Upgrading my PS5!

Publicado el 22 dic 2021
Thinking about upgrading your PS5? Here's what I used on mine!
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PS5 Faceplate - amzn.to/3plDapx (It's not the ideal but works fine)
eXtremeRate Metallic Regal Blue PS5 Controller Shell - amzn.to/3yWs3Xq
eXtremeRate Metallic Blue PS5 Controller Shell - amzn.to/3pmgANj
RGB LED Light for PS5 - amzn.to/3EipH64
WD_BLACK 1TB SN850 - amzn.to/33V32jO
PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller - Midnight Black - amzn.to/3FrHo4m
PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset - Midnight Black - amzn.to/3podfO4
ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset - amzn.to/3eioeCj

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  • You know the best accessory is having the console itself.

    • @dan lavender they just don’t want to follow the basic instructions to get one. I’ve hit multiple times on target and Best Buy. It’s so easy when you follow the right pages and fucking listen but they don’t

    • Not really i have had mine for a year its not that great

    • @jaden jones trust me i have a ps5 your not missing much almost every single game is overpriced but it looks nice

    • They’re really not hard to get, I called two places and got one from a retail store

    • @Seven 7 shut up

  • The most affordable option that meets playstation specs and comes with heatsink out of the box is Adata XPG Gammix S70 blade 1tb is now on sale for $129.99 while 2tb is on sale for only $249.99 and a 512gb option can also be had for just $89.99.

    • @Ahmad Mousavi I got a new 5tb Seagate hdd for my ps4 games for about $10 after discounts and use my XPG Gammix S70 blade 2tb strictly for my ps5 games for $250.

    • Hell no that’s horrible lol i got me an external hard drive for just 80$ during Black Friday 2 years ago

    • @EliteGameplayX I'm referring to the usual American store websites. Happy gaming and Merry Christmas!

    • Got a link?

  • Just a note for anyone, the SN850 SSD he showed has a different variant without the heatsink for $165 on Amazon and you can just buy a compatible heatsink on Amazon for $10-$15 and save yourself a little bit of money

  • I am not even gonna lie, the midnight black controller with the blue faceplate, does look really clean!!!

    • @Vixen It doesn’t look cheap I have it on my black controller and it looks dope and isn’t flimsy and has a nice matte finish to it. I have another blue one that looks cheap and this one looks and feels premium compared to it.

    • But cheap lol 😂

  • Love my ps5, definitely worth the wait!. It’s a beautiful machine

    • @Vixen - agreed.

    • Indeed it really makes u escape a shitty world.

    • @XATECK - Yeah I'm going to get the PS5 Pro .. and don't say that stupid sh*t nobody's going to die in 2 years.

    • @James Eaton bruh it’s gonna be 3 years later man it’s too much you should enjoy your life with the ps5 instead of waiting bro imagine you died in two years

    • @James Eaton are you sure your gonna get it

  • So excited for my ps5!! After trying with every drop for the past 3 months I’ll finally be picking it up this Wednesday 🙏

    • ayeee congrats man

    • I bet you feel like a million bucks. Enjoy that mf console man!

  • Ah yes, the mythical PS5.

    • @Obi-Wan Kenobi Awesome!

    • @Treeskirt like me!

    • Some Players Have Been Awarded This Achievement!

  • When it comes to expanding ps5 storage there are way cheaper options that still hold 1 TB

    • @daddy kamil but it comes with the heat sink

    • @Ishan Patel you can buy a heat sink for like 10-20 and save like 100 if u buy one and the ssd without a heat sink

    • His has a heatsink built into it

  • Merry Christmas to all people that work for average consumers and you too!!

  • Should’ve tried the LED strips with Dbrand’s new Darkplates (I got em in grey) and their light strip filters. Song would’ve been mad at you tho probably lol

  • I love what Sony did to the Ps5, cuz they made it soo customizable

  • I have the matte sticker for the middle part of the PS5 and it aligns just fine with my ports. You just have to be patient when putting it on!

  • I’ve been waiting for Sony to drop faceplates for the longest, I wish they’d drop a retro controller though

  • Hmmm I'd like to shake things up a bit by sony actually releasing some new titles worth playing. Right now the only games I really liked so far were Spiderman miles morales and ghost of tsushima the directors cut. I'm really looking forward to the Witcher wildhunt remaster for next gen!

