Unpopular But AWESOME Tech!

Publicado el 9 oct 2021
Underground tech that definitely needs your attention. Excited to talk about this unpopular but REALLY cool tech. Check out Next Insurance here: bit.ly/NEXT-Uravgconsumer
A portion of this video was sponsored by Next Insurance.

Find them here:
TOWNEW T3 Slim Self-Sealing & Self-Changing Trash Can - amzn.to/2Yx8rej
GENKI ShadowCast - amzn.to/3FA7eE6
Air Audio 5-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker - amzn.to/3DuYQ6V
PROMiXX - MiiXR+ - amzn.to/3lr2lF3
PROMiXX iX-R (cheapers but no portable charging) - amzn.to/3v4yPIE

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  • These aren't popular because people don't chase after tech lol

  • What is your necklace?

  • I have been watching his videos since I was 11 he has never let me down

  • 3:56 is that the packaging of a wonder wand vibrator?

  • You can’t Kobe with that trash can

  • Aye, what was in that trashcan at the 3:56 mark? 🧐

  • wasted opportunity to say "smart trash cans are trash" 4:04

  • Jud you're a crybaby, damn why you need a voice control for a trash can

  • Genki 🔥🔥🔥🎉

  • Honestly I just watch your videos to relax. I really love your videos!

  • That sound from "Metal Gear solid" kills me every time I hear it😂

  • 130 dollars for a trashcan that saves you at most 5 munites of your time everytime you gotta change it. Do NOT make me call Khaby Lame

  • My only problem with the thrash can thingy, it moves too slow.

  • Nah...keep that 🗑.

  • Nobody’s going to mention what was in the trash can though?

  • Bro.. you're missing a Cloud and Zidane poster!!

  • I’m buying that speaker

  • Can you use the shadow cast on the iPad?

  • Bruh this dude trying to sell me a trash can . Oh hell nah.

  • Ummm yo is that a 6 toy 😂 3:57

  • It will be great if we get more videos like this one

  • Love that little bit of Titanfall 2 gameplay

  • Is there gonna be a budget edition back to school?

  • Do you have links to the products featured - I don't see a description for this video

  • That trash can needs to be 10X bigger

  • Am I the only one who thought the smart trashcan looked like a toilet when it opened up? 😅

  • Unnecessary

  • Should do a gym tech

  • mmmm rebranded alibaba trash.

  • damn waiting 2 minutes for a smart trash can to do what a maid can do in 20 seconds.

  • jesus $100+ for a trash can... talk about average🤣

  • Anyone else thought the Xbox was the shadowcast

  • Since when did Apex make it to the switch???? Did anyone else notice that?

  • What is RPG?

  • Trash can: Still bad Shadow cast: Love it Speakers: Interesting Bottle: would love to see a comparison to a low tech competitor

  • Awesome content... love seeing stuff that nobody else is covering... that speaker and vortex bottle was dope!

  • Shadowcast input lag isn't great on some games

  • I love this series

  • K so all of this tech is actually amazing really cool futuristic tech but it’s too expensive like I mean probably $200 for those 3 basic things but they are incredibly cool

  • Why shadowcast when you can simply remote play on a PC?

  • That townew trash can is so dumb and completely not worth it. Just tie your dang trash bag and save your money.

  • I would also suggest Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer and BlendJet 2. The latter is a bit bigger but it is more powerful. Happy Blending! 🍸

  • When Jud shows the MiiXR+, I straight away think about a bo'ou'wa'er...

  • Man he is built.

  • This video is actually so useful.

  • Jud got hench hench 😂

  • Awesome products!

  • Everyone else focusing on the video. While I can’t stop looking at his Sea of Thieves controller.

  • The shadowcast seems awesome. Great video as always!

  • U can't even do a basketball throw acroos the room with that trashcan. Is it really a trashcan? and the hole gotta be bigger my man, its so tight

  • at 3:56 the box in the trash can screams freakyyy man!

  • Bathroom trash can...Baller Edition...on the next My Bathroom Tech Tour...by ur boy...uravgconsumer

  • 3inches avg?

  • That speaker is really dope man!!

  • The shadow cast would be good for all other consoles and maybe some other things but for the Xbox you can use the Xbox app on the pc and stream it. Just in case no body knew!

  • Trash can would be cool if it was a lot larger but as is very not worth

  • 3:57 is that a vibrator?

  • Those speakers are dope!

  • 9:10 that moment of silence (T-T) INSANE

  • These things aren’t “unpopular” they’re “stupid”

  • “Has all the smart features you’ve come to expect”…. “No voice controls though” that trash can is about as stupid as I’ve ever seen

  • My Haitian guy. Big fan. Always. But your shirt mad tight my guy. Had to let you know lol

  • Wait! I have to charge my trash can? 🥴

  • Nahh that's all trash, literally.

  • Where was the shadow cast before I bought a gaming monitor 😭 curse that input lag

  • Ayo I swear if you skip to 3:56 in the video when they open the smart trash can up it looks like a vibrator in the trash can 🤔 could be wrong but sure looks like one hahaha no disrespect I love the channel lol

  • The dumbest buy ive ever seen is a smart trashcan bruh buy a normal trash can da fuck.

  • Smart trash cans are a waste of money

  • How about unknown tech of using voice commands to control your locks and start your engine on your car using Chevy app ?

  • That trash can belongs in one lmao. Not paying $130 for a trash can I need to charge and has proprietary trash bags.

  • Imagine tossing an apple core away and going “oh shit, my trash can’s dead” lmao

  • Keep these coming- X mas shopping early and i NEED ideas. Bought the Promix for a workout buddy- looks great

  • lost his mind playing the xbox on a laptop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Unpopular opinion: there's nothing average or cool about a garbage can that costs $130 trash can that used proprietary trash bags 😂

  • 10 minutes ad for those products that didn’t quite reach the budget for a full video…

  • I would love to see a segment like this regularly.

  • I was about to go and search for the trashcan, but… the price man

  • Man what a great video! Super useful 👏🏻 thanks!!

  • Does the trash can take itself out to the curb dow? ..nope

  • You could call this theme as “TECH WITHOUT OSCARS”

  • that shirt tho ;)

  • boi you won’t survive a day with no electricity lmao

  • What an absolutely outrageous price for a bin plus refills? A waste of money and probably damaging the environment

  • UrAvgConsumer slowly turning into UrAvgDwayneTheRockJohnson lol

  • I thought it was a speaker from JBL

  • 3:55 what's he got in the trash 🤨📸

  • Still, I think this is dumb.

  • That trash can is the definition of too much money, lol. I can use the manual foot lever on mine way faster than that sensor. And it looks like a toilet. I’ll consider a smart trash can when I can say “trash can, come here” and it will undock and re-dock itself.

  • hehe... VORTEXING without your hands

  • 130 bucks for a smart narrow trashcan instead of a 2bucks one...the only difference being putting a new bag in the can

  • not the vibrator wand at 3:56

  • I think an underrated feature of the ShadowCast, is being able to use any laptop as a second monitor for your computer super easy

  • What was that track?

  • I’m loving your more frequent videos!

  • I believe Flossy Carter made a video about that particular bluetooth speaker a while back. (I could be wrong tho so do quote me)

  • What is the use of genki shadowcast? Can’t you connect your Xbox directly to your laptop via a hdmi cable?

  • $130 for a tiny trash can 😂 fuck no

  • The vibrator box at 3:55. Go or no go?

  • Can the shadow cast work on iPad Pro?

  • Jud please explain 3:55 ? What you got in there?