Top 5 Most Unique Tech of 2018!

Publicado el 28 dic 2018
2018 was a good year for tech so it was fun taking a look back at some of the most creative and unique tech from the year! Thanks Intel for sponsoring today's video.
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What do you guys think of our list? Any you'd like to add? Comment below!

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My Massive Tech Unboxing 19.0! -

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Microsoft Adaptive Controller:
Nintendo Labo:
Apple Watch Series 4:
Oppo Find X:

Intel has gifted me with the HP Spectre Folio. All other products appearing in this video are not associated with endorsement from Intel.

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  • The adaptive controller is just one of those things that I would never have thought of, not needing it, but after hearing about it I'm so glad it exist! Well done Microsoft!

  • I cannot wait to see what comes up in 2019, crazy stuff is in the works!

  • That Hp looks pretty cool though!!

  • Wow very interesting products! Thanks for doing this video and shining some light on these products! Live your videos and your editing!

  • I honestly really liked this video. It had a different feel to it and was much more engaging as compared to your other videos (not to say they are bad or anything XD) I hope you make more like these!

  • Honestly I wanted to get the adaptive controller for my cousin, he has a sickness that leaves him in a wheel chair but with few mobility in his hands. It just makes me feel good knowing he could play alongside with me in some games

  • Thanks for sharing these interesting devices. Nice touch mentioning Labo... kind of sad most don't understand how brilliant this concept is.

  • The adaptive controller was the best piece of tech in 2018. Great job Microsoft, you deserve all the praise for this product.

  • All of these were so unique! Your videos are always awesome and creative ❤

  • Yo Judd! Awesome video! Can’t wait to see what you do in 2019! Happy New Year to Everyone reading this!

  • Keep doing a great job with these videos man! Huge fan!!

  • Love the vids keep up with the good work 🙂

  • great list of very cool stuff, the folio laptop is stunning! i hope they make a next gen version with at least U-series processors and TB3 though, because its even less powerful than an ultrabook as is. could you tell me where you got your top from please? i really really like it!

  • My favourite unique tech from this video is definitely the adaptive controller from Microsoft. I was a gamer since young and after having a brain haemorrhage 4 years ago while I was 19, I could no longer play games that I like to. However, I could still play with normal controllers with 1 hand, but with more frustration as it is really difficult. Very glad that Microsoft has inclusivity in mind and decided to include everyone with different abilities in their gaming demographic.

  • I can't wait to see what you do in 2019 your videos are amazing.

  • You’re Always Pushing The Envelope. I Love Majority Of Videos, Your “Day In The Life” Reviews Are The Best.

  • This tech looks so awesome!!! I need all of this!! 😎

  • The xbox adaptive controller and the Apple Watch series 4 are the best ones. I love Microsoft for taking the time consider and make something for those normally would be missing out on fun gaming experiences. Also have to give props to apple for killing the watch game, and including a feature that is FDA approved, and as Judd said could potentially save lives, or at the very least makes people more aware of their health on a regular basis.

  • Another awesome vid to go out strong with for 2018, let’s see what UAC brings in 2019... gamers paradise 3.0 perhaps? Happy new year Jud, peace!

  • Great job UrAvrgConsumer! Amazing vid as always!

  • Love the videos keep up the good work

  • You’re absolutely the ESmain channel of tech to the average consumer, the name of the channel is purpose that you’re really accomplishing

  • Excellent video thank you so much for bringing our attention to these products. As one of the other replies said it is so nice when people with disabilities are treated the same as those without! I have the Apple Watch three series and though it doesn’t have afib, it detects my heartbeat automatically. For someone with severe disabilities who needs to keep an eye on her heart rate I was rather shocked to find I am registering well over 100 beats per minute at rest. I know it’s accurate because I reprogrammed it for my chap and his average rate is about 70. I mentioned it to the anaesthetist (I’m due for my next surgery quite a major one) he really appreciated knowing because it makes a big difference to my op monitoring. The watch also reminds me to breathe properly, to move more regularly etc., I don’t know how I managed without it.

  • The adaptive controller is awesome. Got to respect the guy who came up with that idea so that almost everyone can enjoy games.

  • Great review. I chuckled when you said your parents are on the older side. I definitely like that HP Spectre. It's definitely classy.

  • I'm an Apple fanboy but the Oppo 5x really deserves the phone of the year 2018.

  • Watched almost all of your videos (Unboxing Techs). You're so lucky to have all of those stuffs. Hope you download more videos of Unboxing Techs. 😁

  • Yo, you're the best. Thx for all of the cool tech u make videos of. Again, you're truly amazing. 😋

  • The most unique tech with the most unique tech channel!

  • Just showing some love: I’ve become hooked on your channel and tech unboxing. Also spreading your videos to all of my friends- getting known in Akron Ohio

  • Dude your my favorite channel thank you for doing what you do

  • One of them is surely going on my year end list.

  • Once the next gen comes out with other health functions I will buy it cause then it will be really worth it

  • I prefer the Mii Mix 3 method of hiding the camera to the Oppo. Making it a slider design gets rid of the motor and gives you something to fiddle with

  • I hope more tech coming on 2019.

  • I stumbled upon your channel researching the Google Home Hub, and I have to say that I love this channel! You do an excellent job on your reviews. Added bonus is that I saw you're from, or have a NJ connection! I would love to see a collab video with you and MKBHD someday.

  • Your videos are great I love you man 👍🏽❤️

  • the adaptive controller comes from Microsoft's experience with adaptive technology for the PC.