  • Got the same ssd today, super fast! Love it!

  • Man i just wanna tell you i appreciate your content and longevity in the YT game bro💯💯 you and Marques Brownlee are the only Tech youtubers i watch💪🏾

  • You know that you're not an average consumer when your video doesn't actually start until 2:45

  • It must be nice to have a PS5…..I’m tryna get like you ma boi

  • Love all these accessories, great vid!

  • Thanks for the update. Great accessories 👌

    • Hi this is a scam

  • Bruh, we need an updated setup video. I see some major awesome updates in the cave!

  • can't wait for the final tech unboxing of the year 😊

  • I really hope people that haven't been able to grab a ps5 since launch get to real soon! Looking forward to those faceplates in January though 🔥🔥🔥

  • Finally opened mine today, pretty damn fun

  • Naisu Edit now that I watched: wish the rgb fans were mirrored so when they rotated it was the same direction, also for those of you getting an m.2, you do not need the heatsink, ssd's only get hot when they're under load and with how open the m.2 slot is on this console heat won't be an issue, just save your money

    • A decent heatsink will run you like $10 to $20.... Why not buy one and be safe rather than risk your invested money? 🤔 Yeah the likelihood of it overheating is low but the chance still exists.

    • @Scoots he must've gotten a cheap ssd then, an ssd should not be under load long enough to get hot enough to worry about

    • friend of mine said he didn’t put a heat sink on his SSD, and paid for it when it overheated and burnt out.

  • Love all the Gundam stuff in the b/g. I might need to display my Metal Structure Nu next to my PS5 set up now ;)

    • @WhatsApp ❶❽❻⓿❹❾❹❻❸⓿❷‬ wow!! Thank you!

    • ☝️ ☝️☝️ ☝️ Thanks for watching congrats you have been selected among our random giveaway. Dm to claim your price❤️🎊🎁🎉.

  • I can confirm that getting the faceplate is easy, just play a game that makes you rage and slam your controller against the table. 10/10 certified that you will get the plate out of it.

  • Got a nice gold chrome cover for my red controller. Looks like I've got an iron man theme going on.

  • This guy has some of the best B-roll on the platform :)

  • Def plan on grabbing a ssd eventually, gonna get the rgb lights right now. Great video

  • Great accessories. But my question is, are we ever going to be satisfied? When something is white, you want to turn it into black or red. When something is black, you want to turn it into white or green.

  • Are those rgb lights safe to put on the fans?

  • Love your videos!!.

  • Ps5 looks crazy bro 💪🏻🔥🔥🔥

  • crazy lit mod is the extreme rate back button kit. Really a game changer for fps games. the company also sells other ps5 mods such as faceplates, and a whole selection of controller customization. literally every aspect from buttons, thumbtacks, touchpad, etc

    • @ChiefVishPat they’re really good honestly for fps games obviously but i got used to using r1/L1 for shooting instead of the triggers. i just ordered the tactile triggers and back buttons for another controller

    • @Frank Reyes57 ohh that’s cool. How are they? Thinking about getting myself them.

    • yup had em for a few months only had problems with their triggers but easy to install and uninstall

  • You can still use the sea gate extended storage from the ps4 on the ps5

  • Very cool modification(black ⚫ & blue 🔵)

  • I Loved this Video, I've been watching so many PS5 videos soon hoping to get one!

  • First of all, I'd have to be able to buy a PS5. 😭 When I do, I'll also get the official black face plate and also a black Dual Sense. Oh and of course I gotta get the Razer Razer Kaira Pro. I hope we get it in black in the near future. As for the expandable storage, I'm stuck between: - WD_Black SN850 (w/ heat sink) 2TB - Samsung 980 Pro (w/ heat sink) 2TB Both of them retail for $449.99 at this point. I'm leaning towards the Samsung one since on my PS4 Pro, I have the Samsung 860 Pro 2TB.

    • Bro chill out just get the console haha

  • Nice vid, upgraded with a 980 pro myself

  • Really wishing Sony would do different colors for the DualSense charger

  • I want to see this for the series x

  • PS5 looks awesome, but I mainly do PC gaming

  • I work at walmart in electronics and i always recommend the a10 headset

  • great video, you've earned a new subscriber

  • How do you keep that middle piece so glossy!!!

