thank you, Judner!

  • What’s the wallpaper on the m1 iPad?

  • I like the ideal that it can power up a lot of things. I don't know what kind of plug your Tesla have but can it charge your car lol.

    • He needs a bonding plug but he could charge his telsa but considering how much bigger a telsa battery is it will probably only give him 10 to 12 miles of range.

  • I don't think Jud can be called an "Average" consumer

  • Im going to be honest, you're looking a bit more bulky recently, so you must be working out

  • Good for hurricane season

  • Try charging your tesla with it.

  • Can it power a Tesla??

  • Was that the Jerryrigeverything blade????

  • I have the ecoflow river, powers my freezer for 10 hours on battery. I keep it plugged in case of power outages so I dont have to worry about food thawing out because to the river also having UPS. Also have my router and modem plugged into it. $270 on amazon lightning deal. The river is much smaller and much more portable. Solar input and super fast charging is where these ecoflows shine.

  • Just heard about Your channel through mojo watch and am here to stay

  • Not a bad idea but if you gonna use it primarily at your home you mind as well go with the Tesla power wall which can power the whole house for days

  • imagine using this to charge a tesla in the future…

  • Can you charge the Tesla using this?

    • yes

  • Never charge a battery to 100% unless you leave for along time... To keep lithium batteries healthy is to keep them at 60% - 70% anything over can stress the battery and make it hold less of a charge.

    • Anything over 80% can stress the battery also this is lithium iron phosphate so charge cycles don't matter since you get over 3,000 cycles

  • Powahhhhh! :-D

  • Not such an average consumer

  • Awesome product... saw it first at Jerry Rig Everything's channel... and it was amazing what he did with it

  • Is that a battery back up system thing or no

  • Hey jud you can use it as aups for all your tech.

  • All it needs is a jumper cable attachment and it's perfect.

  • Man because of that thing our country is in lockdown again! Fuck Delta! 😂

  • that is one of the coolest and impressive piece of tech ive ever seen

  • What about your tesla

  • This the best review for this product .awesome video, cool setup.nice

  • Can it run a microwave oven and a blender?

  • Is this guy really an average consumer

  • Can we start a iMac with the same thing

  • Why don't you try this thing with your home theatre room

  • can it charge your Tesla though? 🤔

  • When are we getting a new Desk Setup Tour. Been a while since we seen one.

  • Where is the Fold 3 and the Flip 3?? I want a fantastic review

  • Can u charge ur Tesla tho lol

  • I wish you would have talked about if this could be used as a backup source automatically when the power goes out.

    • Yes it can it has a ups mode

  • Charge the tesla

  • Back to school tech?

  • Needs an EV charge test

  • I’d call that desk set up a command center.

  • Looks like it has a dryer outlet.

  • Plug your Tesla in to it lol

  • not avg anymore

  • The refrigerator doesn't take too much electricity it's the regular 1 10 outlet

  • Jud: "and this is actually... *Record scratch* ...what is this? It broke the blade?!" My brain: "oh no, is the knife okay?" P.S. @UrAvgConsumer where's the next massive tech unboxing? Also, I see something wrong with the naming scheme: Jud got the Pro version, but the max is beneath it. By Apple logic, it should be the other way around. Oh, and when's the next tech survival kit coming?

  • I don’t know why but I want this

  • can it power a 1hp inverter aircon? how long will last?

  • Does your fridge/coffee table ships to Thailand? Love to order one

  • Good review but I feel like that's a lot of money to spend on a charging power station.

  • Jud's gonna bring this alongside his gadget backpack

  • That shirt fire tho🔥🔥 come through with the drip judd!!

  • You should definitely make a video about charging this thing through solar panels It would be awesome. Also I love your videos man and keep it up👍

  • That is something I need

  • Man you might as well go solar if you haven't already and get that gen-a-rac for the whole house. Not need in having that electric bill sky high.

  • Good for van life

  • Are Carl and Jud brothers?