This Webcam Has A built in Cameraman!

Publicado el 2 ago 2021
Looking for the best Zoom or FaceTime webcam? This tiny camera is definitely worth taking a look at if you plan on being active during your calls!

Check out the Osbot Tiny below and get $30 off!
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  • "This Webcam Has A built in Cameraman!" Your actual human cameracam: "Oh noo, I'm screwed"

  • Hey Demetrius! Nice cam!

  • Good

  • Its impressive but i feel like other than for gymnastic/yoga teachers its pretty much useless.

  • love from pakistan 🇵🇰

  • 🥱🥱🥱

  • Does it charge from a battery bank, can you connect it by Bluetooth Will it work with a Cellphone as a additional camera during livestreams . It is great for $200 .

  • Where did you get those small desktop lights behind your other monitors? They look so good!

  • This would be really good for zoom yoga classes. Some of the poses get cut off during sessions and this would clear that up!

  • Imagine you are having an Important meeting but very lazy to wear pants and you get up for your coffee and BOOOMMM .....!!! 😂😂😂😆😆

  • What does it look like with a virtual background?

  • hey, man did someone told you that your biceps are gaining great shape. if you don't know now you know. love

  • Make a short where you put this webcam on a DJI osmo or something like that and get double stabilization ( or divide by zero ) 😅

  • That camera kind of reminds me of something that tv stations use, except it’s a bit larger than that

  • Tired of having to move my tripod every position sweet thanks for the tip jud!

  • Check out solo shot. Sick camera for action sports to film your self. Really amazing

  • Awesome guys👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Plot twist: It's recording in 480p 30fps :)

  • So does that mean you won't need Jay to be your cameraman anymore 😂

  • convenient for teachers online in front of a blackboard

  • Cool!! This will be helpful for a bunch of people, I'm sure.

  • 👏👌

  • And the G.O.A.T is back again after 2 bare weeks!

  • It's cam would be very useful for streaming vr games

  • awesome!

  • Considering the price of most webcams that end up being a bit expensive that isn't the worst price. For me it's not really in my budget but if you're gonna spend that it's not bad.

  • Thanks for making a video on this. I was looking to buy a nice camera. I have an HP Envy but I wanted to upgrade my camera to get that crisp and clean photo, plus the tracking helps. Thanx!!

  • Would this be a decent camera for twitch streaming to would the tracking be weird? lol opinions wanted

  • Imagine how would it be if this “cameraman” also focuses on girls asses like the normal ones

  • Hey can u tell my some good antivirus that u use

  • I got the phone version coming friday

  • Bro show something and review it new already @unboxtherapy unboxed...

  • Who makes those tiny speakers?

  • This would work really great for my cooking videos

  • yo jud love you bro your vids are great!! you a great guy

  • I was expecting this to be made by DJI because “Os” in the name. It sounds like DJI Osmo 👀 DJI fumbled the bag…

  • Love your videos Jud. Huge fan from Nigeria.

  • Hey Man, Love the videos please keep them coming this is my tv series. :)

  • This seems really cool, it be cool if it had a little bit more tracking, like, if it detects your hand out of frame, it could follow it to focus on both face and hand, this way you could have finer controls even when recording alone. Maybe on a future update?

  • There's a typo in the description ^^ (Check out the O[B]sbot Tiny below and ...)

  • Love the videos please keep them coming this is my tv series.

  • Yo Jud, weird question, but where do you get your t shirts from, looks like a good fit

  • 👍🏾

  • Did you say ONLY $200?!

  • Is the first B silent in OBSBOT? Never heard of this company. Awesome tech 👍

  • I'm liking this product I just hope there can be a model for on the go vloggers that doesn't have camera men.

  • I was just sitting here trying to figure out my options for recording in my classroom this year. More specifically, I was looking for something to track me as I walk around the classroom and here comes the notification from Jud! I could most definitely use this webcam for what I need to do this year. Thanks for the timely video. Now on to planning a fundraiser to buy this gem (it’s just not in a teacher’s budget)!

    • @Charlie with all that we’re having to do to accommodate and adjust, it’s just not feasible to make happen. We do our best though.

  • i can picture using 3 of these to stream a virtual concert 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • This is just plain dope... I wanna throw my Logi C920 off the window after seeing this... 😂😂😂

  • This my friends is what I call hidden advertising 😉

  • "you might notice it is tracking me. Just plugged it in and go. No software open". Me: that's not creepy 😬

  • Imagine you in a zoom call and track mode is one and you didn’t have pants lol

  • Solid vid as always, Judd! What's the brand name of your white computer/gaming chair? Thanks

  • dancers who can't get skilled camera operators could use something like this too, with the same tracking tech but a higher quality camera maybe.

  • It's really cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • that 1080p 30fps is kind of low though, it's cool software but definitely need better quality for now a days standards.

  • boy i got here fast

  • How did you do ten minutes on a webcam that moves 🤯😅

  • His cameraman : *Sweats bathtubs full*

  • Remind me of the iPad Pro camera on the new M1 Chip

  • Did you need to make a 10 min long video about this webcam? 😂

  • Already this was sponsored before it it began!

  • Pretty cool.

  • Hi

  • This might be nice to record online auditions. A lot of the industry had to resort to videos being sent in as well as "live" auditioning via Zoom. Very interesting. But is it really that unique in the sense of following since some webcams already do that (physically and via software)? Regardless, this does seem more updated and advance via the features. :)

  • Is it just me or am I getting major The Circle vibes from this?

  • Can we please have frequent uploads we kinda always miss the average experience.

  • Wow that is a nice camera for the future.

  • Good home has done this for years..nothing new.

  • buys the most awesome camera, then join a zoom meeting but making sure to check the video is off every 3 seconds lol

  • 864th

  • This webcam is pretty cool i need to get one of those AND I need to get some gundams like seriously those gundams in the background never gets old

  • Its perfect for rage game streamer out there 🤣👌

  • Hi jud! Btw wanted to say love the videos! Do you know if you will do a back to school tech video this year?

  • Greetings, I'm producing a game by myself called Parallel, I made a new trailer and page on Steam🙏

  • Love your videos!!

  • You’re giving the FBI too much power

  • Yo what’s up jud I have watched you grow since you started with less than a million subs and you have been such a great inspiration Over the years

  • Yo Jud I miss you guys

  • 2019: the man has a camera 2021: the camera has a man

  • When you’re early and don’t know what to say but “Love your channel” 😂

  • Noti gang

  • Hi I'm a big fun

  • I was hoping for a tiny cameraman.

  • Here within 20 seconds

  • Had to be the 5th person 😅🤗

  • I love the idea of this for university lectures or live streamers

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  • Let’s go!!!

  • Let’s go!!

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