  • Awesome, Except Apple watch, everything else was new to me (given i have an healthy consumption of tech on a daily basis).. I would have loved to see ANKER on the table, if not a mention.. I think it was pretty cool and a very broad piece of tech that could be built very well in the future..

    • @UrAvgConsumer I apologize.. I meant ANKI Vector.. the cute bot which is also a little smarter than average robot play toys.. why did I even say Anker ??!! 🤔😳😵

    • Which Anker product? I’ll check it out!

  • The idea of having something like a foot pedal to jump in game sounds so cool

  • I love all your videos thankyou for posting on a regular basis Happy new year

  • Really dope! Please do more videos on surface products

  • Good video keep it coming all the best for 2019

  • subscribing for the good tech content and most importantly, your gunpla collection!

  • Hey, I wanna say thanks! No one has shown the ewe Xbox controller with all it's accessories before. Everybody just showed the box. As a one armed person I hadn't considered this controller until I saw all of it one this video

  • Great unique tech!

  • Daym that laptop seems perfect (if it was affordable)! It has a stylus with it, right? Is it well-integrated or just like normal touch input?

  • got your vid as an add but had to stop over to give you a like! I volunteer with an adaptive ski program and it amazed me all the different tech and do dads they had to help people ski. its amazing to see a company go out of their way to make a controller for those that play differently.

  • I have a friend who is a twin and he is in a chair with limited mobility in his hands. He is the BEST dude ever, and he is a professional at the same large company I work at. He loves to game but I'm sure his options for controllers are limited. I'd love to make a video of him using it; I'm launching a game channel!!! Thanks for considering - he's so worth it!!!

  • Hi love your videos keep up the good work

  • My favorite is the HP laptop, no doubt about it

  • My little brother could probably make great use of the adaptive controller. He has limited arm mobility and strength. He has to try really hard to hold the controller.

  • Cool and nice products!! Nice review!!

  • That Mi mix 3 tho. I'd say that was one of the best designed bezeless phones of the year

  • Hey i love your vids hope you make more of those videos they are the best

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  • Best videos ever! Keep it up

  • HP Spectre. Didn't know about it know about it but it looks awesome. 👌👍

  • The HP laptop looks very nice beautiful design.

  • Great video as always! Are the gadget backpack videos coming soon?.

  • This channel is the reason I started watching tech ESmainrs.

  • You are a tech Genius!

  • Happy New Year, to you and I do enjoy your vids...Where did you find the table that you had the HP Folio laptop on when that segment started? I think I need that in my office...thanks. And keep up the good work!

  • the Microsoft adaptive controller is obviously something I don't necessarily need to make use of myself but it genuinely looks cool. It is a well-thought-out excellent idea. Just in general something I'm glad exists because Lord knows the other options out there probably were either incredibly bespoke and therefore expensive which might leave an entire audience just on addressed that want to join in on some games. Bravo.

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  • love your vids man !!

  • 0:47 Cool! Xbox copied Nintendo. They made their own Nunchuk 😂

  • Great video and amazing stuffs

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  • Who agrees with me that he is good in reviews

  • yo dude maybe for an upcoming video you could do "smart furniture" just like you did with the smart coffee table and even maybe just some super sweet furniture for gaming or just to make a room look chill and awesome;)

  • Do that Hp folio is super slick with some nice specs glad Austin covered it too

  • We were just wondering do they come different in all sizes the laptop by any chance?

  • Hope you have an even bigger 2019!

  • That leather laptop would be even cooler if you could completely remove the screen from the keyboard portion. As is, while it is an AMAZING idea, it's still probably not a comfortable tablet. I say you're still better off with buying an actual laptop and actual tablet, and you'd probably get better performance and save a few bucks along the way. But I agree it is very unique and belongs on the list!

  • Or when you come home you can start watching some good content aka uravgconsumer

  • Hey Jud recently I’ve really been looking at room decor because I’m moving soon I’ve already got some cool stuff like funkos and a triforce light and I’m gonna try to find book stands to stand up my Zelda and Mario books (Hyrule historia and Mario encyclopedia) but I’m gonna also hang my guitars on the walls too. I’ve always had just a bed and a bookshelf for all my books and a dresser in my room but this time I want to make a really cool room and I thought it was the best idea to look through your videos for room decor tech. Thanks for the help!

  • Great video man!

  • The Spectre Folio looks beautiful....

  • I like the hp folio for me and the Nintendo switch accessories for my kids. Need a switch first though

  • Can you do a video for programmers on good or great laptops

  • Great vids i even bought those Sony headphones you preferred. They will arrive tomorrow. :)

  • Bro i would love that laptop for university when i start next year! Dk if im willing to spend £1400 tho.

  • Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, Oppo FTW!

  • I loved the video and product choice . Watching on my galaxy note 9 can u plz make ur vids in 2:1 or 18:9

  • where did you get those joycon shells?

  • Well done Microsoft

  • Microsoft really made a Wii Nunchuck? LOL That's still pretty cool that they made that adaptive controller though!

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  • The xbox joystick looks like the Wii nunchuck controller

  • Xbox is trying to make up for all the missing 2018 smartphones without headphone jacks.

  • For anyone who doesn’t want to spend that much money on the HP Folio definitely give the Surface GO LTE a look it’s not as powerful with the Intel Pentium gold processor and Intel integrated 615 graphics BUT you do get the Qualcomm Atheros LTE modem , something extremely portability and a beautiful display that makes it great for watching videos and you can even get away with light video editing and gaming. I have an unboxing on my channel with the full review coming within the next couple days! Stay tuned!🎥

  • I've never clicked on a video so fast. Great video as always!

  • I wanted that headphones stand (wood) but it was $60