Unpopular But AWESOME Tech!

Publicado el 8 oct 2021
Underground tech that definitely needs your attention. Excited to talk about this unpopular but REALLY cool tech. Check out Next Insurance here: bit.ly/NEXT-Uravgconsumer
A portion of this video was sponsored by Next Insurance.

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Comentarios: 348

  • I would love to see a segment like this regularly.

  • I think an underrated feature of the ShadowCast, is being able to use any laptop as a second monitor for your computer super easy

  • “wanna hang out?” “yeah man let me just charge my TRASHCAN real quick”

  • Our boy Jud done lost his mind with this trash can 😂 "price goes up a"lil bit"" 😭

  • for the miix blender, you’re supposed to turn it on before putting the powder in. mixes a lot better.

  • Shadow cast looks like it would be great to save some AIO PCs that are obsolete and use them for extra displays.

  • Great tech video. I wish that shadow cast was a thing a few years back because it would have came in handy when I traveled.

  • J your videos are always cool, but this video tops all the ones that I’ve seen. My fave is the speaker that can break up to 5 speaker I have been wanting something like that but didn’t know it existed. Thanks Ari for putting us on. The trash can is also a def cop. Especially for my bathroom.

  • Jud, it’s good to see a trash can that works😂, now make it $50 or less and then it’s a great buy

    • I have a SimpleHuman 13 gallon trash can that I can wave my hand and it will open...

    • Unpopular But Awesome But Unnecessarily Expensive Tech"

    • There’s a lite version that’s 70 dollars

  • Just discovered this guy, he's not bad. Got a super chilled out vibe, that's refreshing

    • @damian xavier i know, that’s why when Marques upload his video about it was a bomb! Never thought he would do it but he addressed the topic on such a great way, after that I was sure Judner would do something about it too, I thought of him as a really good human and thought he, as Marques, would rise his voice as part of the community on an important topic, but well, he’s just UrAvgConsumer 🤷‍♂️

    • @Samuel Gómez its a tech channel. they talk about tech not politics.

    • I used toe hoy her vibes until the BLM when he remains silent, i mean, considering the amount of viewers he has it would be awesome to say something about it, even MKBHD mentioning but here…well, it was like nothing happened

    • prepare for him to make u feel broke

    • Judd and Ari are pretty damn cool!

  • The 5-in-1 speaker is really neat! Very cool idea.

  • Awesome content... love seeing stuff that nobody else is covering... that speaker and vortex bottle was dope!

  • the trash can honestly carried the video, none of the other tech compares to the awesomeness of the trashcan

  • The shadowcast seems awesome. Great video as always!

  • Heyo Jud, great vid and I have a suggestion. Could you bring the Ecoflow battery backup, and see how it powers thing in your studio?! I know you did one at your house but since the studio is the powerhouse, it's be an easy idea to see how it fairs in your typical office 'work day'. Thanks!

  • All these people hating on the smart trash can but it could actually be really good for washrooms. Its a bit too expensive tho

  • Can never see myself spending $130 for a tiny trash can. And I know they taxing you for those “special” bags too 💀

  • Great products and great reviews from the avg consumer

  • A split speaker review would be nice. I was thinking about getting the Quirky Air but I'm wondering if there are any better ones out there?

  • Wasn’t expecting that $200 price tag for the Bluetooth speaker.

  • That shadow cast looks like it'd be super sick for IT guys that like having a Mac like myself. Connect a broken computer for diagnostic on a Mac, who wouldn't like that?!

  • I love all this tech accept the trash can I’ll just use a regular one and I’m definitely not paying $130 for one lol

  • The shadow cast would be good for all other consoles and maybe some other things but for the Xbox you can use the Xbox app on the pc and stream it. Just in case no body knew!

  • Got one of those bottles and it’s the best thing I’ve purchased in a while

  • Imagine tossing an apple core away and going “oh shit, my trash can’s dead” lmao

  • I’m loving your more frequent videos!

  • "I like to use this for my protein shakes." Me: *buys one for my G-Fuel like a true degenerate*

  • for you dude i'm new here but i have seen a few videos and you tell me that you know well from the world of technology and i say that you are one of the best youtubers!!!!

  • I've had the miixr+ for few years it is pretty 👍

  • It would be dope if the shadow cast works with the iPad Pro🤔

  • Now that water bottle is great since it requires less cleaning than a bottle with the metal ball thing

  • That shadow cast was cool I think imma have to grab one

  • It will be great if we get more videos like this one

  • That portable surround sound speaker system would be super dupe if it can hook up to a PC. I remember about a decade ago, when FEAR was new (man that game is old), and I had a 5.1 surround system in my house. I was young, so I ran all the wires everywhere. Total ghetto set-up. But I remember there being nothing more terrifying than actually hearing shit behind you. Ironically, the scariest moment was one time I bumped into a table, and a coffee cup fell on the floor and rolled behind my character. Just the sound it rolling scared the shit out of me, and I turn around and it's just some coffee cup I knocked off the table. You know them old games. The collision is bad, you walk up to a desk, and the whole thing shakes and everything falls to the ground. Anyways, back on topic! Now that I'm older and keep my house a lot more refined. I can't have wires running around everywhere. So I've basically condensed my desk setup to two high quality speakers. Clean, but no surround sound. And ever since, that's been working great for me. But I could see charging up and using some portable speakers with only a few hours of playtime to really immerse myself in a spook session. Not a fulltime thing, but a once in awhile. And they'd probably justify the price eventually.

  • K so all of this tech is actually amazing really cool futuristic tech but it’s too expensive like I mean probably $200 for those 3 basic things but they are incredibly cool

  • Man what a great video! Super useful 👏🏻 thanks!!

