Top 5 Features of PS4!

Publicado el 20 nov 2013
PS4 to Vita Remote Play Overview + Outdoor Test on LTE -

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  • 7 yrs later: your a millionaire happily married with a kid and a lot of gaming setups

  • I like how your tv looks it looks like a psp to make it PlayStation themed.

  • Great video! Professional, to the point, and well produced!

  • "Battlefield 4 takes up 30gb" ah the good old days

  • Uncharted 4 as of today is like 65 gb. Really helpful the usb external storage options and the ssd swap also

  • Maybe the ps4 console should also be included as it is completely awesome with the touchpad the grip etc.

  • I own a ps4 but I never knew the xbox1 couldn't do most of this stuff!

  • Great video bro thanks. One of my fav feature on my PS4 is i can screenshot anything from the web using my PS4 web search and used as a wallpaper also comes with the pics edit app so is awesome. A lot of people dont know this and they only use in game screenshots or either pay moner for a wallpaper but im learning about all this stuff now and sharing with you all. Its so eazy try and tell me. I went to call of duty ww2 wallpaper web page and have all my fav ones hahaha!!! God bless

  • I like how all the components that comprise the PS4 are housed inside a very sleek , sophisticated ,elegant and absolutely amazing piece of tech and human ingenuity The PS4 truly epitomizes a game system that is built by gamers for gamers . I like all the features equally ,such as the unparalleled 8th gen graphics , unmatched controller ,etc but the one I have to agree really stands out is the innovative and revolutionary ability to seamlessly interface the PS4 with the Playstation Vita . This is one of countless things that makes the PS4 the best pound for pound next gen class console !

  • I dig it all except digital downloads,,i love the feeling of the actual game,,and knowing if I crash I still have everything...good vid,thanks.

  • Love the channel. I get great info on all products reviewed. I think the video editing, picture quality and audio is some of the best on ESmain. Where I get lost in most of the videos is when you start talking. It reminds me of a 5th grader trying to give a speech about the awesome vacation they had over the summer. On a brighter note, I think you are getting better over time.

  • i am liking a lot of these features. the one thing i do have an issue with is headphones. it's a great feature. but it would have gone a lot further to just also have bluetooth. for wireless bluetooth headsets. secondly having to go into the system to change the output for audio is really old school. it would be nice i it had the ability to detect 3.5 mm jack input. so if you unplug the headset it automatically switches to tv audio. then back when you plug the jack back in.

  • I really like that you can use the same charger you use for everything to charge the controller

  • This review pushing me over the edge for the ps4 really cool features

  • Excellent review! Please keep up the work.

  • Cool rundown, thanks. This may be a good reason to finally pick up a Vita.

  • Big thumbs up on the headphone feature, very useful when everyone is sleeping :)

  • I am both a PC and console gamer, I love both. I really don't understand the arguments between the two? They both have things the others don't. If I could pick. Depending on the game I would pick console almost each time.

    • Im expecting the Aaron guy everyone shit talked over there for trashing the Console race

    • huh weird i play on pc and i've never heard of a game that's called the vanishing of ethan carter you say it's insanely good how did i not hear of it btw i don't even play or have a ps4 so you can't say i am a ps4 fanboy or peasant or any of that

    • Jeethanand k.j you do know that a 400$ pc outperforms the fuk out of a ps4.... you dont need to dump 2000$ to get a good pc

    • @Kasper Christensen Appenion

    • @Matt and they spend alot more money just to support next-gen games. 5000+ exclusive pc games my ass.

  • Haha I loved your rage faces while you were playing the games with the headphones on. And yeah I really like digital downloads because you don't have to switch disks and you can just switch games in a matter of seconds.

  • Dude, I've seen plenty such videos as yours, so I wasn't expecting much... But you impressed me... Job well done bro!

  • 10.Eternal hardrive 9.Psvita/Pstv 8.2nd Ps4 controller 7.good headphones/headset 6.Ps camera dimensions 4.3 months ps plus 3.usb hub 2.move controllers 1.Psvr Bonus.wireless keybord

  • 1. upgradeable hard drive 2. easy to share 3. able to play while downloading 4. headphone/mic compatable any 3.5mm 5. ps vita remote play

  • I was already going to get a ps4, but this really sealed the deal. Thanks man!

  • Great video it was straight to the point and you have a new subscriber

  • Thanks for the content. Very helpful. SUBBED!!

  • Nice video man. I've been a PC gamer for years but I'm actually considering grabbing either a PS3 or a PS4 again. I miss some playstation exclusives. Cheers bro

  • Thats crazy that we can use our very own Beats headphones to listen to chatrooms online. This system is epic!!!! I am so elated that i got my hands on the last original PS4 in Walmart

  • Love the feature of using (Any) headsets for full game play audio. No more annoying to others while I'm playing a loud shooter ;-)

  • Still in use in late 2019

  • Loved your video bro, you have a solid and convincing performance! loved the features as well.