  • Im gonna pick up that black sideplate looks awesome!

  • Big fan love all ur vids

  • Love your videos

  • I finally got my PS5!!

  • Dbrand also made the dark plates for PS5 😅😅

  • The best accessory for the PS5 is a dust cover...

  • Its amazing ps5 black with blue line 👌

  • Nice video!!! Forget the ps accessories, what’s the hexagon tile on the wall?! 😅. Anybody know?!

  • Happy Holidays Avg fam!

  • That black ps5 controller would be PERFECT!

  • These will be great once Sony releases the PS5

  • Here come the comments: I’d have to find a PS5 first, if only Sony made more than 2 in the world.

  • Dude I was just looking at this awhile ago. Really good video bro🙌

  • Where did you get the display for your gundam in the background? Looks really nice!

  • Imo dbrands darkplates 2.0 look better and also they help with the airflow which is a given plus

  • This was awesome!!!

  • Jud! We are still out here dying to know what that backpack was from your HP video!

  • Great now all that’s left is to actually get a ps5 🙃

  • Average consumers enjoy seeing tech we can't buy. 🥴

    • Lol so don't watch

  • I like the clear face plate with the led ring light that joint is fire .. can't wait to set mine up

  • Super . You’re so hard to find one of those (ps5)

  • I hope Jud could make a video about a 2022 tour in his man cave, so many mouthwatering upgrades in the place since he last made a video about it. Sorry for my English, not my first language.

  • 1TB Samsung SSD w/ heatsink bought around black Friday + 2TB WD external HD after I got my console during the fall

    • @Whatsapp👉 ➕➀➂➀➃➆➈➃➀➀➅➈ damn bots

  • This finna be dope

  • Ok so I’m really indecisive. Ps5 or Xbox controller for PC??

    • Xbox controller is heavily integrated in windows and works with PC game pass. ID go with that unless you play a lot of 2d games.

  • I like your videos

  • Anyone use astro a50 on ps5? With or without the adaptor.

  • Got them both Ps5 and xsx gaming it’s great .

  • Omg that upgrade looks dope but I don't have any room anymore for the lights because I'm using my vr and hardrive on my ps5

  • Ok I’m just going out to get stuff to upgrade my ps5 Comes back with an Xbox series x 😁

  • Man..... I just wish I could get one... Damn..

  • Do you know what kind of flash drive I need to copy videos from the PS5? Because I could do it when my ps4 no problem, but now on the PS5 it won’t let me.

  • I hope you have a great and wonderful Christmas 🎄 and god bless you bro and your family bro

  • Got the console for Christmas. My girl killed it 👌

  • Hi great videos love you

  • All these accessories are very interesting

  • Wait if replacing the storage of PS5 aren’t you only getting 250gb back of storage? Or is that different?

  • Can you give out a discount code for the that SSD with Heat sink? Cause that specific one is expensive

  • This is perfect timing I just got a ps5

  • the accessories are pretty cool but the gundam collection in the background looks phenomenal

  • I couldn't help but notice what decor you have going on behind the TV with the black hexagon plates I've been wanting to do something similar with wall prints Would love to see a review on it

  • Although the PS5 appears to be fantastic, I prefer to play on my PC.

  • Damn they ain't give to those in need😂

  • How do you like it? I am setting mine up tomorrow

  • Nah my guy! The AORUS 7000 is on sale on Amazon for 189... Heat sink included my guy.

  • The average consumer: oh wow. Accessories for something i dont have

  • I always look at my OLED when playing, not the PS5.

  • Am I mistaking, but or is Jud wearing is Pulse 3d headset backwards 😂

  • First time seeing the channel, I'm just freaking out seeing Epyon in the background 😮🔥💯

  • Any tips on how to get a ps5 at retail price? I’ve been looking everywhere and they are sold out and there’s no way in hell I’m paying $800-$1000 for just 1 console from all those people who buy like 20 of them and sell them at a ridiculous price

  • The PS5 often discussed but rarely seen. Its like unicorns

  • love that the headset doesn't match the ps5 anymore LOL

  • you should do a video on the dji pocket 2

  • Nice 🔥