  • Honestly I just watch your videos to relax. I really love your videos!

  • The mixer cup is actually pretty cool.

  • That trash can just changed my whole outlook on life lmao not even gone hold you 🤣🤣

  • That trash can is the definition of too much money, lol. I can use the manual foot lever on mine way faster than that sensor. And it looks like a toilet. I’ll consider a smart trash can when I can say “trash can, come here” and it will undock and re-dock itself.

  • Keep these coming- X mas shopping early and i NEED ideas. Bought the Promix for a workout buddy- looks great

  • Wulffden has got you covered on them switch accessories speaking of, get yourself one of them Genki travel adapters. a damn life saver

  • Love these style videos!

  • It's kinda funny that a water bottle of all things can now charge your phone

  • Dope trashcan. Kinda disappointed that you didn't go for the teal version though 😅

  • Trash can: Still bad Shadow cast: Love it Speakers: Interesting Bottle: would love to see a comparison to a low tech competitor

  • I would also suggest Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer and BlendJet 2. The latter is a bit bigger but it is more powerful. Happy Blending! 🍸

  • I have been watching his videos since I was 11 he has never let me down

  • Tech reviews make my day

  • Would Have Been Cool If The The Speaker Could Connect To 5 Device Individually

  • Those speakers are dope 👍🏽

  • $130 for a trash can? Yeah, you're definitely no longer our average consumer. More like the top 10% of the nation consumer

  • That trash bin is dope!

  • Now’s the best time to mention you guys should bring back the ridiculous tech items series.

    • I mean, this are ridiculous tech items, right?

  • Can you record the console on OBS or something with the ShadowCast? Or just play it like if it was a monitor?

  • That sound effect you used for the quirky speaker was from Metal Gear Solid when Snake would get caught by the enemy.

  • That whole console to pc thing... Can't you already do that with a regular HDMI? You're basically just using the laptop as a monitor which it should already be able to do...

    • @Split Yeah, but who tf brining a laptop, AND their big ass heavy console...?

    • @YuhNinja That's not the point. You can definitely connect a console to a monitor. The point is using a laptop instead of an external display so you don't need to bring the monitor while traveling or for people who don't have monitors

    • @Ronak Raisingani Ah, ha

    • @Someone some do, my old alienware 17 did have a 2 way HDMI in and out

    • @YuhNinja yeah to a monitor but the point is that most laptops don’t take video input through their ports

  • Some nice tech dude 👍👍👍

  • I actually just bought one a few weeks ago from Target in Brooklyn lol 😂

  • Awesome products!

  • will the shadowcast work with with any laptop that has usb c port?

  • That speaker is really dope man!!

  • Wouldn't mind seeing some more workout tech. Also, just got a legion 7 laptop, so I need a new backpack video. Haven't seen one of those in a long time, just saying...

  • Ya just have to love the view of, the PATH train, Amtrak and NJtransit rolling in the background!

  • Cool tech 👍🏽

  • First time I have seen someone say "no voice controls unfortunately" looking at a trashcan

  • I was about to go and search for the trashcan, but… the price man

  • We Love this kinda video bro.thank you.

  • this should be a series!!!

  • Sony has built in remote play, I use it all the time. No need to carry your console.

  • Connecting a laptop to an Xbox seems very practical Judd😂

    • @UrAvgConsumer yeah, since when bringing your Xbox is portable?

    • @Mikedub 27 XCloud uses servers so you don’t have to carry around a laptop and a Xbox

    • But you don't have to worry about the graphics card being able to handle the game because that part is powered by the Xbox. You can basically game with a Pentium processor laptop

    • @UrAvgConsumer Xbox cloud service

    • If you want a portable screen it is.

  • You could call this theme as “TECH WITHOUT OSCARS”

  • Love the vids man. I am a big fan.

  • “Has all the smart features you’ve come to expect”…. “No voice controls though” that trash can is about as stupid as I’ve ever seen

  • thank you for these types of videos!!!!

  • I love this series

  • Damn, I might need a Shadowcast to hook my Xbox up to my laptop so I can play Madden and and NBA 2K on my laptop.

  • Wait! I have to charge my trash can? 🥴

  • Well he got my dads birthday gift 😂 that promixx Bottle is so cool

  • Please do make more videos like these

  • How about unknown tech of using voice commands to control your locks and start your engine on your car using Chevy app ?

  • This is the first time I’ve ever noticed the train in the back. Makes the office look nicer.

  • Like the blender and shadow cast.

  • I'd love to see the chapter thing on these videos

  • Shadow cast - great one

  • The Shadowcast was pretty cool

  • Ok if you work out and use whey protein I advise against those, whey protein will make that thing smell like death after a while. That’s why blender bottles are better cheap and you can just chuck them after a few months with no return.

  • Can that Xbox gadget thing connect to an iPad Pro for the screen?

  • That trash can needs to be 10X bigger

  • They’ve got usb c ones at Walmart

  • This was good good video man we need more

  • Am I the only one who thought the smart trashcan looked like a toilet when it opened up? 😅

  • Bro, this channel is addictive asf.

  • Jud: $100 smart trash can Me: stolen milk crate with an old shopping bag

  • This is the first time I've ever seen a purpose for the iMac

  • 130 bucks for a smart narrow trashcan instead of a 2bucks one...the only difference being putting a new bag in the can

  • With this GENKI ShadowCast could you use your laptop keyboard?

    • Nope, the laptop only works as a display or screen recorder, etc.

  • Can the shadow cast work on iPad Pro?

  • What an absolutely outrageous price for a bin plus refills? A waste of money and probably damaging the environment

  • Shadowcast input lag isn't great on some games