  • Awesome tip about the headphones thanks so much! Earned a like.

  • nice one brother, touched on some things i didnt even the ps4 could do. Also your camera quality is amazing man

  • The best feature for me is that u can use any headphones to it as u dnt have to spend a fortune on a headset and u can use normal headphones also without need of plugging it in ur tv

  • I'd like to add to Nr. 2 you can also use USB headsets. I use my wireless Logitech G930 for PC and for PS4 no drivers what so ever. im not able to use the extra buttons on the headset because those are driver controlled.

  • Is it just me or does he look like he works at best buy?

  • My favorite feature is being able to use any headphones through the controller plus having all the in game audio being streamed through the controller. The Xbox One has this feature but only after purchasing a 50 dollar adapter plugging it through the controller and updating it. PS4 is AWESOME !!!

  • Hey bro, I see that u can use any headphones that can plug into the controller, but if they have a surround sound feature, would that feature still work even though it's hooked up to the controller? Thanks Average User!

    • I meant average consumer! hehe

  • made me wanna buy a ps4 lol :P Pretty solid features!

  • rewatching this for the nostalgia when the ps4 came out

  • Loves your reviews and videos! Can you do a review for the scuf controller for the ps4?

  • I do agree on the fact that the remote play is the best feature of the PS4. I can now play the ps4 on my Nexus 5, while someone is watching TV.

  • This video is smooth and gave me great info. Thanks!

  • I have a ps4 and think it's a amazing system and way worth the 400$ also the futures I like are the streaming stuff it has on it which is live with PlayStation and twitch and Ustream I also like the use of ps vita remote play as well and did you know you could use the ps vita as a second controller. Anyway another thing I like about it is that the PlayStation now rental service and the gaikai thing which allows you to play all PlayStation system games and most likely going to be like PlayStation now

  • Is the importance of using a ethernet cable to the PS4 still as important as before? Mine is on wirelessly, and I would love to keep it that way for less cable-tracking :)

  • I love that its able to use a headset cause i share a room with my younger sister and I stay up late and like to play video games.... so I'm happy about that.

  • Urgh, just seeing those super reflective monitors in the background... it's as if the manufactures said "hey, I know what would be good, a monitor that's 50% mirror! That'll make everything on the screen MUCH clearer" Was the fashion for a long time and seeing this video brought it all back haha.

  • I thought it definitely was worth mentioning that you wouldn't have to buy a Blu-ray player to watch DVDs either....since the PS4 plays them saving you cash. 💲

  • 1 feature you missed, was you can download a game on standby mode, e.g start a download put your ps4 on standby, and then you could go bed, or round your mates etc.. And you can also charge your controller in standby mode

  • im looking forward to getting the ps4 thanks to your spectacular video thank you

  • I loved the video. I was kinda unsure about which console to buy. Ps4 or Xbox 1 n I'm gonna go with a ps4 most definitely

  • I too love remote play, its amazing!

  • Those are some awesome 5 features. Just bare in mind, your No. 1 feature in this video, PS Vita - PS4 Remote Play, was developed by Gaikai (Which Sony aquired in a $200 mil+ investment). Gaikai are working on PlayStation Now, which everyone should know from Sony's CES 2014, as well as Kaz Hirai's CES 2014 Keynote Speech. On top of which, Gaikai isn't even the best PS4 Feature in my opinion, as it's not an exclusive PS4 Feature, it'll be on all sorts of devices, ranging from PS3's/PS VIta's to Smartphones and Tablet PCs, and even BRAVIA TVs!!! :D Basically... Gaikai=Definitely worth the investment.

    • Actually, it can only be used on sony brand products. So you cant just use any smart phone or tablet yet.

    • Yeah very good stuff!

  • This video really gives an explication of the best features thanks bro

    • @Phantaminum Bloodborne ? you mean this piece of shit game that look crap and have a crap gameplay ? Not interested at all !

    • @Zer01neBDTDev Can you play Bloodborne on PC? :3

    • Remote Play ? nVIdia Game Stream Share Button ? nVidia Shadow Play HDD Upgrade ? We can upgrade anything on PC Audio Option ? On PC we can control anything we want, and any device is plug and play(we have not need to rebuy a new headset).

  • 7 years later and we’re about to get this for the PS5! 😂

  • I love how you can pause your game, go to Netflix, watch something, go back to your game and pick up where you left off

  • Wow i never knew about #2. Ive been using the cheap mic that comes with the ps4 this whole time when i could have been using a great pair of beats!!

  • You sir, know how to cook a good vid with the best features! Give him a Medal guys! (Thumbs him up!)

    • +kison pyne the one with the lens

    • @***** dude i am in love with your lighting in your area what camera are you using

    • Why thank you! Much appreciated.

  • Hey, UrAvgConsumer, does your Playstation 3d Display look nice with the PS4? I got one yesterday, and the disk drive doesn't work, so I want to know if it will actually look "next gen".

  • great review! Nice pace good tone not scripted. I just subbed. keep up the great work brother.

  • love the video you explained everytihng very clearly!

  • For the cross play feature, does the psvita and ps4 have to connect to the same network? Or can they connect to different ones?

  • That Using Any Headphone Feature Is Beast !!!

  • even though you can buy it digitally, i always get a disc. feeling the disc and opening it has an amazing satisfactory feeling.

  • Very helpful. 😉

  • There is also a wireless headset specially for the ps4 only :D it's awesome !!

  • What happens to the L2and R2 triggers when streaming games to the vita?

  • I learned a few things. Thanks for the video.

  • I'm also a PC and console gamer and I'm getting a PS4 for the great many exclusives it has like last of us and Final Fantasy 10 Remaster. thanks for this informative video :). Oh and I'll be getting my new ps 4 this weekend cant wait. I've held off this purchase for long enough.

  • I just bought a PS4, and I am excited about it, but I felt a little lost because I never owned a PS3 so I am behind the times, but thanks for making this vid. Now I know more about my Awesome new system!

  • Really enjoyed the concept good job avg

  • Nice clean and professional vid buddy just learned new things I needed thx.

  • I never knew about the number 2 on this list. thanks!

  • I think now you can get wireless headphones so that should be one of the features

  • Good overview ! I like`it. Funny thing is that in my PS4 _audio output settings_ don´t have _output to headphones_ feature ? Why is that so... Can´t play silently :)

  • Nice video man really enjoyed it 👍🏼

  • Subscribed because I like the way you present all your videos! Keep it up! Btw that monitor next to your mac is amazing you think you can share the name if it thanks.

  • I mean you can do most of his stuff with the Xbox as well. In fact using a external hard drive is easier. The Xbox one s also has the audio jack in the controller as well. But I will admit, I kinda wish my dad bought me a PS4 for Christmas instead. But I'm greatful.

  • do you think the ps4 pro is worth buying over the regular ps4?

  • if you change your drive from 500gb to 1tb can you carry over your data from the 500gb drive to the 1gb drive

  • man ps4 knocked it out of the park with this console. They actually respected the consumer with all these features in mind. Unlike Xbox which basically told ppl to go fk themselves right at the release.

    • Basically Xbox was very bored so they released an All Digital console... thats a huge "Waste your money and go duck yourself" sign

  • Hey man your vids are really great i like them so much. THUMBS UP FOR UrAvgConsumer

  • Hi! Is there any feature in PS3 to extend the HDD?

  • thanks for that info as I'm a new ps4 player since Christmas 2015 up until then I was on the ps3 so you just put me onto alot with this video thanks

  • Good job bro, I don't do game videos on my channel but this was excellent! Thanks.

  • Average thx Man U give so good reasons and explaining them I'm getting a PS4 now th!:) my favourite feature is the vita one and sharing just incredible I subscribed :).

  • You can use all kind of hearphones, except when you record audio using iPhone 5 hearphones. You will hear noise. BTW, excellent video.

  • nice vid my son has had the ps4 for years and ive learned a few things

  • There is another advantage of buying an online game from the PS store. It is the fact that the PS4 lens doesn't need to read a disc, and therefore the CPU doesn't work as hard as it would with a disc.

  • Nice review. Thanks for posting this.

  • PS4 doesn't have trimming like PC operating systems. So SSDs would lose speed over time.

  • Great video. keep up the hard work U have a new subscriber

  • nice review and nice video image! what camera you use to record? thanks!

  • i have a ps4 and an xb1, i love them both but i find myself playing xbox more because there are more games that interest me.

  • Nice video dude. Keep it up!!!

  • is there any specific model for specs of ps4 to buy? like the smartphones??

  • sweet vid bro! Would I be able to play physical games (not digital copies of the games and the game dvd not being inside of the console) away from my house on the ps vita?

  • You deserve so many more subscribers.

  • What brand are the speakers you have hooked up to the 3D monitor?

  • Do the ear buds that came with the PS4 include a mic as well?

  • I suppose the Vita remote play works in a similar way to the Wii U gamepad, is that correct?

    • It's a substitute controller & TV! Take your PS4 to the bathroom or to bed, just like Wii U and Switch! It does suffer from lag sometimes though. Also, certain games offer features like a screen for your map/inventory/etc.

    • Simon Dearing yep its a good backup for the ps4 controller

    • 💯% correct